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Case Study


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The Case study for Marketing Laptops

The Case study for Marketing Laptops

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Destructive ideas on marketing laptops
  • 2. Contents 1 Objective 2 Market Analysis 3 Product Analysis 4 Destructive ideas 5 Conclusion
  • 3. Objective Problem Statement
  • 4. Problem Statement
    • You are the marketing manager for a laptop brand who has been given the mandate for launching a high end product priced at 79,999/-. Describe 5 disruptive advertising ideas that you would use to drive your marketing strategy.
  • 5. Market Analysis
  • 6. Traditional Consumer Structure
  • 7. Today’s Woman
    • As is visible in the traditional market Women were in the periphery of the core laptop user
    • Today’s modern woman is confident, bold and distinctive
    • They want a product which can cater to their needs and is not just another
      • “ Man Product painted pink”
    • Make an individual mark
  • 8. Changing Dynamics
  • 9. Assumptions
    • Since the Product details and specs were not given possible product have been taken.
    • Some of the products have been showcased by earlier manufacturers as possible beta products so design cues have been taken therefrom
    • Some Further product enhancements have been thought of as they might be practical and can be developed in the product
  • 10. Product Analysis
  • 11. Traditional Product
    • Created for men and by men
    • Symbol of corporate board room and the affluent
    • Not many successful individual brands apart from the parent like:
      • Thinkpad
      • Mac
    • Brands Like Acer, HP etc use Umbrella branding though Dell has made an effort with Studio range, XPS etc.
    • Only Successful disruptive campaign according to me was 1984 by Macbook
  • 12. Present Market
    • Companies branding becoming bigger thank laptop brands
    • Most laptops selling on better price-to-specification ratio
    • Very few laptops in the bracket of 60k or above
    • Technologies and products are converging to similarity in performance and features
  • 13. Need Gap and Cracking the Code
    • Need for recognising the growing class of Working CORPORATE WOMAN
    • Giving Women a product which is distinctive and answers their question of Why me? and adds to their individuality
    • Sign of superiority, freedom from the cliché and independence
  • 14. Some Bizarre Concepts and Features
    • The laptop features adaptive microcell coverage that can easily mix with the gadget’s surroundings using 3 cameras, installed for environment analysis.
    • Eco laptop include: solar charge cells, barcode scanner for grocery shopping as well as a bracelet that measures blood pressure and pulse.
  • 15.
    • For those who want to lose weight it can be developed to control weight loss (being turned into weighting machine) and it also has a bangle you can use at sport sessions, such as running.
    • As soon as you push the big button that will change the laptop’s screen into a mirror mode. In addition, the device includes on-nail printing service.
  • 16.
    • the Mama laptop is unbreakable and water resistant. It features 3D-free monitor section design cameras that have amplifier installed for videotracking your kids.
    • By using the Perfume laptop, you have the ability to transform it into a lamp or air freshener. Different odor samples can be downloaded and mixed with smell of the laptop’s matrix.
    • for women, who carry small bags featuring OLED technology with touch sensors. The monitor and keypad can be made from pure glass that has a deep blue color.
  • 17. The Basic attributes required for decision making
    • Good Performance
    • High speed internet
    • Ease of use
    • Design cues with co-branding with international designers
    • Daily needs apart from just computing
    • One touch connectivity
    • Ease of use
    Added Features Design & Distinctiveness Performance
  • 18. Branding Cues
    • The Brand name I have thought is Pi
    • Also The logo shall be inspired from the Symbol for Women
    • Related to Fashion and related needs of women and not just Dieting tips as was the mistake by Dell which launched Della
  • 19. Initial tissue paper adveritsing ideas
    • Association with Female issues like breast cancer, female infanticide etc.
    • Corporate female events like girls/women’s night, rendezvous with some eminent women of their fields
    • Association with prominent magazines
    • Onsite suppport with shortest Turnaround times
    • Online portal for answering queries
    • Positioning the product with whom you can share and seek solutions to all the woes
  • 20. Well so much for the initial ideas
  • 21. WELL!!!
  • 22. Ideas finally making to the final 5
  • 23. #1 Dispose and Accept…
  • 24. Dispose and accept
    • The clip shows….
      • Lady opens Louis Vuitton Bag
        • Opens it and starts stacking cosmetic articles from renowned brands like Mac or Chambor
    • She stacks up a lot of stuff covers it with the bag and suddenly starts pouring gasoline on top of it and burns it
  • 25. Teaser
    • Well a Hand Bag is one of the most favorite accessories of a woman and burning that is a bit shocking and that too a Louis Vuitton would kill a woman instantly
    • Then the add appears like a teaser soon all this will not be Passe…
  • 26. Final ad of the Product
  • 27.
    • Focus of the ad to be on:
      • The Cosmetic uses
      • Express on covers
      • Versatility of the product to be emphasized on
  • 28. #2 Multiple NON-USES
  • 29. Multiple NON-USES of a laptop
    • Women Using the Laptop as a dish washer
    • Uses it as a Chopping Board
    • In the washing machine
    • Dries it on the cloth line
  • 30. The ad ends with
    • Is this what you expect your laptop to do???
    • This is not what a laptop should be doing. The laptop is here which does what it does best
    • For the versatile woman in you who does all these roles and more
  • 31. #3 Self annihilation
  • 32. A print or a video Ad
    • Wonder Why Men are killing themselves??
    • End of the Era of Pink Male Laptops
    • Yours is here “Pi”
  • 33. “ ManAnger” Bill Boards
    • Well This might be the fate of your Colleagues / Boyfriends
    • Yours is here… Pi
  • 34. #4 Gender Confusion
  • 35. Super Heroes…Heroines
    • All the Super Heroes Become Female
    • Well the ending has to be in line with a message of world domination by women in the future all the super heroes will be women thanks to the power and empowerment by the Pi
  • 36. No more Pink men
    • Men Dressed in pink similar to the pic everywhere with pla cards stating No more Pink men but the true you….
    • Prepare to change…
    • Change is here….
  • 37. #5 Green is the way to go…
  • 38. Environmental inclination
    • The ad should show women planting laptops which grow into trees
    • Message Biodegradable…
    • Energy efficient
    • Powered by ambient light
    • Just like the giving and the attitude of a woman who gives so much to the society and the world at large
    • Also Ads in the form of Green ways used in the west:
      • Ads on the sidewalks and pavements
  • 39. Conclusion
    • The above mentioned products are in the development phase or maybe developed sometime in the future as there exists a gap
    • The product attributes that can be added can be bizarre
    • Some parts might be impractical but nevertheless not impossible: Even carpet Bombing an IPL stadium with dummy thermocol Laptops could be done with message on the large screen….Coming soon the perfect feline which does it all…
    • Who knows when the forum is open mind can run wild and really think the Bizarre
  • 40. Thank You !!!