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TCS of Canada - India - Education
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TCS of Canada - India - Education


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TCS of Canada - Education

TCS of Canada - Education

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  • 1. mars 2011 Contact : Nouvelles de l’Inde : le secteur de l’éducation Nouvelles de l’Inde est un ensemble d‘articles de presse fournie par le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada afin d‘informer les compagnies canadiennes des mises à jour dans des secteurs d‘affaire clés. Lisez les perspectives du SDC en bleu. Avis important : Nouvelles de l’Inde est un ensemble d‘articles provenant de divers médias, rassemblés pour aider les clients du Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada (SDC). À ce titre, l‘information et les opinions contenues dans ces articles ne reflètent pas les points de vue du SDC ou du gouvernement du Canada. Les abonnés doivent noter que l‘information fournie par des médias et d‘autres sources n‘est pas assujettie à la Loi sur les langues officielles et n‘est disponible que dans la langue d‘origine. Le secteur de l‘éducationUGC to devise AICTE-like rules for foreign varsity tie- readied and approved by the UGC, paving the way forups entry of foreign partners in India‘s university system.Indian Express20 mars 2012 Perspective du SDC: Ce règlement de UGC, une fois en application, va, avec un peu de chance, aider lesShowcased by this government as part of its reform établissements d’enseignement étranger à mieuxagenda, the Foreign Education Providers Bill now has comprendre la complexité des partenariats avec leslittle or no hope of being passed by Parliament. But the établissements d’enseignement indiens; notamment à laUnion Human Resource Development ministry has no lumière du fait que les projets d’établissementsplans of giving up. d’enseignements étrangers sont retenus au Parlement.Keen to forge collaborations between Indian and foreignvarsities with or without legislation, the ministry has askedthe University Grants Commission (UGC) to formulate Coming soon, UGC degree in vocational educationregulations for the same. Sources said that a UGC Hindustan Timescommittee is being set up to devise these regulations on 24 février 2012the lines of the twinning formula of the All India Councilfor Technical Education (AICTE). A bachelor‘s degree in vocational education is likely to be introduced in the University Grants Commission affiliatedThe AICTE has drawn up rules for collaboration and institutions in 2012. The standing committee of UGCpartnerships between Indian and foreign institutes in the which met here two days ago has formally approved afield of technical education and students enrolled for proposal to introduce a bachelor‘s degree in vocationalthese courses can complete semesters in partner education. This is to get a final nod from the commission.institutes. With this ‗twinning‘ arrangement working fine, Once approved, a college student can pick up athe ministry is of the opinion that a similar format be bachelor‘s degree in art, science, commerce or vocationalfollowed for varsities as well. ―Most of the provisions of education. ―We propose to add vocational education asthe Bill can be effected through UGC regulations. Only a one of the specific degrees of UGC from 2012. The finerforeign university cannot come to India and set up a details are however being worked on,‖ acting chairman ofstandalone full-fledged campus on its own. It can, UGC Ved Prakash told HT.however, do so in collaboration with an Indian institute.Students enrolled will be able to complete one semester The All India Council of Technical Education had earlierin the Indian institute and complete the rest in the foreign written a letter to UGC requesting them to introduceinstitute fulfilling the purpose of the Bill. This arrangement vocational education at college level. AICTE chairman Swill effectively at least allow a foothold to foreign S Mantha said that the curriculum of the new courses willeducational institutes in India,‖ an official said. be put on the website by March 10.The issues that UGC will have to find a way around are ―This will boost employment for college graduates. Thethose of degree awarding and fee regulations. It is student will have to choose a sector and a specificexpected that in three-four months the regulations can be specialization from each sector. Initially 10 sectors have
  • 2. Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada Partout où vous faites des affairesbeen chosen including tourism, construction, printing, rendus compte que les bourses étudiantes sont destelecom, IT, mobile and communication," Mantha said. moyens puissants pour attirer les inscriptions des étudiants internationaux. Avec ce type de financementTo begin with, Mantha said, the proposal is to have five disponible chez nos pays compétiteurs et en présencesectors in each college. Each sector can have a d’un marché hautement compétitif, il serait sage pour lesmaximum of 100 students which means initially a college institutions canadiennes de considérer des boursescan have 500 students for vocational education. étudiants pour complémenter l’offre du gouvernement du Canada.Elaborating further, Mantha said that under entertainmentsector a student can opt for specialization in theatre/stagecraft or western classical dancing or even acting. UGC sets target for higher education enrolmentUnion HRD minister Kapil Sibal had recently launched the The HinduNational Vocational Education Qualification Framework 12 mars 2012for implementation in polytechnics, engineering collegesand other colleges in the university systems from 2012- The University Grants Commission (UGC) has chalked13. out several plans to increase gross enrolment ratio (GER) of students in higher education from the present 20 perPerspective du SDC: L’introduction d’un baccalauréat cent to 30 per cent during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-en éducation représente un changement majeur dans la 17).façon de penser au sujet de la légitimité de l’éducation etremets en question les convictions ancrées depuis The Commission has prepared a document on inclusivelongtemps. L’introduction de ces cours pave le chemin and quality expansion of higher education. The countryspour les collèges canadiens qui offrent des cours en GER, indicator of access to higher education is about 20éducation pour explorer les opportunités de jumelage de per cent of the relevant age (17-23 years) group — lowprogrammes avec les institutions indiennes. compared to that in advanced countries, UGC Chairman (Acting) Ved Prakash told The Hindu on the sidelines of a programme at the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) here on Sunday.60 scholarships coming from the UKHT Education ―The GER in India will be increased to 30 per cent. I am20 mars 2012 very optimistic,‖ he said.Britain is going to offer 60 new scholarships in India this It would require an increase in the student enrolment fromyear, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced last the present level of 14 million to 22 million in colleges andweek. The students will receive full funding for a one-year the universities. More colleges would be opened in lowmaster‘s course in business, administration, 374 GER districts, he said.manufacturing, science or technology in the UK,beginning September. With higher education passing through a phase of unprecedented expansion marked by substantial increaseThe awards will be open to ‗exceptional talent‘ from all in the number of institutions and enrolment of students,across India. The ―scheme aims to include students from the UGC has sought Rs.1, 84,470 crore for its variousevery Indian state among the awardees‖. Authorities programmes during the 12th Plan against Rs.85, 0000expect more than a thousand applications, with several crore in the 11th Five-Year Plan.rounds of selection. The British Council- and UKGovernment-funded awards have been launched as part Prof. Prakash said the Commission had plannedof the Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee. strategies for the 12th Plan with various schemes under the three major heads of access, equity and quality withRob Lynes, director, British Council India, said, ―We‘re interlaced components of relevance, value-education anddelighted that we‘re able to offer this opportunity for 60 creativity.Indian scholars to study in the UK. A scholarship is afitting way to mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, ―The overall budget requirement projected to achieve theas it is the creation of new opportunity — not just for the proposed initiatives is Rs.1,84,700 crore.‖ There are 611student, but for the host institution to benefit from Indian universities and university-level institutions and 31,324perspectives and ideas, for new friendships to be made colleges in the country, as of 2011.and new links to be created and fostered between ourtwo countries. Asked about increase in the number of colleges under universities, he said the Commission was in favour ofPerspective du SDC: La compétition est féroce pour les granting autonomy to colleges and those withmeilleurs étudiants en Inde et les Royaume-Unis se sont potential for excellence and having student strength of
  • 3. Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada Partout où vous faites des affairesmore than 3,000 would be converted into universities or American and British universities reinforce perceptions ofdeemed universities. institutional quality in these two countries.Perspective du SDC: L’ouverture de nouveaux collèges Students of the immigration segment primarily go abroadva fournir aux institutions canadiennes plus d’options de to use education as a pathway to immigration. Theypartenariats avec les institutions indiennes ayant des typically do not want to invest much time and money inintérêts similaires. education and hence enroll in programmes that offer higher potential for immigration in the destination country. Given that Australia and Canada‘s immigration policies welcome this pathway partly due to their skills shortage,Why do you want to study abroad? many Indian students head to these countries forHT Education eventual immigration.14 mars 2012 The US is a top destination for Indians. Of the 185,000Where are Indian students likely to apply in the 2012 Indian students enrolled in higher education institutionsadmissions cycle for starting their programmes in 2013? abroad, the US leads with a share of hosting nearly 55%To answer this question, we need to understand students‘ of all Indian students followed by the UK and Australia,primary motivation for going abroad and segments of according to UNESCO data. However, the US witnessedstudents. stagnancy in Indian enrollment numbers during the last couple of years. The residual impact of the recessionThe study abroad decision-making process is a complex made Indian students reassess their options. Availabilityinterplay of many variables, including future job of loans was becoming tougher and post-graduationprospects, cost of education, scholarships, availability of employment prospects were becoming bleaker. With thequality local programmes, social recognition and economic uncertainty, some value-for-money consciousopportunities of immigration that differ based on students‘ Indian students have been putting off their plans to studyacademic and financial ability. in the US.The study abroad application process is time-intensive as However, there are signs that the trend is set to reverse,international students typically apply nine to 12 months in and the US will soon begin to attract more Indianadvance. Thus, the applicant trends for the incoming students.class of 2013 will be influenced by student perceptionsand expectations of their external environment in 2012. First, the US economy is reviving, and job pro-spects are improving. This is important for advancement studentsSince studying abroad is expensive, prospective who prefer to remain in the US or work for a few yearsinternational students‘ sensitivity to external factors, such before returning to India. Second, US institutions areas immigration policies and economic outlook, is quite becoming increasingly aggressive in their outreach tohigh. For example, the declining availability of financial Indian students. Third, the emergence of anaid due to budget cuts in universities, low job prospects, undergraduate student pipeline in India is adding moreand devaluation of the Indian currency may make it students in the enrollment mix of those seeking to go todifficult for Indian students to go abroad. Prospective the US.students intuitively perform a cost-benefit analysis of theirstudy abroad investments, weighing the expected total Finally, the UK, which is the strongest competitor for theoutflow against projected returns in terms of achieving US in attracting advancement students, is restricting post-their objectives. education work opportunities by tightening immigration laws. In contrast, the US has adopted visa rules favouringIndian students going abroad can be classified into two international students. In particular, extending thesegments – one moves for advancement and the other ‗optional practical training for science and engineeringfor immigration. The groups differ because of their students to 29 months is a big attraction for Indianmotivation, targeted destination, and intended level of students as nearly 60% of Indian students enroll instudy. The table below is not all-encompassing, there are master‘s programmes in engineering and computerstudents who overlap both segments – but it provides a science. In fact, the number of Indian students taking upframework for deepening our understanding of the optional practical training increased by nearly 5,000student segments. students in 2010/11 from the previous year.The advancement segment comprises of students who The immigration segment heading towards Australia andwant to go overseas in search of career advancement Canada is also expected to increase. In Australia, theopportunities and are more likely to enroll in graduate number of onshore visas issued in the fourth quarterlevel programmes. They perceive the US and UK to be of 2011 was 3,339 for the higher education category,countries offering higher quality programmes. Global whereas 15,031 visas were issued for the vocationalrankings that repeatedly show the dominance of education and training category. Canada, too, is
  • 4. Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada Partout où vous faites des affairesattracting large number of international students to shortage of skilled manpower, which the industry believesvocational programmes. will be a constraint to growth.The writer is director of research and advisory services at According to Reddy, the country needs to quadruple theWorld Education Services, New York. number of such allied medical services workers to 10 million from 2.5 million currently to meet the industrysPerspective du SDC: Le Canada a toujours été perçu requirement.comme une destination d’immigration pour les étudiantsindiens. En mettant l’emphase sur la qualité des études Shubnum Singh, chief medical affairs at Max Healthcareau Canada au moyen d’activités promotionnelles et de and a member at CIIs committee on healthcare said themarketing, les institutions peuvent aider à rehausser la objective is to standardise skill levels so that they can beperception des futurs étudiants afin que le Canada soit employed in any hospitals across the country.reconnu comme une destination de choix pour uneéducation de qualité. The programme is part of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), a public-private partnership body that plans to train as many as 500 million skilled workers across 30 sectors by 2020. NSDC will also aid theHealthcare industry, Govt to jointly train 4.8 mn workers by 2022The Economic Times At present, such technicians are trained by standalone28 février 2012 training centers that have their own standards and curriculum, many are not recognized by the authoritiesThe healthcare industry in partnership with the and therefore not eligible to work for governmentgovernment plans to train as many as 4.8 million skilled healthcare centres."In most cases, the skill levels arehealthcare-allied workers over the next 10 years to fill the also not adequate," an industry executive said.industrys massive manpower shortage. Perspective du SDC: Ce besoin connu pour desThe initiative will be executed through Healthcare Sector professionnels de la santé qualifiés représente uneSkill Council (HSSC), an industry body that will be run by excellente opportunité pour les institutions fournissant dea 15-member governing group comprising la formation médicale à collaborer avec les hôpitaux etrepresentatives of healthcare industry, members of les collèges médicaux en donnant de la formation auxMedical Council of India, Nursing Council, Quality council formateurs ou en fournissant des formations pertinentes.of India and Health ministry, among others.Corporate hospitals, small private clinics and existingmedical colleges can provide training once they are Shiv Nadar University in tie-up with Babson Collegeregistered with the council, which will also certify the Economic Timescourses. The council is in the process of finalizing the 21 mars 2012curriculum and appointing a full time CEO. These trainedpeople will be eligible to work at both government and Noida-based Shiv Nadar University on Tuesdayprivate hospitals. announced its collaboration with Babson College to offer three programs focused on entrepreneurship andApollo Hospitals chairman Prathap C Reddy, who is also establish a Center of Entrepreneurship.the chairman of industry body CIIs Public HealthcareCouncil told ET that trainees have to take the exam at the The three programs (under the School of Business)end of the course. include a four-year undergraduate program in business administration (BBA), a two-year MBA program and aTo begin with, the council has proposed eight courses, one-year MS program.which have been identified after a detailed review andfeedback from the industry requirements and the skills All the programs will focus on entrepreneurship and willneeded to be employable. These are nursing assistants, commence next year onwards. Students pursuing BBAauxiliary nursing midwives, emergency technicians, ECG and MBA programs will get an option to study one of thetechnicians, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians, semesters at Babson College, while those pursuing MSdialysis technicians and special assistants for elderly will spend the summer semester at Babson College. Thepatients. course fee ranges from Rs.11.5 lakh to Rs.15.75 lakh, depending on the program.At present, the $65 billion domestic healthcare industry isgrowing at around 20% a year and according to ratings Babson College will help the School of Business atagency Fitch, the Indian healthcare sector will swell to the University with curriculum design, selection and$100 billion by 2015. But the industry faces acute admissions, faculty training and student exchanges.
  • 5. Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada Partout où vous faites des affaires Andhra Pradesh University, Punjab School EducationAccording to Nikhil Sinha, founding vice chancellor, Shiv Board, Haryana State Education Board, CBSE and theNadar University, India will have about 100 million young Delhi Board. In addition, the gang members are alsopeople looking for jobs in the next 10 years, but it may not adept in forging certificates of National Trade Certificates,be possible for the existing corporates to grow and create fake passbooks of the State Bank of India, Fake ILETSjobs in such large numbers. certificates, voter cards, driving licences as well as income tax returns."Our country needs new entrepreneurs to create theadequate number of jobs in the future," he said. "While A case under Sections 420, 467, 468, 471, 120-B of theindividuals and business families in India have displayed IPC has been business acumen and have established globalrecognition, there is a need for structured and formal The police has not ruled out the involvement ofintervention through education to nurture and promote employees of the universities in the scam and their roleleadership in entrepreneurship," he added. was being investigated.The University will also work towards providing financial The police said it had deployed a decoy customer tosupport to entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups. unearth the gang and the exact number and profile ofHowever, the university is yet to decide on the student their clients who purchased the fake degrees from themintake. "We are looking to attract working executives who was being investigated.want to become entrepreneurs, as well as those who willhandle their family businesses in the coming years," Those arrested included Manjit Singh, Amandeep Gora,Sinha said. Sushil Kumar, Surinder Saini, Sandeep Kumar Kokhar, Puran Chand, Varinder Kumar, Raman Sharma andLen Schlesinger, president, Babson College, said they Sushant Saini.will help develop the Centre of Entrepreneurship, whichwill serve as a center for excellence for entrepreneurship Out of the arrested, Raman and Varinder, Mohaliin India, focusing on research, incubation programs, residents are the prime accused. They used to giveoutreach programs and case studies. advertisements through a website and then meet their clients at different places."We believe that entrepreneurship can be taught and howit is taught can make all the difference in the way DSP Anil Joshi said the forged certificates were beingbusinesses can be a success," he added. provided at a cost ranging from Rs.60,000 to Rs.80,000 while the accused used to charge Rs.30,000 for otherPerspective du SDC: Shiv Nadar University est une documents.nouvelle université établie en 2011. L’université souhaitedes collaborations et des partenariats internationaux, et The police said the clients were mostly from Punjab,sa collaboration avec une école de commerce américaine Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. In addition, involvementest un indicatif des opportunités disponibles. of four companies in the scam had also come to light. These four include I.S. InfoTech, Sector 35, Chandigarh, Way to fly Company, Sector 34-A, GlobalFake degrees Communication, Sector 70, Mataur, Sohana in MohaliTribune India and Bhogal Communication, also in village Sohana. The20 mars 2012 accused used to prepare documents while sitting in these cyber centres.The special investigation team (SIT) of the UT policetoday arrested nine members of a gang operating from In addition, the SIT has also recovered two laptops, twotricity who were providing fake degrees of universities, scanners-cum-printer, one coloured printer, sheets (usedfake birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, for certificates and documents), one cutter (used to cutincome tax documents, bank documents as well as ration the papers according to the size of requiredcards to a large number of clients against a heavy price. certificates/degrees) which was used to prepare the fakeThe certificates were being used for obtaining visas, jobs well as other purposes. The total number ofcertificates recovered from the gang is over 1,000. In Bogus stamps belonging to superintendent, District andaddition, stamps pertaining to the Food and Supplies Sessions Judge, Ludhiana, examiner, Copying Branch,Department, UT, and marriage certificates were also District and Sessions Judge, Ludhiana, Registrar Birthrecovered. and Death, Registration Unit, Municipal Committee, Hisar, Union Bank of India, Phase-1 Mohali, KrishanaProminent among the universities and educational Auto Sales, Khajuria, Phagwara, Registrar Death andinstitutions whose certificates were forged by the accused Birth, Kharar, Executive Magistrate, Karnal, Principal,include Panjab University, Punjab Technical University, Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic, Bidar, Inspector Food and Supply, Assandh, Karnal, State Bank of Patiala,
  • 6. Le Service des délégués commerciaux du Canada Partout où vous faites des affairesPhase 10, Mohali Assistant. Food and Supplies officer,UT, Chandigarh, Punjab National Bank, Patiala PunjabiUniversity and Kurukshetra University were alsorecovered.Perspective du SDC: Toutes les demandes devraientêtre soumises à une diligence raisonnable mais lesuniversités et les collèges canadiens recevant desapplications d’étudiants provenant des universités citéesdevraient être prudents au sujet de la possibilité de fauxdiplômes ou résultats d’examen. Pour de plus amples renseignements sur le secteur de l’éducation, consultez le profil du secteur de l’éducation - Inde au Contactez l’équipe sectorielle de l’éducation en Inde via le