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  • 1. Company Profile
  • 2. Our Core Competence : Products, Solutions, Consultancy Services and Large-scale IT- Infrastructure Management for Hospitality & Retail Domains
  • 3. Industry Coverage
    Installations across various segments & verticals
  • 4. Certification |Awards
    ISO 9001:2000 Certification
    CMMi ver 1.2 Maturity Level 3
  • 5.
  • 6. Business Alliance and Associates
  • 7.
  • 8. Point of Sale
    Reservation diary for guest bookings with advance orders
    Can constantly update the Chef’s specialty, Seasonal and Non-available items, Happy hour and On the house items.
    Intelligent remote printing to multiple cost centers/ satellite kitchen printers from single location or to single printer from multiple locations
    Home delivery ordering with customer order history, delivery person assignment
    Advance and deposit management
    Descriptive free flow text / Predefined modifiers with or without a charge
    Touch - PDA based Order Taking
    Integrated software Kitchen Display System (KDS)
    Integrated Debit Card / Debit POS solution
    Product Profile
  • 9. Material Management System
    ShawMan MMS is a complete inventory and cost management system
    Automated features such as “Auto-Requisition” and “Auto Indent” generation, which reduces the daily workload, depending on the parameters, defined in the masters
    Online information of Items in Stock at any point of time
    Recipe Management for ideal versus actual consumption analysis
    A provision to receive non - stock Daily purchase items and auto issuing to the cost centers and profit centers
    Budgeting for consumption heads which helps in cost control
    Document generation supports secure and multi-level authorization workflow. These include
    -Transfers and Returns,
    -Indents and,
    -Purchase Orders
    Comprehensive Web based MMS Solution on .NET also available
    Product Profile
  • 10. Property Management System
    Front office software supporting multiple properties linked with ShawMan POS, MMS and the CRM
    PMS Reservations linked to Web based Central Reservation system with payment gateway linked
    In-house guest billing folio posting instruction can be set at the time of reservation.
    Desktop can be customized individually for every user
    Advance and deposit management
    Built in utility enabled to call external programs automatically after or before day end. Users can pre-determine which reports need to be generated at the time of day end.
    System maintenance tools for repairing databases and purging audit.
    Product Profile
  • 11. Sales and Catering
    Take reservation for any date / time range for single / multiple areas.
    Sessions: It allows breaking down the reservation in various sessions like morning session, afternoon session etc.
    Menu: An elaborate menu can be formalized by using menu wizard. Different menu sets can be created along with restrictions for the menu to be set for every reservation taken.
    FP Printing: Function Prospectus is generated for all confirmed reservations
    Advance and deposit management
    Setting user wise reminders and Graphs based on the occupancy
    Enquiry Module: The system also records enquire calls for future reference. Thus it helps you build a prospect database of customers
    Mailing ( Provision of creating templates ) and Indication for unfilled information
    Product Profile
    Easy to understand and use availability display charts allow your team to set up multiple recurring events quickly.
    Comprehensive Web based S&C Solution on .NET also available
  • 12. Club Management System
    Member Profile Management - allows pre-profile management. Apart from this the user can create user defined fields in member profile to capture additional information of Members.
    Member Electronic Card Management-with options like Issue, Register, Expiry card.
    Charge Processing Modules–which allows to define charges based on formulas, charges like Subscription, Interest, etc. can be built using this module.
    Outstanding List provides member wise list of defaulter Members, helps in recovering dues.
    Member Account Details are recorded and displayed whenever required.
    ECS Enabled (Electronic Clearance System) help in electronic clearing from the member bank accounts reducing the manual receipt entries.
    Web Site Interface data can be transferred to the website so that the information is available on the Net to the members
    Integrated software Kitchen Display System (KDS)
    User Defined Letters facilitates the users to create mail merge within the system using system parameters
    Product Profile
    Comprehensive Web based CMS Solution on .NET also available
  • 13. Customer Feedback System
    Integrated System - One system for logging in, service recovery, aggregation and reporting/analysis. CFS captures guest difficulties i.e. complaints, guest delights i.e. compliment and guest suggestions i.e. comments
    Sharing vital information - Information is made accessible to everyone (unit/corporate).Feedback from all sources i.e. Frontline feedback, Executives, sales force, GSTS/RSTS, room comment card gets aggregated in one database
    Supports third Party interface - Linked to any third party PMS front office software, which is a primary requisite in the hospitality vertical for smoother function
    Email engine – is used to send the mailers to the customers. The customer gets an e-mail with a link, which points to the feedback form in CFS system. On click of this, feedback form opens up and the customer can give the feedback online. Feedback gets submitted in CFS system which can be viewed at the same time from CFS site. MIS available.
    CFS Data Warehouse- Data mining can be done by the reports generated in CFS warehouse
    Product Profile
    Structured Capture – Feedback is captured up to the minutes level of an attribute. Structured codification process, ensuring different levels of detail, based on requirement
    Comprehensive Web based CFSSolution on .NET also available
  • 14. Human Resource Information System
    Web enabled Appraisal Module: Appraisal system based on 360 degree, captures KRA and shows the Gap and Work Flow of appraisal forms can also be achieved through emails
    Training Module: Web enabled Training Module, which is intuitive and easy to use and Option of self-nomination by an employee, training attendance, training feedback submission and analysis report.Exclusive module on Employee Action Plan
    Headhunting: Maintains a data bank of candidates. Module captures all details from the candidate application, recruitment procedure, interview status and final outcome.
    Leave Management module: Submitting leave applications, viewing their status is completely integrated to the e-mail agent. Detailed MIS of Employee Attendance
    Product Profile
    The ShawMan HRIS ensures that every aspect of Human Resource is covered, from Employee details, head hunting, appraisals, training, career progression, separation and diverse variety of MIS thus bringing forth value-added services as well as reducing operational costs.
    Comprehensive Web based HRMS Solution on .NET also available
  • 15. Payroll Management
    User Friendly - In-tune is a User friendly interface, where you can define your own Earning / Deduction Heads. All the Identities, such as Employee, Branch, Department, Grade, Cost Centre etc. are user defined. User defined salary slip and monthly salary register
    Statutory Reports available - Income Tax deduction, Tax Estimation Slip for Income Tax calculation, Form 16, Form 24. Provident Fund monthly deduction, Form 3A, Form 12A. PF monthly Challans. Monthly ESIC deduction/returns statement. Form 6A, ESIC Monthly Challans. Profession Tax Monthly deduction and slab wise (Form 6A) Summary report
    Re-activate separated employees - Facility to revoke/transfer Ex-Employee (Resigned Employees) with single/multiple employee(s) option.
    Data Import - User friendly Data Imports option to upload data from text (.csv files) with view log for data read, imported, rejected and skipped with row by row explanation. Skipped & Rejected data can be saved into a new file corrected and re-imported.
    Product Profile
    It covers every area of Payroll Processing, including resource management, planning, payroll calculations, financial management, security management and statutory report generation and printing
  • 16. Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Loyalty Programs - allows the creation and management of simultaneous and multiple Customer Loyalty Programs.
    Profile Management - captures detailed demographic profile for each customer. To expand the profile, variables and rules for accepting those variables can be defined on the fly through a build and deploy master mod
    Add on Card- allow spouse / associates to participate in the program for free or charge. Allows issue and use of temporary paper cards and duration of use. Multiple Add-On support for each Loyalty Program.
    Business rules-Redemption threshold lower limits for first use or every time use-Rule for gifting of cards of another program-Number of free add on cards and much more…
    Multiple promotions - can be defined for each Loyalty Program
    Product Profile
    SMS Interaction - balance and transaction details can be sent on SMS.
    Reward Gallery - Allows creation and management of Reward gallery. Rules for each reward defined in gallery. Logistics for complete reward management.
    Comprehensive Web based CRM
    Solution on .NET
  • 17. SPA Management System
    Appointments - To take appointments (new, edit, reschedule, cancel, Reallot).
    Billing - Advance, bill, settle, refund only solution that can take care of services and products
    Service staff---> some specific services---> Rooms Call centre Modules, HO, Clinic, external website
    Product –Inventory, reorder-level can be maintained
    Customer Profile - with booking status and Services - Services product inventory
    Cashier - Imprest, Returns, Handover Multiple Rooms, Package of services, pre-paid package
    Comprehensive Web based SPA Solution on .NET
    Service staf f- Roster (availability)
    Product Profile
  • 18. Industry Firsts
    Integrated software Kitchen Display System (KDS)
    Comprehensive HRIS, KM, CRM, CFS and DM solutions for the
    Hospitality Industry
    Integration to EDC terminals to transport secure data over
    banking networks
    Integrated SMS gateways using CDMA and GSM technology
    Only Freeware comprehensive PMS software and Integrated Debit Card solution
    Successful Single Sign On (SSO) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployments
    Integrated Data warehouse solutions for the Food Service, Hospitality & Retail Industry
  • 19. Valued Clients | Hotel Groups
  • 20. Valued Clients | Restaurant Chains
  • 21. Valued Clients | Retails and Corporate
  • 22. Our Offer – A Partnership of Success
  • 23. Thank you!
    From TEAM ShawMan 
    Nitesh K. Sharma
    Manager -Sales
    Cell: +91. 9241107806
    Web Profile