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Are you looking for the Right Email Solution for your Enterprise. …

Are you looking for the Right Email Solution for your Enterprise.
Confused Choosing between Cloud based Email Solution and On premise Email set-up
Xgenplus Worlds Most advance email team is here to help you....

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  • 1. Picking the Right Email Solution for your Enterprise Choosing between Cloud based Email Solution and On premise Email set-up
  • 2. Need of Email and Choices Available Email forms the Collaboration Backbone of an Enterprise Email is Critical to Business Continuity Cloud Email or On Premise Email What is Clod Email? What is On Premise Email? When to select Cloud Email? When to select on Premise Email? 2
  • 3. Email Setups for typical Industry Scenarios 1. Small 50 Users startup…………………………………………………………………Page 12 2. Small corporate setup with 450 users………………………………………….Page 14 3. Mid-sized Financial Services firm with ………………………………………..Page 16 2000 people 4. Large Retails setup with 4000 users in…………………………………………Page 18 HO and remote offices 3
  • 4. Email forms the Collaboration Backbone of an Enterprise 85% 15% 85% Internet Users Use Email For Communication Email is the primary tool for communication today and forms the collaboration backbone of an enterprise 4
  • 5. A robust and reliable Email Solution is required to maintain business continuity Email is Critical to Business Continuity 1 in 5 enterprises feel a single email outage can run into huge losses upto $500,000. 5
  • 6. Choices in Email Solution Cloud Email On Premises Email Primarily the choices is between Cloud and On Premise Email; with some enterprises choosing a Hybrid Email Solution 6
  • 7. What is Cloud Email? Cloud Email solution comprises of a Mail Service Provider who hosts your mails in a commercial Data Center, and users can access this over the Internet The Mail Service Provider completely manages it- so you neither need to setup Email Infrastructure in our premises nor need an IT team to maintain it Cloud Email is Offered in a Software As A Service (SaaS) model- which is scalable and has flexible subscription options 7
  • 8. What is On Premise Email? On Premise Email Solution comprises of mail server deployed in your own corporate data center- where all your email are hosted You have full control of the data, privacy and security of your email infrastructure including mail server, gateways, security setup, mailbox storage, archiving and routing servers You need a dedicated team to manage the email system, spread across Head Offices and remote/branch offices 8
  • 9. When to select Cloud Email? Best suited for startups and small to mid-size businesses Suitable when the aim is to get started quickly, gain flexibility and save cost- in terms of licensing, hardware, resources, storage, etc Suitable for companies who do not have/want an In-house team to manage IT Infrastructure 9
  • 10. When to select On Premises Email? Best suited for medium to large enterprises Suitable when the aim is to integrate Email with other systems Suitable when data security is a concern Suitable for companies who already have a dedicated IT team Inhouse 10
  • 11. .Let's see some typical industry scenarios 11
  • 12. Lets take a look at a 50- person startup that has no inhouse IT team and have minimal IT knowledge. They are looking for a quick-to-start Email solution with low cost and high uptime. Solution: Startup can outsource their Email and Collaboration needs to a cloud Email Service provider who will host their mails in their data center and manage it completely. They can quickly get started without investing in any hardware or software except a secure internet connection. As the Email Solution will be on SaaS model, the subscription costs are flexible. Scenario #1 12
  • 13. Lets take a look at a small corporate setup with 450 users, without an inhouse IT team. The Solution should optimize local bandwidth and keep the Email system running even if the main server is down Solution: This company can benefit from a Hybrid Email solution (Cloud + On Premise). The Cloud component of the solution handles critical function of routing Internet mail with full reliability at all layers, while the On Premises Mail gateway server optimize the local mail flow and access (mail amongst the users of the same organization), without using the internet bandwidth for that Scenario #2 In case of temporary link failure, the cloud setup will spool mails and deliver then to the On Premise gateway server once the link is functional. In an event of sudden server failure, it automatically switches over to a standby server. In a complete site failure, users can access their mail from the cloud servers. Since there is so much redundancy, its not too stressful to maintain the mail gateway server. 13
  • 14. Scenario # 3 A mid-sized Financial Service firm with about 2000 users is looking for a collaboration setup with reliable Email archival solution to comply with regulatory norms. being a customer-focused enterprise, their Email solution should have near- zero downtime. Solution: The enterprise could benefit from hybrid of an On Premise Mail gateway server and a Highly Available Cloud Email Solution with a compliance archival facility on the Cloud and a DR site to achieve high uptime of upto 99.9%. The On Premise gateway optimize local mail flow and mail access without loading the internet bandwidth. The archival Solution ensures visibility and availability of every mail sent and received for that period 14
  • 15. Scenario # 4 A large Retails business with 1200 users n their Head Office and 2800 staff spread across 5 remote offices, have an inhouse IT team to manage the internal systems. The management wants a highly secure system with complete control over the mails exchanged Solution: The company can choose an On Premise Email solution, which is accessed by inhouse users on a LAN and remote offices via WAN/VPN/Internet. This setup is fully managed in house allowing complete privacy over the data and complete control over the policies to be deployed. 15
  • 16. In a Nutshell- Part I Asking some key questions like theses will help you arrive at the right collaboration Solution for your enterprise. Features: Does it allow my users to collaborate over email, chat, calendar, contact, etc? Access: Can I integrate this with my existing email solution and business applications? Salable: Can this Email Solution scale to my sudden and future needs? Reliable: Does it offer uptime upward of 99.7%? Manageable: Can I run this with a small non-dedicated IT team? How easy is it to manage polices and attributes of my users base? 16
  • 17. In a Nutshell- Part II Asking some key questions like theses will help you arrive at the right collaboration Solution for your enterprise. Security: Does it offer multiple layers security protection? Is it proven safe in the internet environment? Is it certified safe by third party security audits? Efficient: Can it do more with less? TCO: While affirmative on all above questions, is it still cost effective? 17
  • 18. About “XGEN PLUS”  XGEN Plus is the most advanced Email Server and Web Mail Client  Enterprise and Business-class and fully integrated All-In-One solution XGEN Plus offers complete lifecycle support for On premise, Cloud and Hybrid Email Solution. Provides fast, secure and reliable emailing along with unified mailing service. Over 100 enterprise customers across different cities have derived substantial benefits in cost saving and performance Email Management Email Administration Email Security E-marketing 18
  • 19. What is unique about XGEN Plus? • Send unlimited personalized emails • Track the emails and their status • Get Delivered, Pending, Bounced, Read, Replied, Unsubscribed counts e-Marketing tool – Track-able Bulk Management System • In-built Automated Assignment Module for Support/Customer Care/BPOs • No need of extra ticketing system or software • Reporting and Admin control Support Management System • Control rights of your email in recipient’s mail box • Restrict Reply, Delete, Forward, Print permissions for the recipient Rights Management 19
  • 20. What is unique about XGEN Plus? • In-built peer-to-peer and social networking Chat • Centralized IM network Client • In-built SMS & Fax facility • Email confirmation on SMS Communication • Manage Calendars & Meeting Invitations • Resource Planning & Scheduling • Share Calendars & folders • Schedule Tasks Collaboration • Set Filters & rules for easy categorization of emails • Create Folders and share them with users across domain • Search emails instantly and obtain results within milliseconds Filters, Rules & Search 20
  • 21. What is unique about XGEN Plus? • Send encrypted mails- put encryption code that can be known by no one but you • Keep the information intact; ensure it reaches the safe hands Encryption • Compose & View multiple emails at the same time • Quickly reply to and forward emails without opening them • Easily accessible Address book • Get quick view of emails & Recent Contacts Quicker Email & Contact Management • Store documents and any other data in Virtual Storage • Send links from virtual storage instead of entire file Virtual Storage 21
  • 22. What is unique about XGEN Plus? • Compress images up to 25% before sending them • Hide confidential attachments/data within a seemingly harmless digital picture Image Compression & Hidden Attachments • Send emails from same email account using different sender Ids & signatures • Cater to your different roles and responsibilities using single Email account Add multiple Sender Ids & signatures • Easy Webmail Admin Access and Domain Creation & Management • Corporate Branding and Fully customizable domain settings • Add Bulk users to domain and Set login limits on domain & server level • Manage Automated System Alerts and Create and manage Mailing Lists • Manage Individual User’s settings and permissions and Get Audit Details for individual users Easy Domain & Server Administration 22
  • 23. Visit our website www.xgen.in for details Looking for an Email Solution for your enterprise? We can HELP you!! 23
  • 24. Questions? More Information? Contact: neetu@data.in 24