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TCS of Canada - India - Digital Media

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TCS of Canada - India - Digital Media

  1. 1. August 2012 Contact: india.commerce@international.gc.caDigital advertising on the upswing based on his/her requirements, is another prominent adBusiness Standard, June 29, 2012 network.The share of digital advertising in India has been steadily Komli chief executive Prashant Mehta said in the lastgrowing. According to the Indian Digital Advertising year, the company’s business grew about 100 per cent inreport, prepared by the Indian Market Research Bureau India, though experts say this was also aided by a smalland the Internet and Mobile Association of India, the base. Mehta declined to specify the company’s revenue.Indian digital advertising market this year is estimated at ―Over the past two to three years, we have been growingRs 2,851 crore, compared with Rs 2,277 crore last year. three to five times. We work with 75 of the top 100The market is expected to double to about Rs 4,391 crore traditional advertisers in India. This shows our penetrationnext year. in the domestic market,‖ he said.Thanks to the growing demand for domestic ad networks In the last 12-18 months, Komli has focused on asuch as Komli, Tyroo and Tribal Fusion (which buy and technology platform. Mehta says the firm’s focus on thesell online space for a host of websites) is growing, graphical (display, mobile, video, and social) digitaldespite the presence of Google and Facebook, market continues to see quick growth. ―The investmentconsidered key digital advertising vehicles. we are carrying out in technology is not only for us. We want our clients to use it, too. We have started real-timeMedia buyers representing advertisers are increasingly bidding. This could be bidding on impression or biddingapproaching these ad networks in search of the best on multiple pools of inventory across the world,‖ he for their clients, and most are not disappointed.These networks have been growing steadily, and are now For Tyroo, growth is being driven by the recent boom inbeginning to attract venture capital (VC) funding. the e-commerce segment. ―Today, we have a total of 250 unique advertisers. One of the biggest growth areas forEarlier this year, Komli raised $36 million, led by partners, us has been the e-commerce segment. We partnerincluding Norwest Venture Partners, Nexus Venture almost all the major e-commerce players in the countryPartners, Helion Venture Partners, Draper Fisher and represent almost 10-15 per cent of our client adJurvetson and Western Technology Investment. Another spends,‖ said Siddharth Puri, business head, Tyrooad network, Pubmatic, also raised $45 million earlier this Direct. Revenue from the e-commerce segment accountsyear. And, the buzz is Tyroo is also in talks to raise $10 for 10-15 per cent of the transactions. The total activemillion from VC funds. client base of Tyroo Direct is 122. ―What we bring to the table is end-to-end performance channel management.Typically, media buyers looking for online space use ad We drive approximately 4,000 transactions daily to our e-networks as a route to mark the presence of the brands commerce clients,‖ Puri said.they represent. There are about 10-12 ad networks inIndia, the popular ones being Komli, Tyroo, Tribal Fusion Industry experts say while Google has huge presence inand Ozone Media. Google’s Adwords, an automated tool search-based ads, other players are attractive when itthat allows a media buyer to directly book space online, comes to costs. ―The price difference between Google
  2. 2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Businessand some domestic players, in terms of the cost per click, transact with their customers,‖ Roy, managing directoris as much as 30-40 per cent,‖ said a senior industry and CEO of Hungama Digital Media, said.executive. Colvyn Harris, CEO of JWT India, added, ―Digital is ourHowever, Tanushree Radhakrishnan, media director, Zed next new frontier. The idea of the partnership is to build aDigital, the digital arm of ZenithOptimedia, said, ―You digital offering for our clients, so we can live up to being aneed time at hand when you are using Google’s single source partner across all their marketing solutionAdwords, since you have to operate it on your own. But it needs.‖is effective, since you are in control of the situation. Withthe other guys, you are dealing with representatives who Hungama Digital Services would be a part of JWT’swould ensure you get what you want.‖ overall digital offering, Harris said.Typically, the issue is the more cost-effective an ad In the past few years, most ad agencies in India havenetwork is, the lower the cost and the better the deal But been scrambling to acquire digital assets despite the factArnab Mitra, national director (digital), Starcom Mediavest that digital advertising constitutes five per cent of the adGroup, says in the last few years, there has been a shift spend in India.from cost to the online presence ad networks canprovide. ―Ad units such as banner ads, scrolls, etc, have Most advertising honchos admit the investment made inlong been commoditised. Increasingly, advertisers are digital is for the future, as the penetration of mobile anddemanding to know what technological innovation the ad other digital devices continues to can bring to the table. That is the key,‖ Mitrasaid. India ranks second after China in terms of mobile phone penetration, with a total user base that exceeds 500TCS Insights: There has been a continuous growth in million. By the end of this year, the base is likely to touchinternet usage in urban and rural areas over the years. In 696 million, according to a report by Gartner.India, the trend is truly shifting towards digital platformwith several personal mobile devices now available for Advertisers in categories such as fast moving consumerinternet access at affordable prices. Out of the total goods (FMCG) have already begun migrating online in anadvertisement budget spend by companies, digital attempt to catch the attention of consumers there. Whileadvertisement is getting a larger piece of the pie each FMCG companies have been a tad slower than players inyear. Canadian companies can take advantage of this banking & finance, insurance, travel and telecom, whoemerging digital medium in India with their innovative adopted digital advertising early, the former have beentechnological solutions in the display, search, online, and devoting their attention to the medium now. Most brandmobile advertising spaces. managers in FMCG companies today come up with both online and offline campaigns as part of their integrated marketing plans. It is here that the role of the digitalJWT picks majority stake in Hungama Digital agency becomes critical, say ad experts, since they areBusiness Standard, June 14, 2012 specialists in this area.The race to acquire digital assets among ad agencies in Digital agencies are expected to leverage their coreIndia is getting hotter by the day. After Leo Burnett competence and come up with campaigns that stand outacquired Indigo Consulting in April, JWT has made of the clutter. The accent of digital campaigns in the pastinroads into the Neeraj Roy-promoted digital major few years has been to not only inform, but also engage.Hungama. The WPP-owned agency has acquired a 51per cent stake in Hungama Digital Services, which is into TCS Insights: With 100 million active internet users anddigital advertising and promotions marketing. The deal more than 850 million mobile phone subscribers, India issize is estimated to be Rs 25 crore. at the cusp of a digital revolution. Foreign companies are aggressively moving into the Indian digital space to takeHungama Digital Media Entertainment, also known as the advantage of this movement.Hungama Group, has a turnover of Rs 200 crore. Digitaladvertising and promotions marketing constitute 15 percent of the group’s turnover. Liqvid raises $3 m from SBIs Japan arm Hindu Business Line, August 1, 2012Mumbai-based Candle Acendo Cap was the advisor toHungama on the deal. Integrated eLearning content solutions provider Liqvid on Wednesday said it has raised $3 million from a subsidiary―Hungama Digital Services is the coming together of two of SBI Holdings, Japan.exceptional teams in a globally relevant market. We hopeto offer integrated digital and experiential services to our Liqvid provides English learning and training solutionsclients and prepare brands to connect, interact and now to individuals and organisations under the brand name
  3. 3. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do BusinessEnglishEdge offering on personal computers, tablets and Einar Lindquist, who also led the company as CEO tillhandsets. It is a venture launched by key members of, one of Indias foremost eLearning brands. Aggarwal said that Teligent currently provides mobileThe company plans deeper penetration into the school VAS services of a traditional nature like voicemail andmarket with EnglishEdge portable language lab. It also messaging. Teligent’s clients include leading carriers likeplans to expand to colleges because of growing demand. BT, Vodafone, Telenor, Maroc Telecom and DTMS. Teligent, which has now become a subsidiary of Altruist,Following this, Brijesh Pande, board member of SBI Ven will continue to operate under its own brand name, givenCapital Singapore, is joining the board of Liqvid, the its reputation in the said. Altruist Group was formed in 2005 by brothers DheerajSBI Holdings is one of the largest private equity firms in and Anuj Aggarwal. Altruist is involved in mobile socialJapan with more than $3 billion funds under networking, mobile advertising, rich media content andmanagement. SBI has investments in more than 13 value-added services for telecoms operator and brands.countries across Asia. Altruist has had a fairly aggressive inorganic strategy,―We believe it has wide applicability, not only in India, but with this being its fourth outright acquisition in the lastin a number of non-native English speaking countries in four years.Asia,‖ he said. In 2009, Altruist acquired Mumbai based Mobile2Win in aTCS Insights: In India, the trend in education has share swap transaction. This was followed in 2011 withmoved significantly from distance learning to e-learning. the acquisition of web and mobile technology firmWith the increased usage of Internet in urban and rural RelayStrategy LLC, which builds mobile applications forareas and favourable demographic profile of the country Android, BlackBerry and iPhone platforms. Altruist also(50% of Indian population is less than 25 years and India acquired Delhi’s Mobisoft Telesolutions, which runs thewill be one of the youngest nations by 2020), companies website, offering mobile wallpaperstargeting e-learning solutions could see interesting growth and ring tones, in 2011. It also invested seed capital in aopportunities. Mumbai-based mobile gaming start-up called Vegam, for a minority stake.Mobile VAS company Altruist acquires Sweden’s Altruist competes with various VAS companies in theTeligent country such as One97 Communications, Affle, ACLTechCircle, July 25, 2012 Wireless, IMI Mobile, Indiatimes Mobile, ValueFirst Messaging, Comviva, OnMobile and Spice Digital.Chandigarh-based Altruist Group has acquired Sweden’sTeligent Telecom in an all cash transaction, which would TCS Insights: We all know that the Average Revenuehelp the latter to set up a launch pad into developed Per User (ARPU) is low in the Indian market, even withmarkets like Europe and United States. the incredible growth in new subscriptions per month. As a result, Indian value-added services companies areAltruist is picking up ―almost 100 per cent stake‖ in expanding in other markets to take advantage of highTeligent Telecom, a supplier of infrastructure solutions revenue models. This article gives an example of anand value-added services to telecom carriers, its founder Indian ICT company going global even if opportunities areand CEO Dheeraj Aggarwal told techcircle. For more still strong in the domestic market.details on the deal value and other plans click here.―With this acquisition, Teligent will serve as the platform InMobi acquires UK-based Metaflow Solutionsfor our entry into developed markets as business Economic Times, July 31, 2012development from ground zero there (developed markets)is fairly tough. Teligent will start as our footprint in these InMobi has acquired UK-based Metaflow Solutions for anmarket and we will look to add more services in those undisclosed sum, the Bangalore and San Francisco-markets,‖ said Aggarwal. based mobile advertising network announced on Tuesday.While Altruist has presence in Southeast Asia, MiddleEast and Africa, the transaction will expand its presence The latest acquisition comes less than a month afterin Europe, North Africa and US. InMobi bought over San Francisco-based MMTG Labs.Teligent Telecom was formed after a management buy- The financial details of both transactions are yet to beout of messaging, charging and platform business of disclosed by the parties involved.Swedish stock exchange-listed Teligent AB. Theinvestors in this buyout included top Ericsson executive
  4. 4. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Business"Our acquisition of Metaflow Solutions will help us to Vodafone for monetisation of the apps offered by thecontinue to rapidly expand the distribution and telco via its app store, VStore. The partnership will enablemonetisation of content for our developers and publisher developers targeting app distribution through the VStorepartners," Naveen Tewari, founder and chief executive, to monetise their apps with the help of Vserv’s appInMobi, said in a press statement. monetisation platform AppWrapper, the company said in a release.Metaflow, a mobile app management and distributioncompany, will see its entire team absorbed by InMobi, Binay Tiwari, head of marketing,, said,and will become an integral part of InMobis developer- ―Advertising combined with micro transaction basedoriented efforts, led by Piyush Shah, vice-president and pricing models are ideal for targeting the vast majority ofgeneral manager, developer platforms and performance prepaid mobile users in emerging markets. AppWrapperadvertising, according to the press release. enables this in just one click.‖"With the recent acquisition of MMTG Labs, along with AppWrapper platform offers developers free as well astodays acquisition of Metaflow, we will augment our paid app monetisation models, across both smart phonesvalue proposition by offering highly compelling and feature phones without any coding effort. The paiddistribution, monetisation, and engagement solutions to models include Try & Buy which allows users free usageapp developers globally," Shah said. of the app and have to pay if they want to use it further; Pay per Play, through which users have to pay every timeThe latest deal is further affirmation of InMobis strategy they want to use the app; and Subscriptions– users canof growing through the inorganic route, as it looks to opt for monthly, weekly subscriptions, depending on whatunseat global leaders Google and Apple in the $6 billion the developer mobile advertising industry. Vserv has applied for a patent for AppWrapper, whichThe company has been intensifying its efforts to capture allows developers to connect into any billing mechanisma greater share of the lucrative North American market, — be it direct telco billing from mobile operators likewhich contributes almost a quarter of the global market Vodafone or app stores like Nokia and the Androidshare. It estimates that it reaches about 500 million market, Google Play store.consumers, in over 165 countries, through more than93.4 billion mobile ad impressions monthly. Vserv Digital Services Pvt Ltd was founded by Dippak Khurana and Ashay Padwal in January 2010. TheInMobi has significantly ramped up its acquisition activity, company had earlier raised $3 million in series A fundingafter Japanese telecom company SoftBank invested $200 from IDG Ventures. Prior to that, Ajay Adiseshann,million in September 2011, and what is still regarded as founder and managing director of the mobile paymentone of the largest investment in the mobile internet space company PayMate had also invested an undisclosedtill date. amount in Vserv. The company claims to have more than 10,000 apps listed across Android, WP7 and J2METhe investment - which was paid out in two tranches - platforms from developers such as Glu Mobile, Digitalhas played a significant role in bulking up InMobis war Chocolate, Indiagames (now part of Disney), Nazara,chest as it scouts for companies to add to its portfolio. Jump Games, among others, while 150 advertisers are advertising and around 8,000 publishers are connected toOther backers of the start-up include venture capital firms the network.Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers and Sherpalo Ventures,both of which have invested $15.6 million across three The Mumbai-headquartered company has offices in Delhirounds of funding, prior to the SoftBank investment. and London and it plans to open one in Singapore soon and later in the Middle East and Africa. To know moreTCS Insights: Recent acquisitions by InMobi about the co, read here.demonstrate strong growth in the mobile ad market.Indian companies are strengthening their product portfolio The company competes with the likes of InMobi (raisedwith app management offerings and distribution tools. $200 million from Japan’s Softbank at a rumoured $900Canadian companies in mobile advertising, Internet and million valuation) and Admob (acquired by Google a fewapp development can take advantage of these years ago for $750 million). InMobi had recently struck aopportunities. deal with Cricbuzz, a leading cricket property that provides information on scores, news, match schedules and ball-to-ball commentary, for monetising mobile adsVodafone partners with Vserv for app monetisation on Cricbuzz’s mobile site and apps for the Indian market.TechCircle, July 26, 2012 TCS Insights: The monetisation model for appsMumbai-based mobile advertising network developers in India is changing. Mobile advertisinghas entered into a partnership with telecom operator network companies are partnering with carriers to provide billing solutions – this will help app developers
  5. 5. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Businessto scale up their offerings. There are huge opportunitiesfor Canadian companies in app development in thismarket.