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  • 1. 10 THIS fill‘ BIISHIESS I'I'BSGlllflli0IlS Public speaking is a skill that all professionals must master if they want to succeed in their respected fields. Whether it is in front of five people in a boardroom or l00 in the audience, if you are the presenter the spotlight will be on you. How? '3 Short stories. personal experiences. supportive references L] Explain to the audience directly why you are presenting @ Stories. statistics. reference research. ouotes lips: nnuunlulupun Powerful quotes. images. and startling statements ? ‘lea? Askthe audiencethought-provoking and rhetorical questions Make eye contact evenly with everyone in the room. not just the bosses Y Slow dowir. don't read your information. and project yourvoice. Be Confident. Breathe in and not out. Replacethose ‘filler’ words with short pauses. ‘ III Prepare for difficult questions and have Why? Your audience is more likely to listen to what you have to say if they know you are credihle. Gooofi The audience can relate to the material and it will he easier at the end to get what you want Also establish credibility with material that is accompanied by supportin information QEJ Introduce each separate topic or idea with relavent points that grab the audience's attention Ask a question first to get them thinking about the material in the context you want. Secretaries. assistants and other staff members in the room may hold persuasive influence Nervous and inexperienced speakers tend to talk fast. memorize info. and are too silent or loud ’Fil| er' words are distracting and could show nervousnesseslhe audience will barely notice pauses (N You should know your information well enough to justify statements or address concerns . -I-. H‘ - Not only is it a fun. but it will make you more confident when it's showtime Prqalelulrallfil . . . your own questions just in case I‘ n Come early. scope outthe room. and """""'""""" runthroughyourslideshow ll*t'"| “53 www. startupchina. com tmr. |ilehcL| rg imr. fIrIemIr Piktochoirt