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TCS of Canada - India - Defense


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TCS of Canada - India - Defense

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TCS of Canada - India - Defense

  1. 1. August 2012 Contact: Army to buy bullet-proof vehicles from Indian firmsArmy to Acquire Simulators and Training Systems to The Indian Express, June 22, 2012Boost Air, June 06, 2012 The Indian Army will make another effort to procure light bullet-proof vehicles from the domestic market after anThe Indian Army’s plan to intensify its air-Defence earlier round failed as none of the competing companiesnetwork was discussed at a recent conference, besides managed to meet the stringent requirements. Theits procurement plans to ward off any aerial threats. Defence Ministry is set to give a go-ahead to the Army toSpeaking at the conference, DG of Army Air Defence Lt purchase 1300 light bullet-proof vehicles in the ‘MakeGen Singh stated that India’s assets are prone to aerial Indian’ category that is open only to Indian defencethreats and their protection at all times has become a top manufacturers. The procurement is expected to costpriority for the army. In order to achieve this, India is close to Rs 720 crore but orders are likely to increaseplanning to acquire air Defence equipment varying from exponentially, given the vast requirements of the Army.advanced simulators to training systems. The Army had initiated a similar process for the lightAs for the Army Air Defence, various measures are being bullet-proof vehicles in which several Indian playerstaken to combat aerial threats. To begin with, the Indian participated. However, after a long drawn selectionArmy is looking at modernization of the current inventory. process that included extensive field trials, none of theAnother priority is the development or acquisition of contenders managed to meet the mark. However, theadvanced target system, pilot-less target aircraft, Army is now believed to have modified its requirementsadvance tracking systems to track efficacy of the Air that will enable Indian players to compete for the order.Defence firing systems. Other facets of the Army AirDefence are being generated as well; for instance, TCS Insights: Canadian suppliers of bullet resistantdevelopment of a fully-automated control and reporting glass and other suppliers for bullet proof vehicles have ansystem aimed at generating and dispersing real time air opportunity to connect with major Indian players likesurveillance picture of desired locations is being carried Mahindra Defence Systems, Tata Motors and Forceout. Motors who are expected to respond to the Request for Proposals. The Canadian Trade Commissioner ServiceTCS Insights: The main role of the Army Air Defence will be happy to provide introductions. It would be ideal(AAD) is to collaborate with the Indian Air Force to for Canadian firms to collaborate with suggested firms forsafeguard the Indian skies and protect the air space from development of the right vehicles for the Indian army asenemy infringement. This indicates that army has possible vendors. This could be a long term repeatformalized its requirements for simulators and training business and Canadian firms should contact AAD toassist in finalizing specifications of the requirements.
  2. 2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do BusinessMassive military helicopter buys allow for Interested equipment suppliers should contact Goaindigenization Shipyard.Business Standard, June 06, 2012The Indian Air Force (IAF) purchase of 126 Rafale Navy to Procure Four Survey Shipsfighters has made global headlines, and the Indo-Russian, June 18, 2012Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) could be anotherjaw-dropper. But Indian military aviation could see an Under water survey capabilities of the Navy are all set toeven more prominent growth area in helicopters, where receive a boost with its plans of procuring four state-of-the Defence services are poised to induct well over 1,000 the-art indigenous vessels capable of exploring therotary wing aircraft in the coming decade, the majority of depths of the maritime economic zone and the extendedthem developed and built in the country. continental shelf of the country. The Navy has initiated the process of procuring four survey vessels fromThe IAF is inducting 139 Russian Mi-17 V-5 medium lift indigenous shipyards and has sought detailed informationhelicopters, for an estimated $2.4 billion. The workhorse from them.Mi-17, which transports 26 soldiers in combat gear, orfour tonnes of supplies to high altitude posts, has been in "We have started the process and as per the plans, theIAF service for decades, but the new-model V-5 is a first ship will be commissioned into service by 2017-18.vastly superior machine, with new engines, rotor blades We want these ships to be 100 per cent indigenous," aand avionics. An IAF order for 80 Mi-17s is already being Navy official said. Besides carrying out hydrographic anddelivered. 15 American CH-47 Chinook heavy lift oceanographic surveys as its primary task, the Navy in itshelicopters will also be bought. The Chinook, built by requirements has stated that the vessels should be ableBoeing, has already been evaluated. The IAF is pleased to perform the role of a hospital ship and limited Defencewith its avionics and power. role during emergencies. The Navy has stated that the vessels should have the capacity to house a crew of overTCS Insights: There is an opportunity for suppliers to 200 officials, including the sailors and Hindutan Aeronautics Limited. The IAF and armyhave also placed a Rs. 7,000-crore order for 159 Dhruv TCS Insights: nterested providers of equipment forMark III utility helicopters. These have been designed and survey ships should connect with Indian shipyardsbuilt by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), which builds 36 (Garden Reach Shipbuilding, Goa Shipyards, MazagaonDhruvs each year. There is an estimated need for more Dockyards Limited) for possible business. Sourcesthan 350 Dhruvs for the Army, IAF, coast guard and indicate that with an expected life of 25 years, the Navyparamilitary forces. wants the machinery, sensors and equipment to be able to withstand a mission time of about eight weeks at a stretch.India All Set To Ink MCMV Deal with South, June 15, 2012 Indias largest electronic security company acquiresIndia is all set to ink a deal with a South Korean shipyard Qatar-based fire monitoring firmfor building eight minesweepers and hunters for its navy India Infoline News Service, June 14, 2012in its quest to overhaul its existing fleet of suchspecialized warships. The deal comes at a time when Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited (Zicom) IndiaNew Delhis "strategic" partnership with Seoul is growing together with its Singapore based wholly ownedand the latter has expressed interest in joining an anti- subsidiary viz, Unisafe Fire Protection Specialistpiracy patrol in Gulf of Aden carried out by India along Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Unisafe Singapore) (collectivelywith China and Japan. referred as Zicom Group) has acquired 49% stake and complete management control in Phoenix internationalThe Indian Defence ministry has already completed the WLL (Phoneix International), Qatar, a Limited Liabilitycost negotiations with the Pusan-based Kangnam Company, at a valuation of USD 15 million. As a part ofCorporation, which was chosen as the lowest bidder in the Share Sale Agreement, Zicom has acquired 5% stakethe tendering process in April last year, according to while Unisafe Singapore has acquired 44% stake insources. Kangnam was found to be technically qualified Phoenix International.and it beat Italian firm Intermarine to win the bid. TCS Insights: This is an indication of good business potential in the electronic security market which isTCS Insights: Our inquiries reveal that the deal will estimated at $ 350 million and major demand is in field ofinclude construction of first, 2 Mine Counter-Measure CCTV surveillance and access control systems.Vessels (MCMV) at Pusan and the rest six to be built atthe Goa Shipyard through technology transfer. Each ofthese MCMVs will be worth Rs.3000 crore ($600 million).
  3. 3. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do BusinessA Unique Battle for the Tactical Communication Seaward defence of waters pertaining to India’s interestSystem Contract is poised to acquire a whole new dimension, with, June 22, 2012 surreptitious entry of versatile Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and submadrones, underwater drones inSeldom has a defence tender been bid by different civil parlance, as force multipliers. As the Navycompanies joining hands to present a common offer, as is contemplates indigenously sourcing 10 such platformshappening now with the $2 billion contract for developing primarily for intelligence, surveillance, andthe Indian Army’s Tactical Communication System (TCS). reconnaissance (ISR), mine mitigation and sensorTCS is meant to replace the army’s obsolete radio deployment, the Defence Research and Developmentcommunication network used for battlefield and tactical Organisation (DRDO) has come a long way in designingcommunication. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has given and building a batch of multiple AUVs to meet the Navy’sthe nod to three private companies -- Larsen & Toubro; quality requirements.Tata Power (Strategic Electronics Division); and HCL -- tocompete as a special purpose company (SPC) with the The Visakhapatnam-based Naval Science andBharat Electronics Limited (BEL). Under Defence Technology Laboratory (NSTL), a DRDO firm, hasProcurement Procedure (DPP) 2011, the MoD selects fashioned a batch of AUVs from handheld slow-speedtwo vendors, who will each build a prototype of the TCS. ones, to military-class, free-flooded platforms weighingBased on that, the winner will be awarded the contract to 1.7 tonnes, with the capability to assist in the entirebuild seven TCS for the army. The MoD sent Expressions gamut of maritime security, straddling coastal and portof Interest (EoI) to eight companies, asking them to bid defence to deep-sea operations.for the TCS deal. Besides BEL; L&T; Tata Power (SED);and HCL, Rolta; Wipro; the Electronics Corporation of “The 1.7-tonne reconfigurable platform, with anIndia Ltd (ECIL); and ITI were also invited. operational depth of 500 metres, can carry payloads of up to 500 kg to accomplish a plethora of operations such asTCS Insights: This is a clear indication of the Indian surveillance, sensor deployment, and mineArmy’s intentions to encourage the Indian private sector countermeasure, besides delivery of ammunition. It isto effectively compete with crown corporations. Canadian slated to undergo a fresh set of sea trials in September.firms will do well to establish business relations with keyIndian private sector players in the defence and security TCS Insights: Our inquiries reveal that Electronicssector. Corporation of India (ECIL)- a crown corporation has been contacted by DRDO for developing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Canadian firmsIndia takes giant leap in autonomous sea vehicle that have requisite technology for applications inprogramme for security Autonomous Underwater Vehicles should contact ECIL.The Hindu, July 6, 2012