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TCS of Canada - India - Telecom

TCS of Canada - India - Telecom



TCS of Canada - India - Telecom

TCS of Canada - India - Telecom



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    TCS of Canada - India - Telecom TCS of Canada - India - Telecom Document Transcript

    • August 2012 Contact: india.commerce@international.gc.ca Mar-12, registering a quarterly growth of 3.44% and Y-O-India’s mobile subscriber base reaches 919.17 million Y growth of 16.18%.during Jan-March quarterEconomic Times, August 1, 2012 Share of Broadband subscription in total Internet subscription decreased from 59.6% at the end of Dec-11The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to 60.4% at the end of Mar-12. 85% of the Broadbandfrom 926.53 million at the end of Dec-11 to 951.34 million subscribers are using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)at the end of Mar-12, registering a growth of 2.68% over technology.the previous quarter as against 2.16% during the QEDec-11, according to Trai’s Indian Telecom Services Monthly Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for GSMPerformance Indicator report. service increased by 1.66%, from `96 in QE Dec-11 to `97 in QE Mar-12, with Y-O-Y decrease of 2.71%. 10.This reflects year-on-year (Y-O-Y) growth of 12.41% over MOU per subscriber per month for GSM service slightlythe same quarter of last year. The overall Teledensity in increased by 4.10%, from 332 in QE Dec-11 to 346 in QEIndia has reached 78.66 as on 31st March, 2012. Mar-12. The Outgoing MOUs (167) increased by 3.98% and Incoming MOUs (179) by 4.20%.With 25.33 million net additions during the quarter, totalmobile (GSM + CDMA) subscriber base registered a Monthly ARPU for CDMA, full mobility service increasedgrowth of 2.83% over the previous quarter and increased by 2.49%, from `73 in QE Dec-11 to `75 in QE Mar-12.from 893.84 million at the end of Dec-11 to 919.17 million ARPU for CDMA has increased by 14.54% on Y-O-Yat the end of Mar-12. The year-on-year (Y-O-Y) growth basis.rate of Wireless subscribers for Mar-12 is 13.26%.Wireless Teledensity increased from 74.15 at the end of TCS Insight: Many obituaries have been written aboutDec-11 to 76.00 at the end of Mar-12. the Indian telecom industry both by the international and the domestic media – thereby keeping sentiments withinWireline subscriber base further declined from 32.69 the industry on a roller coaster. However, this has notmillion at the end of Dec-11 to 32.17 million at the end of affected the steady growth rate of this sector as shown byMar-12, bringing down the wireline Teledensity from 2.71 the numbers generated on reach, adoption and companyat the end of Dec-11 to 2.66 at the end of Mar-12. profitability. With the re-auction of spectrum in the coming months (which will hopefully bring in new internationalInternet subscribers increased from 22.39 million at the entrants), the Indian telecom industry may soonend of Dec-11 to 22.86 million at the end of Mar-12, recapture some of its lost glory. Canadian companiesregistering a quarterly growth rate of 2.10%. Top 10 ISPs operating in the telecom space, and actively looking attogether hold 94.94% of the total Internet subscriber expanding internationally should look at the Indianbase. market.Number of Broadband subscribers increased from 13.35million at the end of Dec-11 to 13.81 million at the end of
    • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do BusinessEGoM suggests Rs14,111 cr as base price for 2G "Common man wants simple 2G services. There is nospectrum auction need to liberalise spectrum in 800 Mhz band as there areIndian Express, July 24, 2012 hardly any takers for airwaves in these frequencies. Liberalised spectrum will raise the tariff and take telecomThe Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) on telecom services out of reach of common man," AUSPI Secretarywhich has the responsibility of setting norms for spectrum General SC Khanna said. The EGoM is likely to meetauction is learnt to have recommended a 20% lower base tomorrow.price at Rs 14,111-15,111. TCS insight: The second wave of telecom reforms didThe EGoM has suggested a base price between Rs not take off as expected due to the alleged 2G scam.14,111 - Rs 15,111 crore for 5 Mhz of airwaves in With the upcoming re-auctioning of spectrum, theauction. The mobile phone companies were demanding government is trying to bring impetus back into thean 80% reduction from the Rs 18,111 crore proposed by sector. However, analysts and associations are wary ofTrai. the high base price set for spectrum and are predicting an increase in the price of telecom service offerings. ThisAccording to ET, the panel of ministers is also learnt to potentially could be a setback for the government, whichgiven two options to the Cabinet on the spectrum usage has been putting emphasis on bridging the urban - ruralcharge, which forms part of the revenue share for mobile digital divide and on increasing rural penetration. Eitherphone companies. The first option is to keep this levy at way, this announcement opens business avenues for5% of the telcos annual revenues, or calculate this levy Canadian companies supplying equipment, services, andas per the current rules. technology to mobile operators and who would be interested in supplying to companies who eventually winNew entrants and companies that lost their mobile these licenses.permits due to the Supreme Court can bid for a maximumof 6.25 MHz of airwaves in the 1800 MHz band in theupcoming auctions, while existing operators or Bharti Infratel, OMC to set up telecom towers usingincumbents, in the GSM space can bid for a maximum of green energy solutions2 blocks or 2.5 MHz of airwaves. Economic Times, August 2, 2012EGoM has suggested to fix 1.3 times of this price as Bharti Infratel, Bharti Airtels tower arm, on Thursday saidminimum price for companies that may bid for airwaves that OMC Power, a renewable energy service company,that are being used for providing CDMA services at will set up micropower plants in Bharti Infratels off-gridpresent. and poor grid telecom tower sites in rural areas using renewable energy sources.But the major telcos are not happy with the development."The discrimination between GSM and CDMA is being The initiative will complement Bharti Infratels greenfurther widened by keeping the auction reserve price for initiatives called GreenTowers P7, under which the800 MHz at 1.3 times of 1800 MHz on the rationale that company is actively promoting use of renewable sourcesless than 5MHz is being put up for auction. A similar to power its towers, the company said in a statement.option is not being extended to GSM operators to retaintheir 900 MHz spectrum at a price of 1.3 times of 1800 It said that this would help reduce the use of diesel-MHz, in the event that less than 5MHz is obtained at the powered gensets currently used to power these towers.time of the licence extension," the Cellular OperatorsAssociation of India said in a statement on Monday. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. "It is saddening to know that EGoM has not given due "While great progress has been made in providingconsideration to the fundamental issue of unsustainable telecoms in rural areas, this has been largely achievedhigh reserve prices which will significantly increase costs, without grid-power availability, a key ingredient inthereby invariably increasing the tariffs," said COAIs providing telecom uptime to this critical infrastructure,"Director General Rajan S Mathews. Bharti Infratel Chief Technical Officer and Head of O&M Sairam Prasad said.Reacting to this GSM industry body Cellular OperatorsAssociation of India said,"A similar option is not being "Our micropower plants have been designed specificallyextended to GSM operators to retain their 900 MHz for rural areas. We have moved power from capex tospectrum at a price of 1.3 times of 1800 MHz," Mathews opex and can supply more electricity at a better pricesaid. Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of than operators can by doing it themselves," OMC PowerIndia (AUSPI), which represents CDMA players, said that co-founder and CEO Anil Raj said.the reserve price should be kept at Rs 3,500 crore for 800Mhz spectrum band. Bharti Infratel currently has over 33,000 towers, of which nearly 9,000 are in off-grid/poor grid locations.
    • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do BusinessFollowing successful joint trials, OMC has already built happens only in start-ups. We invest in start-ups focusedthe first micropower plant in Uttar Pradesh as part of the on mobile technologies and mobile internet areas.”10-year agreement. Qualcomm Ventures’ portfolio companies in India includeTCS insight: This latest "going green" initiative has been Apalya, Capillary Technologies, MapMy India, Obopayadopted by telcos, and most all of them are looking and Onward Mobility. Recently, along with Fidelity Growthat new environmental technologies to reduce their carbon Partners, it invested about $20 million in online wholesalefootprint and operating costs. Canadian companies with cash-and-carry company Big Shoe Bazaar, whosetechnologies that can help telcos to reduce their power investors include Nexus Venture Partners and Narayanaand other consumables may find opportunities with Murthy’s Catamaran.Indian carriers._________________________________________ “We believe even consumer internet sites would be largely accessed through mobile devices. Though weQualcomm Ventures to invest more in India focus on mobile platforms and applications, people areBusiness Standard, July 26, 2012 going to access e-commerce sites through mobiles. This is why we invested in Big Shoe Bazaar,” Madasamy said,Bangalore: Qualcomm Ventures, the venture capital arm adding the company planned to invest $1,00,000-200,000of chip maker Qualcomm, plans to increase the pace of in each early-stage company as seed fund. It would alsoits investments in India. The company, which has invest $3-10 million in early-stage companies.invested in about 10 technology ventures in the country,feels the sky-rocketing mobile penetration is a window of According to Venture Intelligence, a research serviceopportunity. focused on PE and mergers & acquisitions, Qualcomm Ventures accounted for 11 investments worth about $32“3G is slowly picking up in India and as phone prices are million in India, including multiple rounds of funding in thecoming down, smartphone penetration is increasing,” said same company. Apart from direct venture capitalKartheepan Madasamy, senior director (India and Israel), investment, Qualcomm has another programme, the QQualcomm Ventures. “This will be a big growth driver for Prize India, through which it selects an innovativecompanies offering mobile platforms. The companies are company and provides it convertible debt of $1,00,000.evolving beyond the value-added services segment tobroader application platforms. Currently, we are investing TCS insight: The explosion in mobile telephony adoptionin about two companies every year. However, the pace which happened between 2004 and 2006 iswould increase with the rise in mobile internet users.” now expected to be replicated in the broadband Internet arena. With customer premises equipment (CPE)According to a Telecom Regulatory Authority of India becoming cheaper and more affordable and manyreport, as on March 31, 2011, 381.4 million people enabling wireless technologies available such as UMTS,accessed the internet through mobile phones, while the 3G, LTE, and WIMAX, operators are focussing oncountry’s internet subscriber base for narrowband and increasing subscriber numbers and penetration as per thebroadband stood at 19.67 million. business model that made telephony popular. It is likely just a matter of time before broadband /mobile internet“We operate from our balance sheet and began our becomes the next success story of the Indian telecomoperations with $500 million for creating successful industry. Canadian companies providing technologiesventures in the mobile space,” said Madasamy. “Our and services in this space will see interest fromfocus is to make the mobile ecosystem grow. If we want established service providers and new companies whichto create an ecosystem, innovation is the key. This are planning to launch their services shortly. _____________________________________________
    • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Business