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We can predict your future from the lines of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines. There is no need to send us your time of birth, place of birth etc . What you have to do is just scan your both right and left palms (as shown below) and send us the scanned images to our e-mail. We will study the images and send you the report through e-mail. By observing the palm images we can say your life longevity, health status, personal life, married life, about foreign chances, financial status, money earnings, education, social life, business prospects, good and bad signs on palms, family relationship, children issues, love-relationship, future predictions, any other questions you asked.

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Learn indian palmistry

  1. 1. INDIAN PALM READING WEBSITE FOR LEARNING PALMISTJanuary 2013•[25] Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry•[24] उगल य क म ई•[22] Hand Image of Samantha Ruth Prabhu Palmistry•[22] Hand Image of Atal Bihari Vajpayee•[20] Richest Dictators in History Palmistry•[18] Sign of Pilgrimage (त र य त ) Palmistry•[17] British Asian actress Sophiya Haque Palmistry•[17] Hand Image Of Adjutant General Lt Gen JP Nehra Palmistry•[17] Less lines or No lines on palm Palmistry•[17] Too Many Lines On Palm Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Kalyan ji Palmistry•[17] Hand Print of Ashok Kumar Dada Muni Palmistry•[17] Hand Disorder Multiple Fingers Palmistry•[17] Leprosy on Hands Indian Palmistry•[17] Hand of Beggar Palmistry Indian Palmistry•[15] Torry Holt Hand Image Palmistry•[13] Indian Sadhu-Sanyasi Palm Image Palmistry•[11] Hand Image of Kim Jong Un Palmistry•[05] Hand Image of Malala Indian Palmistry•[04] Rahm Emanuel Palm Image Palmistry•[02] Palm Image of Enda Kenny Palmistry•[01] Trishul Hastrekha (Branches Of Trident Palmistry)December 2012•[31] Khaled Mashaal and Gazas Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Palmistry•[29] Shinzo Abe Palmistry•[27] Salman Khan Palmistry•[27] Alisher Usmanov Palmistry•[27] Larry Ellison Palmistry•[24] Twinkle Khanna Palmistry•[24] Farah Khan Palm Reading Palmistry•[24] Sir Cliff Richard Palmistry•[24] Spell and Tone-Totke
  2. 2. •[24] Astro-Remedies for Black Magic•[24] Bharat Shah Palm Image Palmistry•[23] Yoko Ono Palm Image Palmistry•[22] Hand Image of Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Hassan Palmistry•[22] Ugandas President Yoweri Museveni Palmistry•[21] Irfan Khan Palmistry•[21] Hand Image of Hillary Clinton Palmistry•[21] Mole (Til) on Palm Palmistry•[21] Hand Image of David Beckham Palmistry•[21] Kate Middleton Palm Image•[21] Nicole Kidman Palmistry•[21] Hand Image of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Palmistry•[21] Hand Image of Shahrukh Khan Palmistry•[21] Hand Image of Amitabh Bachchan Palmistry•[20] Grahon Ke Ratna•[19] Gemstone Therapy (Ratna Vichar)•[19] Priyanka Chopra Palmistry•[19] Hand Image of Oprah Winfrey Palmistry•[19] Hand Image Of Jaya Bachchan•[17] Hand Image of Melinda Gates Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Indra Nooyi Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Angela Merkel Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Dilma Rousseff Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Yakubu Gowon Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Sachin Tendulkar Palmistry•[17] Hand Image Of Ernest Bai Koroma Palmistry•[17] Idi Amin Dada Hand Image Palmistry•[17] Hand Image of Pt. Ravi Shankar Palmistry•[16] Palm Image of David Cameron Palmistry•[14] Island on Sun Line Palmistry•[12] Celebrity Hand Deformities Palmistry•[09] Hand Image of Rachael Leigh Cook Palmistry•[08] Hand Image Of Brooklyn Decker Palmistry•[07] Health problems in old age by Palmistry•[07] Trident (Trishul) on Sun Line Palmistry•[06] Fate Line originates from Mount of Venus•[05] Palm Reading Sample•[03] Palmists and Astrologers’ Hand Palmistry
  3. 3. •[03] The Teachers Square Palmistry•[02] Arnold Schwarzenegger•[02] Interpretation of Fate Line PalmistryNovember 2012•[30] Hand Image of Richard Gere Palmistry•[28] Amy Jackson Hand Image Palmistry•[23] Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin•[20] Hand Image of Helen Palmistry•[14] Hand Image of Korean Pop Star Psy ( Gangnam Style) Palmistry•[10] Hand Image Of Anil Manibhai Naik Palmistry•[04] Hand Image of Ajit Singh Palmistry•[01] Sex and PalmistryOctober 2012•[30] Hand Image of Jaipal Reddy Palmistry•[25] Hand Image of Jaspal Bhatti Palmistry•[24] Yash Chopra Hand Image Palmistry•[24] Hand Image of Michelle Obama Palmistry•[22] Hand Image Of Malala Yousafzai Palmistry•[15] Hand Image of Salman Khurshid Palmistry•[15] Digvijay Singh Hand Image Palmistry•[14] A.K. Anthony Palm Image Palmistry•[13] Madhuri Dixit Palm Image Palmistry•[12] Hand Image Of P.T. Usha Palmistry•[12] Palmistry Articles•[12] Cheryl Cole Palmistry•[11] Shah Mehmood Qureshi Palmistry•[10] Gauri Khan Palmistry•[10] Annalynne Mccord Hand Image Palmistry•[09] Prabhakaran Palm Image Palmistry•[09] Mila Kunis Hand Image Palmistry•[09] Hand Image Of Acharya Vinoba Bhave Palmistry•[08] Hand Image Of Virendra Sehwag Palmistry•[06] Robert Vadra Hand Palmistry•[04] Sonu Nigam Palm Image Palmistry•[04] Shivraj Patil Palm Reading•[03] Gang Rape Victim Palm Image Palmistry
  4. 4. •[03] Martina Navratilova Palmistry•[02] Anupam Kher Palm Reading Palmistry•[02] Sohail Khan Palm Image Palmistry•[02] Boman Irani Palm Image Palmistry•[02] Many Lines On Palm Palmistry•[02] Lal Bahadur Shastri Hand Reading Palmistry•[02] Jawaharlal Nehru Hand Image Palmistry•[01] Urvashi Palm Image PalmistrySeptember 2012•[30] Steve Irwin Hand Image Palmistry•[29] Palm Image Of Lata Mangeshkar•[28] Saddam Hussein Palm Image•[28] Inzamam ul Haq Palm Image•[27] Aung San Suu Kyi11 Hand Reading•[27] Method Of Calculate Fate Line Palmistry•[27] Mount Of Saturn Palmistry•[25] Veena Malik Palm Analysis Palmistry•[25] Muttiah Muralitharan Hand Reading Palmistry•[25] Prannoy Roy Hand Reading Palmistry•[25] Parmod Mahajan Hand Reading•[25] Omar Abdullah Hand Reading•[25] Shoaib Akhtar Palm Reading•[25] Gayatri Devi Hand Reading•[25] Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Palmistry•[25] Nana Patekar Palm Reading•[24] Anil Khumble Palm Reading Palmistry•[24] Dimple Kapadia Palm Image Palmistry•[24] Viswanathan Anand Palmistry•[24] Om Puri Palm Image Palmistry•[24] Sudesh Berry Palm Image Palmistry•[24] Small Thumb Image Palmistry•[24] Shashi Kapoor Palmistry•[24] Kumar Sangakara Palmistry•[24] Salman Butt Palm Reading•[24] Saina Nehwal Palmistry•[24] Palm Image Of Aasaram Palmistry•[24] Kabir Bedi Palm Image
  5. 5. •[24] Harbhajan Singh Palm Reading•[24] Palm Image Of Dilip Kumar Palmistry•[24] Hand Image Of Uma Bharti•[24] Tina Ambani Palm Images Palmistry•[24] Suresh Raina Palm Reading•[24] Palm Image Of Sunil Dutt•[24] Hand Image Of Sunny Deol•[24] Mahendra Singh Dhoni Palm Reading•[24] Hand Image Of Michelle Yeoh•[24] Jaya Parda Palm Reading•[24] Hand Of Hamid Karzai Palmistry•[23] Hand Image Of Britney Spears Palmistry•[23] Hand Of Demi Moore Palmistry•[23] Hand Of Nurgul Yesilcay Palmistry•[23] Hand Of Amanda Seyfried Palmistry•[23] Hand Of Sunil Shetty Palmistry•[23] Palm Image Of Pele Palmistry•[22] Palm Image of Mamta Banerjee•[22] Mulayam Singh Palmistry•[21] Vladimir Putin Palmistry•[21] Jennifer Hudson Palmistry•[21] Wayne Rooney Palmistry•[21] Surjeet Singh Palmistry•[21] Alessandro Nesta Palmistry•[21] Selena Gomez Palmistry•[21] Amy Adams Palmistry•[21] Pippa Middleton Palmistry•[21] Demi Lovato Palmistry•[21] Rosie Huntington Whiteley Palmistry•[21] Ben Stiller Palmistry•[21] Alyssa Miano Palmistry•[21] Charlize Theron Palmistry•[21] Halle Berry Palmistry•[20] Raja Pervez Ashraf Palm Reading•[20] Yusuf Raza Gilani Palm Reading•[20] Scarlett Johansson Palm Reading•[20] Sylvester Stallone Palm Reading•[20] Rajesh Khanna Palm Reading
  6. 6. •[20] Sanjay Dutt Palm Reading•[20] Anil Kapoor Palm Reading•[20] Saurav Ganguly Palm Reading•[20] Alexis Thorpe Palm Reading•[18] Rajinikanth Palm Reading•[17] Casey Anthony Palm Reading•[17] Ed Sheeran Palm Reading•[17] Heavy D Palm Reading•[17] Darren Criss Palm Reading•[17] Rebecca Black Palm Reading•[17] Adele Palm Reading•[17] Amy Winehouse Palm Reading•[17] Ryan Dunn Palm Reading•[16] Gerard Butler Palm Reading•[16] Kate Hudson Palm Reading•[16] Kim Jong Palm reading•[16] Sandra Bullock Palm Reading•[16] Peter Beattie Palm Reading•[16] Katherine Jackson Palm Reading•[16] Carrie Underwood Palm Reading•[16] Jennifer Hawkins Palm Reading•[16] George H. W. Bush Palm Reading•[16] Bill Clinton Palm Reading•[16] Donald Trump Palm Reading•[16] Zinedine Zidane Palm Reading•[16] Jimmy Carter Palm Reading•[16] Robert Pattinson Palm Reading•[16] Eva Longoria Palm Reading•[16] Annalynne Mccord Palm Reading•[16] Julia Roberts Palm Reading•[16] Laxmi Mittal Palm Reading•[16] Katherine Zeta Jones Palm Reading•[15] Joanna Krupa Palm Reading•[15] Dianna Agron Palm Reading•[15] Robyn Rihanna Fenty Palm Reading•[15] Megan Fox Palm Reading•[15] Miley Cyrus Palm Reading•[12] Aamir Khan Palm Reading
  7. 7. •[12] Jackie Chain Palm Reading•[12] Kristen Stewart Palm Reading•[12] Karishma Kapoor Palm Reading•[12] Jennifer Aniston Palm Reading•[08] Preity Zinta and Salman Khan Palm Reading•[06] Bipasa Basu Palm Reading Palmistry•[06] Indian Porn Actress and Whore Palm Reading Palmistry•[06] Palm Of Indian Porn Star Vaishya Palm Reading Palmistry•[04] Hand Of Dia Mirza Palm Reading Palmistry•[04] Hand Of Indian Prostitute Palm Reading Palmistry•[03] Emma Watson Palm Reading Palmistry•[01] E-book: Line Of Love In PalmistryAugust 2012•[29] Karan Johar Palm Reading Palmistry•[27] Yuvraj Singh Palm Reading•[24] Kangana Palm Reading Palmistry•[24] Katie Holmes Palm Reading Palmistry•[24] South Acteress Trisha Palm Reading Palmistry•[21] Che Guevara Palm Reading Palmistry•[19] Neta ji Subhas Chandra Bosh Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Kajol Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Nagma Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Manoj Kumar Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Daniel Radcliffe harry potter Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Paresh Rawal Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Sayali Bhagat Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Sonali Bendre Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Mel Gibson Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Meg Ryan Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Kim Yoon-jin Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Rupert Grint Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Jason Segel Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] John Travolta Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Ali-Asghar Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Kevin Spacey Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Gong Li Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Palm Reading Mini Mathur Palmistry
  8. 8. •[17] Palm Reading Ajay Devgan Palmistry•[17] Kangana Ranaut Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Viktor Yanukovych Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Ed Miliband Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Micheal Martin Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Hu Jintao Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] John Key Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Palm Reading Of Mehdi Palmistry•[17] Abdoulaye Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Palm Reading Of Ralia Odinga Palmistry•[17] Akhilesh Yadav Palm Reading Palmistry•[17] Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Palm Reading Palmistry•[15] No Heart Line or No Head Line - Heart and Head Line joined Palmistry, Simian Line Palmistry•[15] Crooked and Bent Little Finger Palmistry•[15] Recep Tayyip Erdogan Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Daria Dmitrieva Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Valentina Artemyeva Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Ksenya Sukhinova Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Gold medallist Evgeniya Kanaeva Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Vilasrao Deshmukh Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Dennis Hooper Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Pope Benedict XVI Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Daati (Shanidhaam) Palm Reading Children Line Palmistry•[14] Bappi Laheri Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Rihanna Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Leah Dizon Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Ricky Martin Palm Reading Palmistry•[14] Madona Palm Print Palm Reading Palmistry•[13] Different type of head line palmistry, Head line downwards Mount of moon Palmistry•[13] Only two phalanx on Little Finger Palmistry•[13] Five Fingers on the Hand Palmistry, Extra Finger on the hand Palmistry•[13] Chimpanzee Hand Reading Palmistry•[13] The Magnetic Man (Liew Thow Lin) Palm Reading Palmistry•[13] Various types of Hands Palmistry•[13] Usain Bolt Palm Reading•[12] P. Chidambaram Palm Reading Palmistry•[12] Benazir Bhutto Palm Reading Palmistry•[12] Hina Rabbani Khar Palm Reading Palmistry
  9. 9. •[12] Minister S.M. Krishna Palm Reading Palmistry•[12] Gaddafi Palm Reading Palmistry•[12] Robert De Niro palm reading palmistry•[12] John Kennedy Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Dominique strauss palm reading palmistry•[11] Johnny Hally palm reading palmistry•[11] Silvio Berlusconi palm reading palmistry•[11] Will Ferrel Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Nirmala Devis Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Nicki Minaj Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Ayatollah Khomeini Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Adolf Hitler Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Tyra Banks Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Susan Doyle Pam Reading Palmistry•[11] Ryan Gosling Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Jagan Mohan Reddy Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Nene Leakes Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Nelson Mandela Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Sarah Jessica Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Robert Downey Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Robert Pattinsons Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Rob Lowes Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Rihanna Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Matt Damon Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Kelly Ripa Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Khloe Kardashians Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Jake Gyllenhaal Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Daniel Craig Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Donald Trump Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Kim Kardashian Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnans Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Katy Perry Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Elijah Wood Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Channing Tatum Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Brad Pitt Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Owen Wilson and Jennifer Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Lal Krishana Advani Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Bernard Hopkins Palm Reading Palmistry
  10. 10. •[11] Adele Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Johnny Depp Palm Reading palmistry•[11] Heidi Klum palm reading palmistry•[11] Al Pacino Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Christina Aguilera Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] Clive Barker Palm Reading Palmistry•[11] President Lyndon Johnson Right Hand Palm Reading•[11] Roy Jones boxer palm reading report Palmistry•[10] Priyanka Gandhi Palm Print Palmistry•[10] Palm Image Of Henry Cooper Chieromancy•[09] Maricom Hand Image Chierology•[09] Suresh Kalmadi Palm Print Chiromancy•[09] Yasser Arafat Hand Print Palmistry•[09] Leryn Franco Palm Image Palmistry•[09] Palm Image of Vijay Mallaya Palmistry•[09] Mike Tyson Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Muhammad Ali Hand Print Palmistry•[08] Marlyn Murno Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Nelson Mandela Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Dazel Washington Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Beyonce Mars Line Palm Print Palmistry•[08] Pandit Jasraj Palm Print Palmistry•[08] Marlene Dietrich Hand Print Palmistry•[08] Albert Einstein Palm Image Palmistry•[08] South Sudans president, Salva Kiir Palm Image Palmistry•[08] French President Francois Hollande Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Sir Richard Branson Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Britains Rebecca Adlington Becky Palm Image•[08] Princess Diana of Wales, Lady Diana Spencer Palm Image Palmistry•[08] Britains Prince Philips Palm Image Palmistry•[07] Whitney Elizabeth Houston Death Palmistry•[07] Indian Eunuch Palm Image Palmistry•[07] Anna Hazare children line and marriage line palmistry•[07] Palm Image of Naomi Ellen Watts Palmistry•[04] Palm Image Of Chiranjeevi Palmistry•[04] Palm Image of Dr Subramanian Swamy Palmistry•[04] Palmistry In Singapore•[04] Palm Image Of Omar Sharif Palmistry
  11. 11. •[04] Salman Khurshid Palm Image•[04] Anuradha Bali alias Fiza Mohammad Palm Image Palmistry•[04] Palm Image of Usain Bolt Palmistry•[03] Kinnar, Hinjda, Hijra, Indian Bisexual, Gay, Hetrosexual, homosexual Palmistry•[03] Palm Image Of Asin Palmistry•[03] Hand Image Of Prince Charles Palmistry•[03] Hand Image of Prince Williams Palmistry•[03] SIGNS OF LOVE MARRIAGE & BREAKUP PALMISTRY•[03] SIGNS OF DIVORCE AND SEPARATION, TALAAK PALMISTRY•[03] SIGNS OF NEVER GETTING MARRIED PALMISTRY•[03] SIGNS OF DEATH OF LIFE PARTNER PALMISTRY•[03] MARRIAGE LINE ON SAINTS’ HAND PALMISTRY•[03] MANY MARRIAGE LINES ON HAND PALMISTRY•[03] No Union Line On Hand Palmistry•[03] LOVE LINE ON HAND•[02] Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev Palm ImageJuly 2012•[30] Atal Bihari Vajpayee Palm Image•[23] Palm Image Pranab Mukherjee•[16] Palm Image of Govinda•[16] Palm Image of Sameera Reddy•[16] Palm Image of Namita•[16] Palm Image of Kajal Agarwal•[12] Lines on Palm Palmistry•[12] Hast rekha Shastra Palmistry•[12] Jeevan Rekha ke Gun-Dosh Palmistry•[12] Jeevan Rekha Palmistry•[12] Palm Image Of Hollie Stevens - Queen of Clown Porn•[04] Good and Long Sun Line, Sunline starts from Mount of Rahu palmistryJune 2012•[30] Hafiz Saeed Palm ImageMay 2012•[10] South Actress Kajal Agarwal Palm Print•[07] Handprint of nicole moser porn star•[07] Pakistans foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar
  12. 12. April 2012•[25] Abhishek Manu Singhvi Palm Reading PalmistryMarch 2012•[21] Shilpa Shetty Broken Heart Line Palmistry•[21] Sonam Kapoor Palm Image Palmistry•[21] Akhilesh Yadav Palm Prints•[20] Zarine Khan money line Palmistry•[20] Shamita Shetty Union Lines Forked Indian Palmistry•[20] Sunny Leone Indian Porn Actress in Big Boss and Jism2•[20] Hand Print of Kishore Kumar•[20] Miley cyrus Palmistry•[20] Kacey porn star•[11] EIGHT POINTED LOTUS SIGN•[11] LITTLE FINGER SHORTER THAN NORMAL•[10] BIG ISLAND ON HEAD LINE•[09] ISLAND ON HEALTH LINE•[09] ISLAND ON HEAD LINE ON MOUNT OF NEGATIVE MARS•[07] ISLAND ON HEAD LINE AND CROSSED BY RAHU LINE•[06] RING OF SOLOMON•[06] BORN AFTER FATHERS DEATH - POSTHUMOUS CHILD•[04] INDICATION OF LOVE MARRIAGEFebruary 2012•[23] Hand Image of Stormy Daniels Porn Star Indian Palmistry•[22] Hand Image of Angelina Jolie•[22] Hand Image of cameron diaz palmistry•[18] Hand Image of Akshay Khanna Palmistry•[16] Hand Image of Whitney Houston Indian Palmistry•[15] Hand Image of Mallika Sherawat•[15] Hand Image of Tom Cruise•[15] Hand Image of Neha Sharma•[15] Hand Image of Shahid Kapoor•[14] Hand Image of Sonia Gandhi Palmistry•[14] Hand Image of Puja Bedi•[14] Hand Image of Rishi Kapoor•[14] Hand Image of Shaun Pollock
  13. 13. •[12] Hand Image of Charmi Kaur •[11] FAQ Indian Palmistry •[09] Hand Image of Posthumous Child Indian Palmistry •[06] Hand Image Of Moushumi Chatterjee •[06] Hand Image of John Cena •[03] Hand Image of Binyamin Netanyahu January 2012• [27] Hand Image of Ahlam Singer Palmistry• [27] Hand Image of Ahlam Tamimi Palmistry• [27] Hussain Al Jasmi Palm Reading• [27] Hand Image of Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan• [27] Hand Image of Prince Waleed• [26] Hand Image of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Palmistry• [20] Hand Image of Rahul Dravid Palmistry• [19]• [18] Hand Image of Vinod Khanna Palmistry• [16] Hand of Hansie Cronje Palmistry• [15] Hand Image of Madu Koda Indian Palmistry• [14] Hand Image of Andimuthu Raja Palmistry• [13] Hand of Abdul Kareem Telgi Palmistry• [12] Hand Image of Tanushree Dutta Palmistry• [11] Broken Head Line Underneath Mount of Saturn Palmistry• [10] Extra and Useless Thumb Palmistry• [10] Hand of Yusuf Pathan Palmistry• [09] Hand of Lata Mangeshkar Palmistry• [09] Hand Image of Shirdi Sai Baba Palmistry• [09] Hand of Priyanka Gandhi Palmistry• [08] Neena Gupta Palmistry• [07] Palm Image of Pujya Morari Bapu ji Palmistry• [07] Indian Porn Actress Sunny Leone Palmistry• [07] Shammi Kapoor Palmistry• [07] Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Palmistry• [07] Forked Head Line Palmistry• [07] Forked Marriage Line Palmistry• [07] Unusual Heart and Head Line Palmistry• [06] Hand of CP Patient Palmistry• [06] Via Lascivia Line Palmistry• [03] Long and straight head line across the palm palmistry
  14. 14. • [03] Trident on Sunline or mount of Sun Palmistry• [03] Star On Mount of Jupiter Palmistry• [03] Absence of head line or Very weak headline Palmistry• [03] Cross On Mount of Jupiter Indian Palmistry• [03] Square on Heart Line Palmistry• [03] Broken Mars Line Palmistry• [03] Double health line-business line palmistry• [03] Short Head Line Indian Palmistry• [03] Short fingers palmistry• [03] Travel line meets fate line palmistry• [03] Unusual head-heart line-simian line palmistry• [03] Double-tripple fate lines palmistry• [03] Big gap between head and lifeline Palmistry• [03] Three parallel marriage lines palmistry• [03] Fate line starts from lifeline palmistry• [02] Head and Life line joined Palmistry• [02] Forked Head Line Palmistry• [02] Marriage line cuts sunline-long marriage line palmistry• [02] Broken Heart Line Palmistry• [02] Broken lifeline under mount of Saturn Palmistry• [02] Island on Head line under the Mount of Sun Palmistry• [02] Chained Heart Line Palmistry• [02] Long Head Line Palmistry• [02] Parallel Marriage Lines Palmistry• [02] Life line cum fate line palmistry• [02] Sulemani Hakeek (Sulemani Patthar/स म न पतरर) December 2011• [31] Hand Image of Amrita Rao Indian Palmistry• [26] Zeba Bakhtiar Palmistry• [22] Hand of Steven Paul Jobs Palmistry• [22] Hand of Steven Splielberg Palmistry• [15] Hand of Transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi• [12] Hand of Beggar Sadhu Palmistry• [12] Hand of Sadhu Marriage Line Palmistry Nitin Kumar E-mail: nitinkumar_palmist@yahoo.in
  15. 15. http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.com