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TCS of Canada - India - Defence

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TCS of Canada - India - Defence

  1. 1. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service May 2012 Contact: India NewsWatch: Defence Sector India NewsWatch is a package of news articles compiled by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) to help Canadian businesses stay on top of new developments. Look for TCS Insights in blue. Disclaimer: India NewsWatch is a compilation of articles from various media, packaged for the convenience of TCS clients. As such, the opinions and information in the included articles do not reflect the views of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) or the Government of Canada. Users should be aware that information from media and other sources may not be subject to the Official Languages Act and may be available only in the language(s) in which it was originally written. DEFENCEGovernment has cleared the acquisition of six offshore patrol vessels for the Coast, April 14, 2012 partnerships), Sikorsky.The government has cleared the acquisition of six “The licence will pave the way for us to set up anOffshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) expected to be worth assembly line in this country. We will decide on our plansaround Rs 1,800 crore for the Coast Guard to enhance its once we hear from the Ministry of Defence. We expectmaritime surveillance capabilities. A Cabinet Committee our application to be cleared from the ministry in theon Security (CCS) meeting, which was held on Thursday second quarter of this financial year,” he told mediaunder the chairmanship of Prime Minister Manmohan persons here on Monday.Singh, also cleared a proposal for acquiring around 500Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) for the fighter aircraft L&T and Mahindra & Mahindra are among the other bigfleet of the IAF, defence sources told. The PGMs will be Indian companies that have received licences in the pastprocured from Israeli company Rafael and would be fitted to manufacture defence equipment.on the IAFs fighter aircraft fleet. The deal for the PGMs isexpected to be worth around Rs 500 crore. India liberalised the defence industry in 2001, allowing 100 per cent participation by the private sector withThe six Offshore Patrol Vessels approved for the Coast foreign direct investment permissible up to 26 per cent,Guard would be constructed by state-owned Goa both subject to licensing and security clearance.Shipyard Limited (GSL), which has been nominated forthe task, they said. These new vessels would be more The Sikorsky-TASL contract was formed in 2009 to makethan 100 metres in length and equipped with helicopters helicopter cabins for the US company. Both theto help the maritime guarding force in enhancing its companies had also signed an agreement to create aoperational capabilities, sources said. After the 26/11 joint venture that will manufacture aerospace componentsattacks on Mumbai, the government has taken several for Sikorsky in India, including components for S-92steps to strengthen the capabilities of the Coast Guard. It helicopter cabins. TASL has 74 per cent shares in the JV.also decided to double the Coast Guards size in terms of The JV broke ground last year and started producing overboth assets and manpower. 4,000 parts and sub-assemblies for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft from this March 6 from its facility on the outskirtsTCS Insights: Canadian firms have opportunities to offer of Hyderabad .sophisticated sensors, fire control equipment, hull design According to Arvind Walia, executive vice-president (Indiaetc to Goa Shipyard. The Canadian Trade Commissioner and South Asia), Sikorsky, the company was among theService can help make introductions to the right contacts. two firms to be shortlisted by the ministry to supply 16 multi-role choppers to the defence sector.Sikorsky-Tata joint venture applies for defence “We expect to be L1 for this contract, which is pegged atlicence about $1 billion. The only other manufacturer to beBusiness Standard , April 3, 2012 shortlisted is a European company called NH Industries.US-based chopper manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft We have completed all formalities as far as the flightCorporation, part of United Technologies Corp, and Tata evaluation trials are concerned. We hope to here from theAdvanced Systems Limited (TASL) have applied for a ministry a firm date for opening of commercial bids in thedefence licence to manufacture components and next two weeks,” he said.assemble helicopters for use by the Indian Navy,according to Steve Estill, vice-president (strategic Walia said the naval multi-role helicopter contract was
  2. 2. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Businessunder the ‘buy and make (Indian)’ category, which automation space will open new vistas in other marketsallowed private sector companies to bid and hold the and segments.”primary contract, and that the programme was at the RFI(request for information) stage. TCS Insights: The news highlights Indian group L&T’s strategic move for a more active role in meeting“The Indian commercial and military helicopter markets requirements of the Indian navy. It also projects L&T asare set to touch $8 billion and $33 billion respectively an ideal partner for Canadian firms active in the navalover the next 25-30 years, to become the second largest defence sector.chopper market in the world after the US. We hope to sellat least two units in the commercial market here, if notmore, this year,” Estill said. AAI to deploy new air surveillance technology at 14 airportsTCS Insights: The joint venture presents enormous, February 9, 2012opportunities for Canadian firms as global value chainsuppliers. It would be ideal for parts, components and The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning to deployequipment suppliers to visit India and establish a a radar-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-dialogue with the joint venture. Broadcast (ADS-B) system at 14 airports to enhance air control across the country.L&T buys UK firm ThalestThe Hindu Business Line, April 4, 2012 The new economical ADS-B system has three components which include an ADS-B transponder in theLarsen & Toubro said it has completed a share sale aircraft, an antenna to receive frequency from the aircraftagreement to buy UK-based Thalest Ltd. The deal is said transponder and a receiver at air traffic control (ATC).to be about £3.2 million (about Rs 26 crore). AAI director Sudhamay Maiti told Indo-Asian NewsL&T is keen on the acquisition for the technology the Service (IANS): "The new ADS-B system would facilitatecompany could bring to the table. civilian aircraft in self-communicating with airports about their identity, speed and altitude."Thalest is the holding company of Servowatch Systems,Bond Instrumentation & Process Control and Servowatch "The new system is likely to be commissioned in six to(USA). seven of a total of 14 airports across India by the middle of this year and in the remaining airports by this year-Thalest is into integrated platform management system end," added Maiti.and integrated bridge system solutions for naval warshipsand mercantile marine ships, vessels and floating "The new technology enables ATCs at airports to getsystems. complete situational awareness of ADS-B compatible aircraft, which could even be 300 miles away."Servowatch is a supplier of advanced integrated shipcontrol systems, including alarm and monitoring, The new ADS-B system is also expected to cover muchautomation, platform management and bridge, wider areas than the existing surveillance system.navigation, communication and multimedia packages, fornew build and retro-fit markets. "The existing air surveillance system has certain limitations when it comes to airspace management," saidServowatch has extensive experience in dealing with the Maiti.navies of the US, UK, India, Australia and Thailand. Thecompany offers control systems for commercial ships, "Voice communication between the flights and the ATCsspecial purpose craft and land / marine asset would be more easy and transparent with the new ADS-Bmanagement. system."L&T’s Electrical & Automation business has a presence inthis space with marine electrical and automation ADS-B systems will be deployed at airports in Agartala,solutions. Imphal, Shimla, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow, Amritsar, Varanasi, Port Blair, Nagpur,Mr S.C. Bhargava, Senior Vice-President & Head of L&T Ahmedabad, and Calicut.Electrical & Automation, said, “We are approved as anIPMS and IBS supplier for the Indian Navy together with The AAI official reported that Rs4 crore ($0.8m) would beServowatch. spent at each of the airports to install the new system. 2"Thalest / Servowatch joining the L&T family will help AAI is also modernising the Agartala Airport, India, tooffer cutting edge technology in control & automation not secure an international status in an initiative to enhanceonly for marine application but also for emerging the connectivity of the Northeastern region withsegments. Thalest deep understanding of the control and Southeast Asian countries.
  3. 3. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Business PTI, February 15, 2012The project is estimated at Rs800m ($16.15m) which alsoincludes installation of a new air traffic control tower at a Railways have decided to take a slew of steps, includingcost of Rs100m ($2m). installations of CCTV based surveillance system and construction of boundary wall along with barbed fencing,TCS Insights: Airport surveillance remains a major area to strengthen security apparatus at stations and ensureof concern for the Indian government. Any new multiple screening of passengers.technologies from Canadian firms would be of interest tothe Airports Authority of India. Besides fencing of walls at major stations, Railways will install automatic vehicle scanners at entry gates. There will also be door frame metal detectors and baggage X-Demand for surveillance systems to touch ray machines at platform entries to strengthen theRs 2,200 cr by 2015 security network as part of the Integrated SecurityHindu Business Line, February, 2012 System (ISS).The rapid economic growth and rising industrial activities Railways are implementing ISS at 202 important andamid security threats, fear of potential terrorist attacks sensitive stations of the country in the first phase. "Thehas fuelled the demand for closed circuit TV cameras, ISS is scheduled to become functional at 76 stations bysays a study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce March this year and at remaining stations in 2012-13,"and Industry of India (Assocham). said a senior Railway Ministry official.With Government authorities and even private sector The ISS provides for multiple screening of passengersplayers in industries such as hospitality, healthcare, right from the point of entry.transport and retail, investing huge amounts in installingCCTVs to secure their offices and public places across "The system comprising latest machines and software,the country, the demand for video surveillance systems will supplement conventional methods of security whichand CCTV camera market in India is likely to reach Rs are also being strengthened," he said.2,200 crore by 2015, says the industry body. There will be dedicated control rooms at strategicAccording to the study titled — ‘Indian CCTV/Video locations for round the clock monitoring through CCTVSurveillance Market: The way Ahead — the Indian CCTV based surveillance system. The CCTV cameras will becamera market is currently pegged at Rs 1,000 crore and installed in station area in such a manner that it coversaccounts for over 40 per cent of the Rs 2,400 crore-worth the entire station premises including concourse, waitingtotal electronic security market in India. halls, platforms, over-bridges etc.A press release from the chamber says the global CCTV The CCTV system will be internet protocol based and willmarket is growing 25 per cent at Rs 80,000 crore and is have important video analytics which will give automaticlikely to cross the Rs 1.5 lakh-crore mark by 2015. Of signals in case of suspected baggage, excessive crowdthis, Asia accounts for nearly 35 per cent with a share of and intrusion by unauthorised persons.over Rs 27,000 crore. TCS Insights: Similar to airports, railway security is alsoQuoting Mr D.S. Rawat, Secretary-General, Assocham, a priority for the Indian government. Canadian firms withthe release says, “Tier II and Tier III cities, currently experience of providing quick scan systems for railwayshaving a small proportion of security system installations, are welcome to contact The Canadian Tradeare going to emerge as the real growth drivers of this Commissioner Service. We would be happy to introducetechnology driven industry in the long-run.” you to select distributors with the potential to promote your equipment.Bosch, Reliance-Siemens, GE, Honeywell, Samsung,Sharp, Vicon, Cisco, D-Link, Sony, Axis, Verint andZicom are some of the leading companies involved in DRDO to develop nextgen electronic warfare systemsmanufacturing security system equipment. PTI, February 22, 2012TCS Insights: Homeland security is a growing market India plans to develop new-generation Electronic Warfaresegment in India for Canadian companies. Due to hyper- (EW) systems to be fitted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,competition, the market is quite price-sensitive yet it is aircraft and satellites that would help it see “deep insideattractive as decision making for orders is fast. The enemy territories”, a key defence research andCanadian Trade Commissioner Service is planning to development official said here on Tuesday. Chief 3launch a market study to unfold specific market potential. Controller, Research and Development (Electronics and Computer Sciences), DRDO, R Sreehari Rao, said the present EW system, especially ground-based ones fittedRailways to step by security apparatus at stations on Naval platforms have got “limited range” (10-20 km)
  4. 4. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service Everywhere You Do Businessand “can’t intercept beyond the line of sight.” He noted He also said a prototype of synthetic aperture radar,that EW systems to be fitted on higher platforms like development of which is being pursued by DRDOUAVs, aircraft and satellites would give “very long range”. constituent lab, Electronics and Radar Development Establishment would be flight-tested on a Dornier aircraftThe ones on UAVs and aircraft would give the country a this year.400-500 kms range capability and those on satellites“much longer range”. “We can see deep inside enemy TCS Insights: Canadian firms have opportunities toterritories. We have plans to go in for higher platforms,” interact with the Defence Research and DevelopmentRao told reporters in response to questions ahead of the Organization (DRDO) to offer electronic warfaresecond international conference on electronic warfare, technologies.which will be formally inaugurated here on Wednesday. _________________________________________ For more information on Defence Sector consult Defence and Security Sector Profile – India (see Want to know more? Contact the Defence Sector Team in India at Disclaimer India NewsWatch is a compilation of articles from various media, packaged for the convenience of TCS clients. As such, the opinions and information in the included articles do not reflect the views of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) or the Government of Canada. Users should be aware that information from media and other sources may not be subject to the Official Languages Act and may be available only in the language(s) in which it was originally written. 4 4