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TCS - India Bulletin - Telecom


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Trade Commission Service (TCS) of Canada - India Bulletin - Telecom

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TCS - India Bulletin - Telecom

  1. 1. Fall 2011 - #2 Contact: india.commerce@international.gc.ca India Bulletin: Telecom Read our industry bulletins for up-to-date news and opportunities from one of the world’s fastest growing markets.India is the worlds largest market for international vendors - equipment imports are expected to grow from $12.5 billion in 2009-10 to $40 billion in 2020.Why India? What Canadian products and expertise are inThe Indian telecom market is the fastest growing in the demand in India?world with an average of 10 million new subscribers added Active and passive telecom infrastructure: Canadianevery month. With more than 914 million telephone (land companies with engineering and software solutions for bothline and mobile) connections as of March 2011, it is the active and passive telecom infrastructure could find asecond largest telecom and wireless network in the world market in India. Areas of interest include operatingafter China. Wireless subscribers make up almost 90 expenditure reduction, energy saving solutions, backhaulpercent of the total market while the remaining 10 percent solutions and rural broadband.subscribe to fixed-line services. Value added services: VAS offerings are an alternativeGrowth is driven by increased demand for mobile phones, a revenue stream for operators, and Indian firms are seekingfall in handset prices, a favourable revenue and platforms for content distribution, gaming, travel booking andinfrastructure sharing regime amongst service providers financial transactions using mobile phones.and drastic reduction in technology costs. Another majoropportunity is providing back-end services to Indian Applications for mobile handsets: Indian mobile handsettelecom players, who are outsourcing non-core activities, manufacturers view product differentiation as a means tofor example, Airtel’s IT needs are handled by IBM, while increase their market share. As such, they are looking forAlcatel, Lucent and several other suppliers manage their unique applications that allow consumers to access internet,network. social network and entertainment.India relies heavily on imports of technology and equipment For more information contact:for its telecommunication needs. The Indian market is very india.commerce@international.gc.ca.price sensitive and characterised by high volumes and lowmargins. Mobile operators view value added services What are the key recent trends and(VAS), such as social networking applications as a key developments in this market?revenue earning strategy. This has resulted in an increased The partial launch of 3G services in February 2011 andnumber of domestic and international firms providing VAS introduction of mobile number portability in January 2011and products. increased pressure on mobile operators to improve the delivery of services to consumers.Since the launch of 3G and 4G, the Government of Indiahas focused on increasing broadband connectivity The Government of India is focusing on telecom networkthroughout India to provide e-learning, telemedicine and audit, network security, location based services andgovernment services. The government is also striving for provision of rural broadband. These areas are beingfinancial inclusion of citizens in rural areas by providing targeted for maintaining security and providing betterbanking services through broadband connectivity. education, healthcare, financial services and information to citizens.Canadian ICT companies have proven solutions in theseareas and could find a welcoming market in India for The government has released a draft telecom policy thatvarious products and services. envisages a thrust on local manufacturing. The policy is being reviewed by various stakeholders to assess its impact on the Indian telecom industry.
  2. 2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Business How can I learn more?Upcoming Events In the News  "RIM bets big on Indian mobile apps market," India1. Mobile World Congress Telecom News, November 19, 2011Dates: February 27 - March 01, 2012Venue: Barcelona, Spain  "Common Platform: Tata Tele Services Limited integrates services under TATA DOCOMO brand,"A large Indian delegation visits Mobile World Congress, the Tele.net.in, November 30, 2011world’s largest telecom show, every year. Last year’sdelegation was led by the Indian Minister of State for  "Mobile marketing will grow 10-fold in India," TheTelecom and included participation from all the Indian GSM Economic Times, December 13, 2011mobile operators. Bharti Airtel, the largest Indian mobile  "Value-added services will drive telecom sector growth,"operator, had a pavilion at the show and had senior The Economic Times, December 13, 2011representatives from both its Asia and Africa operationspresent. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service can  "Tata Communications eyes African markets with Neotelassist in setting up business to business meetings on the expansion," The Economic Times, December 14, 2011margins of the show. Useful Links2. Convergence IndiaDates: March 21-23, 2012 Department of Information TechnologyVenue: New Delhi www.mit.gov.inOrganiser: Exhibitions India groupWebsite: www.convergenceindia.org Department of Telecommunications www.dot.gov.inThe Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in India canassist with business to business meetings on the margins Cellular Operators Association of Indiaof the show. www.coai.com3. CommunicAsia 2012 Telecom Regulatory Authority of IndiaDates: June 19-22, 2012 www.trai.gov.inVenue: SingaporeOrganiser: Singapore exhibition servicesWebsite: www.communicasia.com Note: At the time of publication all links were active. For more information on the Telecom industry consult the Telecom Sector Profile – India (see tradecommissioner.gc.ca/India) Want to know more? Contact the Telecom Sector Team in India at india.commerce@international.gc.ca