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Google fiber

Google fiber






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    Google fiber Google fiber Document Transcript

    • INTRODUCTION Google Fiber is offering an Internet connection speed 100times faster than todays average broadband. Instant downloads.Crystal clear high definition TV and endless possibilities. Google isplanning to build, and test ultra-high speed broadband networks in asmall number of trial locations across the country. They’ll deliverInternet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americanshave access to today with 1 Gigabit per second, fiber-to-homeconnections. They’ll offer service at a competitive price to at least50,000, and potentially up to 500,000 people.Google’s goal is to experiment with new ways to help make Internetaccess better, and faster for everyone. Here are some specific thingsthat they have in mind:● Next generation apps: They want to see what developers and users can do with ultra high-speeds, whether it’s creating new bandwidth-intensive “Killer apps” and services, or other uses we can’t yet imagine.● New deployment techniques: They’ll test new ways to build fiber networks; to help inform, and support deployment elsewhere, they’ll share key lessons learned with the world.● Openness and choice: They’ll operate an “open access” network, giving users the choice of multiple service providers. And consistent with their past advocacy, they’ll manage the network in an open, nondiscriminatory, and transparent way. 1
    • Google Fiber connections will come into metropolitan areasthrough multiple aggregators. From these points, fiber optic cableswill branch out and run into neighborhoods and individual residences,providing FTTH (fiber to the home) service. Much of the cable willbe strung on new and existing utility poles; some of it will be buried.“No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting,” thecompany notes on its blog. “Imagine: instantaneous sharing; trulyglobal education; medical appointments with 3D imaging; even newindustries that we haven’t even dreamed of, powered by a gig.” History of Google Fiber Google Fiber is a project to build an experimental broadband internet network infrastructure using fiber-optic communication in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri; the location was chosen following a competitive selection process. Over 1,100 communities applied to be the first recipient of the technology. In March of 2011, Google announced that Kansas City, Kansas will be the first community where the new network would be deployed. After building an infrastructure of the network, in July of 2012, Google announced pricing for Google Fiber. The service will offer three options. These include a free broadband internet option, a 1Gbps internet option and a version that includes television service. Neighborhoods that receive the service will be selected through demand from Kansas City area residents and Google has set up a website to pre-register for the service. The first homes are expected to be connected in September of 2012. 2
    • Today’s internet V/s Google Fiber! “It’s easy to forget how revolutionary high-speed Internetaccess was in the 1990s,” the company said. “Not only didbroadband kill the screeching sound of dial-up, it also spurredinnovation, helping to create amazing new services as well as newjob opportunities for many thousands of Americans. But today theInternet is not as fast as it should be”. Google noted that the averageInternet speed in the U.S. is only 5.8 megabits per second (Mbps),which is a slight uptick in speed first made available by residentialbroadband 16 years ago. At 1000 Mb per second (1Gbps), Google Fiber is 100 timesfaster than today’s average Internet, allowing you to get what youwant instantaneously. You no longer have to wait on thingsbuffering; everything will be ready to go when you are. So whetheryou are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing yourfavorite online games, all you need to do is click and you’re there.And the company was telling “Its not just TV. And its not justInternet. Its Google Fiber.” 3
    • The Future● No more waiting: At 1000 Mb per second, Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s average Internet, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously. You no longer have to wait on things buffering; everything will be ready to go when you are. So whether you are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing your favorite online games, all you need to do is click and you’re there.● All your favorite content in one place: Watch hundreds of HD channels, tens of thousands of shows and movies on-demand, and all your favorite Internet content from Netflix—all in one place. So, whether it’s live, on-demand, or Online, you can search quickly for and access all of your favorite programs seamlessly. 4
    • ● HD never looked this good: A bigger pipe means less compression. Luckily, Google’s ultra fast Fiber network has more than enough bandwidth to ensure you get HD in all its glory ... with nothing left behind.● Enjoy every view. From every screen: Google Fiber is both your Internet and TV. It brings together your devices and gives you the freedom to search record and save shows without worry. So sit back and relax. For the first time, Catching all your favorite things is almost easier than missing them.● Never miss a show again. Or eight: Record up to eight programs simultaneously, just because you can. And with an unprecedented two terabytes of storage, you will 5
    • never have to worry about having enough space to record your favorite shows.● A world of opportunities for you and your community: The Internet is at its best when entire neighborhoods are connected at Fiber speeds. That’s why we are committed to powering up community buildings throughout KC. By joining Fiber, you’ll also help bring 100 times the possibilities to schools, emergency facilities, libraries, and more.● It keeps getting better: Every day there is more to experience on the web, but to access it, your Internet connection needs to keep up. That’s why, just like the web, Google Fiber keeps getting better. And while Google 6
    • will make sure your Fiber is always ready for the best the web can offer, where the Internet goes is up to you. Plans & Pricing Up to one gigabit upload & download speed Full channel TV lineup 2 year contract No data caps Nexus 7 tablet 1 TV Box Storage Box Network Box 1TB Google Drive $120/mo + taxes and fees The service will offer three options. These include a free broadband internet option, a 1Gbps internet option for $70 per month and a version that includes television service for $120 per month. The internet service includes 1 terabyte of Google Drive service and the 7
    • television service includes a 2 terabyte DVR recorder in addition tothe Google Drive service. The DVR will record up to eight livetelevision shows simultaneously. The television options also include aNexus 7 tablet that will act as a remote control for the system. Inaddition, television service will also stream live program content oniPad and Android tablet computers. Neighborhoods that receive theservice will be selected through demand from Kansas City arearesidents and Google has set up a website to pre-register for theservice. 1. All your favorite channels and more: With Google Fiber you have access to a wide range of channels plus unique content. Watch all your favorite channels and discover new ones. 8
    • 2. Your new remote: Get Googles new Android tablet, the Nexus 7, free with this package. Go beyond your standard remotes search and discovery experience. Seamlessly watch on your tablet in other rooms of your house.3. TV Box: Get access to live TV, on-demand shows, and Internet content. Every TV Box is HD-ready, so there are no extra monthly fees to watch HD. 9
    • 4. Network Box: Access Google Fiber all over your home by directly connecting to one of the four 1 Gbps Ethernet ports, or by accessing the high speed Wi-Fi. And stay safe with the gigabit firewall.5. Storage Box: With two terabytes of storage, you can record all your favorite TV shows without ever worrying about having enough space. Add your own photos, videos, and music and access them from any device in your home. 10
    • Pricing: Plan TV + Gigabit Free Internet Internet InternetCost $120/mo $70/mo One time $300 construction fee or $25/mo for a yearInternet Speed 1Gbps/1Gbps 1Gbps / 1Gbps 5 Mbps / 1 Mbps(Download / Upload)TV Access Yes No NoStorage 2 TB DVR Storage 1 TB Google Drive None (8 Simultaneous recordings possible) 1 TB Google DriveHardware Nexus 7 tablet, TV box, Network box, Network box, Network box, Optional Chrome book Optional Chrome book Storage box (DVR), ($299) ($299) Optional Chrome book ($299) 11
    • How to get Google Fiber Were building our Google Fiber network by demand—fiber hoods that meet their pre-registration goal will get Fiber service. Here’s how it works:Pre-register• Pre-register by September 9th. Youll pay a $10 pre-registration fee and submit some basic information.• Your fiberhood needs to reach its pre-registration goal in order to qualify for Fiber, so encourage your neighbors to pre-register too.• Once your fiberhood qualifies, continue to rally your neighbors. The order of construction within your city will be determined by pre registration rankings on September 9th.Choose a package• After September 9th, youll be able to choose the service package that you want.• To get service, you must choose your package before construction begins in your fiber hood.Schedule• Once were ready to connect you, well get in touch and schedule a time to build Fiber to your home.• We’re working hard to install users as quickly as possible. We expect to connect everyone who has signed up for a Fiber package no later than the end of 2013. 12
    • Advantages and disadvantagesGoogle Fiber is a new generation Internet technology and this willhelpful for all kinds of internet purpose like uploading/downloadingetc.Advantages Internet connection speed 100 times faster than todays average broadband. Using fiber optic cables. Network speed up to 1Gb per second. 1TB/2TB data storage capacity. You have access to a wide range of channels. Get access to live TV. Supporting HD TV channelsDisadvantages Now only available at Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri Very expansible. 13
    • ConclusionOne of the main aims of the seminar is to make others understand thatthere are so many new technologies developed in this world. Let’scheck its various needs from various perspectives.  Student A student should understand that modern internet and its speed in the virtual reality. So while they are studying they should study the various possibilities that because they are the professionals of tomorrow.  Professionals Professionals should understand that business is directly related to world or society. So they should need a high speed internet connection for their job and their business.  In the preceding sections we saw that “Its not just TV. And its not just Internet. Its Google Fiber” because its contain up to 1Gb upload & download speed, Full channel TV, 1 TV Box, Storage Box, Network Box and 1TB storage capacity.  And we will discussed how get Google Fiber, plans and its pricing.  Educate the professionals and the users against internet and its possibilities. 14
    • Reference1. www.seminarprojecttopics.blogspot.in2. www.fiber.google.com3. www.whatis.techtarget.com/Google-Fiber4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Fiber 15