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  • 1. TRUE Branding Apply directly to forehead...
  • 2. CreateWOWmarketing, LLC Where did the WOW come from? • CreateWOWmedia • 2006 • Social Media • Blogging, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube • Organic SEO & “Findability”
  • 3. CreateWOWmarketing, LLC Where did the WOW come from? •August 2010 • CreateWOWmarketing, LLC • Andrew B. Clark, The Brand Chef • Graphic Design • Photography • Marketing • Broadcast Video (Training / Communications) • Social Media Brand Building • Branding, Marketing Strategy, Execution
  • 4. CreateWOWmarketing, LLC Providing a viable marketing and communications resource for SMB - integrating emerging technologies with proven marketing strategies.
  • 5. Marketing Communications analytic creative
  • 6. Marketing Communications
  • 7. Is Your Brand A “T.R.U.E. Brand?” TRUTHFUL - Understanding The 5-W’s: Who, What When Where Why and How about your brand (YOU) RELEVANT - Understanding HOW and why you relate to your TARGET MARKET UNIQUE - Understanding how your brand stands out within a competitive market - your unique market advantage ENGAGING - Understanding where and how to best communicate within your brand community
  • 8. Is Your Brand A “T.R.U.E. Brand?” TRUTHFUL • Who drives your brand? • What events built / sustain your brand? • When have been the best / worst moments? • Where is your brand (from… at … going)? • How will your brand survive moving forward?
  • 9. Is Your Brand A “T.R.U.E. Brand?” RELEVANT • Is your target market “in tune?” • What is the intrinsic appeal to your brand? • How do you amplify / fortify that? • Are you “in tune” with your target market?
  • 10. Is Your Brand A “T.R.U.E. Brand?” UNIQUE • Should be 1st, but wouldn’t spell TRUE. • Differentiation from a crowded marketplace • Focal point for marketing & communications • Is it 1st in your mind?
  • 11. Is Your Brand A “T.R.U.E. Brand?” ENGAGING • What “touch-points” do you give? • Push marketing? • Pull marketing? • Social media - networking? • Building a “BRAND COMMUNITY”
  • 12.
  • 13. “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” – Chinese Proverb 1533 Linden Street, #100, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Phone: 515-257-MKTG (6584) • Twitter: @TheBrandChef •