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TCS of Canada - India - Education

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TCS of Canada - India - Education

  1. 1. August 2012 Contact: to get ‘authority’ badge as skill shortage The authority will prepare the blueprint for providing skillspinches productivity and will also fix deadlines and skill standards.The Indian Express, July 17, 2012 India trainingTo push larger flow of funds for projects to equip Indian * An in-principle consensus is said to be emerging onyouth with technical skills the government is overhauling how to set up an overarching National Skills Developmentthe National Skill Development Council. The Council Authorityheaded by S Ramadorai, former chairman of TCS will be * The government plans to pump in around Rs 40,000changed into National Skill Development Authority crore in over five years to provide skill to around threeinstead. crore people during the periodAs an authority the organisation will have the power to TCS Insights: Vocational education and training are ofdraw funds from the government and spend it with the utmost priority for the Indian government. With thestates and other partner agencies, which is not possible change in status from National Skill Development Councilnow. However, the initiative will not disturb the three-tier (NSDC) to National Skill Development Authority we canstructure that also includes the National Skill expect more power to the NSDC delegated in the future.Development Corporation which has an annual corpus of This change would enable NSDC to allocate funds toRs 500 crore to underwrite organisations that wish to states and other partner agencies.provide skill training to people.At a time when a debilitating shortage of skilled workers Unemployment: Badal seeks help of education,threatens to diminish productivity levels across a bevy of industrial sectorsareas such as retail, auto, hospitality services and Hindustan Times July 02, 2012accounting, the intervention at the behest of PrimeMinister Manmohan Singh can be significant. Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal on Monday“India has entered the phase where it will start reaping called upon universities running short-term skillthe demographic dividend. The increasing number of development courses and the industrial sector, especiallyunskilled and hence unemployable youths is a cause of the hotel industry, to join hands with the state governmentgreat worry. We are looking at a body that will be to redress unemployment in the state.responsible for strategising, monitoring implementation,fixing targets and evaluating the schemes for imparting Badal was presiding over a meeting of officers of theskills to youths,” a source involved in the exercise said. union ministry of tourism, besides the state top brass andThe government plans to pump in around Rs 40,000 representatives of various educational institutions and thecrore in over five years to provide skill to around 3 crore industry here at Punjab Bhawan.people during the period. The government will alsopartner with private sector to implement the ambitious Taking part in the brainstorming session, Badal saidscheme. unemployment was not just a state issue it had become
  2. 2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Businessa national problem. If the problem is not taken care of in and academics. Hence, it does not have any specificquick time, it would explode the economy as well the corporate career-oriented courses on offer, but believessocial structure of the country in the future, he said. in the global education of its students who go on to succeed in every sphere. She points out that the superiorPunjab government has already initiated concerted efforts quality of English language as the medium of instructionwith the target of maximum employment potential in every subject helps in most careers. The university hasgeneration for unemployed youth in the state, particularly the enviable record of seeing many of its students pursuethose who belong to poor rural families, said Badal. higher studies abroad. But the dean informs us that they plan to approach foreign universities for exchangeThe CM said the state government had already set up the programmes by the next session. There are, however, nodepartment of employment generation to check immediate plans to introduce job-oriented subjects alongunemployment in a result-oriented manner and launched with the humanities and science courses on offer.a skill development programme in collaboration withrenowned companies to impart training in retailing, Presidency began its illustrious history in 1817 as Hindulogistics and supply chain management, construction College meant for boys of the hindu elite in Bengal. Rajaskills, and driving and automotive skills for the youth of Ram Mohan Roy was one of the founding members. Thethe state. name was changed to Presidency to allow boys of other religions to study here.The state government has proposed 17 new skilldevelopment courses, which would add skilled work force The formal establishment of Presidency University in Julyof 5,775 for 2012-13 and 13,000 for 2013-14 in the 2010 allows it to refashion its venerable traditions.tourism sector. The new courses would include therapybeauty, therapy cosmetology, traditional yoga, Game for morephotography and museum gallery facilitator. The oldest educational institution in India is at the moment on cusp of change. Every field will see reformsSpecial secretary union ministry of tourism, Sanjay and changes and the ambition is to soar even higher. NoKothari made a detailed presentation of various courses long-term plans are being disclosed yet. But the pursuit ofapproved by the central government under the skill excellence goes on unhindereddevelopment training scheme and appreciated the stategovernments efforts in taking the lead to redress Masti dhamalunemployment. He assured that the Centre would The students union at Presidency is one of the mostconsider all viable proposals of the state government and active in the country, with its long history of politicalchalk out a futuristic plan for providing central assistance affiliation. Presidency has an annual fest, Milieu, a much-to Punjab. awaited event for college students in the city. The university has a cricket team as wellTCS Insights: As we can see from the above article onthe ‘National Skills Development Council’, the central and Book nookthe state governments in India are providing considerable Presidency has one of the best libraries in the state. It isfunds for vocational education and training. This will not a museum of rare old books and journals. There are alsoonly help the growth of the sector, but it will also provide priceless paintings by famous European opportunity for potential partnerships. Canadianinstitutions planning to visit India may consider visiting The library has books and CDs numbering in lakhs. It isPunjab in order to explore the possibilities for computerised and has internet browsing facilitiescollaboration. Our Consulate General of Canada inChandigarh will be able to assist in this regard. A drink and a bite The university campus is surrounded by iconic food joints like Coffee House and Putirams shop, the YMCA canteen. The campus too has a much-loved canteen.A hot date with history College Square is the epicenter of the adda culture ofHT Education, July 19, 2012 Kolkata.Coffee House obstinately refuses to ban smokingPresidency College History Presidency began its illustrious history in 1817 as HinduRoad to reformation College meant for boys of the hindu elite in Bengal. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was one of the founding members. TheThe newly appointed Presidency University is going name was changed to Presidency to allow boys of otherthrough a major overhaul in all its departments. Dean of religions to study therestudents, Professor Deboshruti Roy Chowdhury calls itthe “reformation” phase. The university, she points out, is Programmes & cut-offprimarily for students keen on careers in research work The cut-off marks at Presidency College varies according to the subjects chosen. For philosophy it is
  3. 3. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Business55%, but for English, biochemistry, physics and chemistry The line-up of alumni is the best advertisement for theit is 80% while for economics, physiology and statistics it universityis 70%. All applicants have to appear for an admissiontest. The opportunities provided by the university for The university is going through a reformation phase.research are one of the best in the world. But new There are plans to approach foreign universities forprogrammes will be started once the faculty recruitment is exchange programmes by the next session Deboshrutiover Roy Chowdhury, dean and professor.Faculty TCS Insights: Presidency University in Kolkata was wellPresidency College has always been renowned for its respected for its academics in its previous incarnation asvery capable faculty, but it is now inviting applications Presidency College. It could be considered a potentialfrom all over the world for all departments. The process of partner, as the university has expressed its interest inrecruitment is not over yet exchange programmes. Our Trade Office in Kolkata will be able to assist to make introductions.AdmissionThe admission process is still underway and the last dateof admission has not yet been announcedKnown for