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  1. 1. THE AMA%vl‘l: ’_‘G“ STYLE OF 77 ’ Lu I. .. .~'. Spider-Man wears one of the most iconic and enduring uniforms in comics. But his design has evolved over time and even changed drastically on occasion. Here, we present Spider-Man's classic looks from more than 50 years of comics and film, across alternate timelines, parallel universes and even a clone or two. 1962 I966 ‘ I984 STEVE OITKO JOHN ROMITA, SR. THE SYMBIOTE Spider-Man made his first Succeeding Ditko as the artist on This suit, which Spider-Man found appearance in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, John Romita on an alien world, was secretly a Amazing Fantasy #15 Sr. tweaked the wall-craw| er's sentient symbiotic organism that (August, 1962). Artist Steve Ditko appearance, creating his definitive tried to bond with Peter's body. designed the hero's classic suit and look for much ofthe1960s and When he finally separated himself gave him a full facemask to hide '70s. Romita also designed Peter from the suit, it found and bonded Peter Parker's “boyish" visage. Parker's longtime love interest, to Eddie Brock, becoming the Mary Jane Watson. supervillain Venom. 1989 1990 1992 IIAPTAINUNIVEHSE TIJDIJMBFARLANE "2099" Peter Parker bfiefly hosted the Artist Todd McFarlane lent his visual Miguel O'Hara became the Spider- Uni-Power — 6! Sentient style to the wall-crawler through Man of the future in a series of manifestation ofthe Universe itself dynamic posing and detailed Marvel comics set in the year 2099. — in Spectclcu/ Or Spider-Man #158. webbing. McFar| ane illustrated In addition to enhanced strength, The U"I'P0WeF 9aVe Spidef-Man both Amazing Spider-Man and a speed and agility, Spider-Man 2099 enhanced strength, speed, flight new series launched in 1990, titled possessed rapid healing powers and telekinesis. simply Spider-Man. and retractable fangs and talons. And, of course, Spider-Sense. 98 1994 1996 ARMORED SCARLET SPIDER “SENSATlllNAL" The webslinger has occasionally When Spider-Man's clone, Ben Later, when Peter briefly retired donned armored versions of his Reilly, arrived in New York City, from being Spider-Man, Reilly took suit to battle particularly dangeorus he wore a red bodysuit under a over in his stead, designing his own opponents. The armored suit slows sleeveless blue hoodie and fought spider-suit in the pages of Spidey down, but protects him from crime as the Scarlet Spider. Note his Sensational Spider-Man #1. high-caliber weapons. exposed webshooters and belt. ZOOO 2002 2002 ULTIMATE FILM “SPIDER-CLAN” A modern retelling of the classic The suit designed for Sam Raimi’s Part ofa manga-inspired series of Spider-Man story, the Ultimate film Spider-Man was created in one Marvel comics, Spider Man: Legend comics took Peter back to his roots piece over a rubber muscle suit, of the $pider—C/ an reimagined Peter as a 16-year-old high-school student with raised webbing and mirrored Parker as the last of a clan of ninjas, struggling with classes, girls lenses. and saw him seeking vengeance and supervillains. for his slain sensei, Uncle Ben. 2003 2004 2006 “I602” “SECRET WAR” IRON SPIDER In an alternate universe, Peter Alongside other heroes including Peter's friend and co—Avenger Parquagh was a young squire living Wolverine and Captain America, Tony Stark gifted him this high- in Elizabethan London. When the Nick Fury recruited Spider-Man for tech supersuit, complete with three bite of an irradiated arachnid gave a plot to overthrow the government mechanical spider-arms, him extraordinary gifts, he became of Latveria. Artist Gabrielle Del| 'Otto gliding capabilities and the Spider. designed the heroes‘ alternate holographic lensing. costumes in this story. Am in? 9;‘ 2007 2009 2010 FILM [BLACK] “NO| R" FUTURE FOUNDATION In Spider-Man 3, an alien symbiote In an alternate timeline where Peter When the Human Torch of the fell to Earth and attached itself to Parker was raised during the Great Fantastic Four went missing, Peter Spider-Man's suit. In addition to the Depression, he became a vigilante joined Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible darker color scheme, the symbiote and fought organized crime in Women and the Thing as a member affected Peter's mood, making him 19305 New York City. of the new Future Foundation. more violent and reckless. This Spider-Man accessorized Artist Marko Djurdjevic designed with a trench coat and fedora, and the team's black-and-white wasn't above using guns. uniforms. 20lO 20ll 2012 STEALTH MILES MORALES “AMAZING” Though it might look like a Tron After Peter Parker's death in the For his 2012 big-screen reboot, homage, Peter designed this suit Ultimate universe, the mantle of Spidey got a slight redesign to to warp light and sound around it, Spider-Man fell to Miles Morales, a distance him visually from the effectively making him invisible. It's black Hispanic teenager. Artist Sara earlier films. The Amazing Spider- also fireproof and can repair itself. Pichelli designed Morales and Man tweaked some elements ofthe his new suit. uniform to emphasize the hero's athletic figure, while leaving much unchanged. 9‘ 2012 2013 2014 SCARLET SPIDER ll “SUPERllJli" "AMAZING" II A flawed clone of Peter Parker When Doctor Octopus implanted The new suit for The Amazing and a former villain, the character his mind in Peter's body, the villain Spider-Man 2 is the most faithful known as Kaine became the new decided to prove himself better live-action depiction yet, with Scarlet Spider recently and swung than Peter by becoming a “Superior darker, richer coloring than the the streets of Houston, Texas. Spider-Man. ” previous film and bigger, whiter eyes.