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Directi Case Study Competition
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Directi Case Study Competition


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Campus Winners in Directi Case Study Competition …

Campus Winners in Directi Case Study Competition
Team - The ones from near sanjay one
Idea on a location based social networking service

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Source :
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  • Advertising on a car for a month cost Rs 5000-6000
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1
      Team Name
      ‘The ones from near Sanjay Van’
    • 2. Social Networking in India
      Growth in India’s Users July08  09
      Social Networking Users in India July2010
      Social Networking
      Facebook showed a 179% y-o-y jump from last year
      July saw 33mn Indian web users visiting Social networking sites
      Very Less Usage –Huge Opportunity to Grow
    • 3. Mobile Internet in India
      • Lot of scope for Mobile Internet Based applications in India
      • 4. With the coming of 3G usage will further increase
      • 5. Right now out of 12mn Mobile internet users only 2-3mn are active users
      • 6. Use of Location Based Services will also increase
      People need information
      IMRB & eTech Research
      • Online Communication is main purpose for accessing internet
      • 7. Information Search is the second most important purpose
      • 8. 70% of the users are college going and young men
      • 9. Most users fall in age group 18-35 years
    • 10. Mobile Phones & Smart Phones in India
      • Total Mobile Subscribers in India – 652.4million July 2010
      • 11. Expected to reach 850mn in 2014
      All three factors forecast huge opportunity for Location based service
      • Total Smart Phone base in India is about 8-9million users
      (source: Canalys )
      • It is expected to double in the coming 2-3 years with launch of 3G
      For Mass Penetration of Location Based Application Only Smart Phone based App is not sufficient
    • 12. Maturity of Users and Change in Perceptions
      Urban User : Scenario Till 2009
      Urban User : Scenario Shift Now
      Location Based Service
      Perceived Value
      Perceived Value
      Mobile Apps
      Location Based Service
      Mobile Apps
      Practical Value
      Practical Value
      Maturity of Mobile User
      • Maturity of mobile User depends on longevity and frequency of mobile
      • As it increases the ease of usage with complex applications also increases
    • 13. Opportunities for Location Based Social Networking Service in India
      • Growing Subscriber Base
      • 14. Increasing Maturity of Users
      • 15. Increase in use of Smart Phones
      • 16. 3G Roll Out
      • 17. Lot of future potential
      • 18. Mobile Internet Penetration expected to increase a lot
      • 84% rural people don’t know about internet. Mass adoption is a challenge
      Src – IMRB research
      • Pricing
      • 19. Device & Technology
      • 20. Portable navigation devices market is not mature in India
      • 21. Consumer Education & Awareness
      Level of Technology
      Mobile Handset Growth
      SN Industry growth phase
      Population under 25 years >50%
      LBS in India now  No
    • 22. 7
      Need for India’s First Location Based Social Networking Service
    • 23. 8
      Concept of ‘TrackYaa- Find me Follow me’
      Location Based Application to:
      • Trackrr – Add Updates, Review Places, Get Reviews and Upload photos
      • 24. Info Mate -- Collaborate with friends
      • 25. Mobile Dincharya --Plan your day
      • 26. Hobby Mates - Connect & Meet people with common interests
      • 27. Route Map -Get Travel Directions & Fare information
      Product title Meaning: Application that Tracks with a friendly and youthful approach highlighted by “Yaa”
      Tag line Meaning: Coming together of individuals on a common likes platform.
      Logo Meaning:
      • Circle denoting continuous and smooth service.
      • 28. Butterfly denotes a Fun and Friendly service
    • Who will be potential LBS application Users?
      Consumer Self Image
      Tech Lovers
      Young (15-36)
      Interested in new offerings
    • 29. 10
      TrackYaa- Sneak Peek at the Home Page
    • 30. Trackrr
      Going to McDonalds @ GK
      Add Updates
      Status Updates
      Variable Visibility (Public
      Updates on Facebook & Twitter
      Notify your friends
      Application to have Intelligent Search Engine
      • Search For Keywords in its database
      • 31. Search for relevant feeds from FB & Twitter
      in Friends posts.
      Service to serve Dual Purpose-
      1. Information of recent activity
      2. Collaborative outing- Social Need
    • 32. Trackrr (Contd)
      Review Places
      Friends Reviews About
      The place in particular or
      In General
      Star Ratings being Provided
      TrackYaa Reviews from Trackyaa family
      TRACK-YAA Review
      Relevant Ads from the
      Said locality being fed.
      Ad Stream
      • Location Based Ad Stream from the said
      location and the current activity
      • Ad to be from informative purpose- Like
      • Get the Reviews from Friends who have been to the place. Ratings too.
      • 33. If No review then Review from Trackyaa Users
    • 34. Trackrr (Contd)
      Get Reviews
      Provide Feedback of the place as Scrap
      Loyalty points for providingfeedback
      Also Give Star Ratings
      Share with FB/Twitter Frens
      • Here the user sends the feedback
      • 35. Data would be used for Market Analytics
      • 36. Loyalty points – B2B Goodies
      • Consumer Profiling based on current experience
      • 37. Envy Factor with praise/ Reward statement s in Scraps
    • 38. Trackrr (Contd)
      Photo uploading
      PHOTO Sharing- SCREEN 4
      Pictures Taken can be uploaded
      Products with price part of
      Information for future
      Picture Details be shared as scrap
      Mc donanlds GK
      It was a nice experience
      French Fries – Rs 35
      Pictures Tagged to the
      Tagging done and can be shared with FB
      Pictures Added- Market analytics related to visit
      And details about the location
      Loyalty benefits with the most number of feeds by a member
      Photo Sharing
      Pictures Taken will be shared in the Social Media
      Pictures will be tagged and feeds be provided to online community
    • 39. Info Mate
      Collaborate with friends
      I am going to Dabang
      I would like my friends to Join In
      It would have been gr8 if my friends could join in
      Send Sms IM ‘Going for Dabang today-1PM show- PVR ’to 5454
      Login into ‘TrackYaa’
      Click- IM
      InfoMate will send this message to all your friends near your Location through SMS or will show in their Smart phones application ‘Trackyaa’
      Interested friends of Rajiv can reply by clicking the given Link or by messaging back or
      by clicking Yes option in TrackYaa, as best suitable .
      Would You like to Join?
      Website link
      Click on
      ‘Trackyaa’ will send SMS to Rajiv- Conformation from ‘Nitesh’.
      In case sm1 clicks the link in Facebook
    • 40. Info Mate For Smart Phones
      Would You Like To Join ?
      Ask the frens whether they
      Would like to join?
      • Will Send the message/ Ping to current friends online on TrackYaa
      • 41. Option to send the same request as FB Scrap
      • 42. For Non Smart Phones SMS based Short codes
      • 43. Ad to accompany these Feeds
      Select from the Options
    • 44. Mobile Dincharya
      Plan your day
      Login into ‘Trackyaa’ from your Smart phone- Click ‘MD’
      Send Sms MD to 5454
      Holiday, Weekend…
      What to do?
      ‘TrackYaa’ Tracks your Location and sends a message to you or the application updates on your smart phone
      11 AM today CWG Hockey Match.
      Tickets available from
      Or call 9811992312
      1 PM today ‘Dabang’ Movie, PVR Saket- 10 Mins from your location
      *For tickets call 9119923991
      2 of Your Friends Rahul and Abhishek recommend Dabang
      Your Friend Saurav is also watching this movie today at PVR Saket- 3 PM show
      3 of your friends will be watching Dabang today at 1 PM
      *Future Scope- Can also show how many tickets available
      - Will require real time integration
    • 45. Hobby Mates
      Connect & Meet people with common interests
      I would like to meet Salsa Lovers there
      Going to South Ex
      Login into Trackyaa
      Click on HM
      Send Sms HM, “Love to meet Salsa Lovers” ’to 5454
      Common Interests e.g. Bikes, Salsa were entered while registering
      Based on that SMS is sent to all the people in the area having Salsa as interest
      Would Youlike to Join?
      Application Website link
      Click on
      Interested Salsa Lovers can reply by clicking on the given link or by messaging back or by clicking Yes option the TrackYaa as best suitable
      TrackYaa will send SMS to Rajiv – Confirmation from Nitesh (if link on FB is clicked)
    • 46. Route Map
      Get Travel Directions & Fare information
      Route Map will give Travel Information to your destination address vis-à-vis your Location
      • Would be used primarily for 3 purposes. Tourism, Pilgrimage, Intra city Commuting
      Request for FaresRM
      Mumbai 1365 Km far from Delhi
      Daily 5 trains and 10 Flights
      Reply with-
      AirRM- Flight Fares
      TrainRM- Train Fares
      TouristRM- Famous tourist spots
      HotelRM- Famous Hotels
      RestRM- Famous Restaurants
      Send Sms RM ‘Mumbai’to 5454
      Send Sms RM ‘KendriyaVidyalayaRKPuram’to 5454
      Send Sms RM ‘SunTemple’to 5454
      ‘KendriyaVidyalayaRKPuram’ Is 10Km away from your Location.
      To Know the Fares – Reply FaresRM
      DTC Bus number- 420
      Bus Fare- 10 Rs
      Auto Fare- 50 Rs
      Taxi Fare- 150 Rs
      Saket Metro station- 10 Rs
      Flights available-
      Spice Jet
      Jet Airways
      Go Air
      Air India
      To know the Fares, Reply back with
      Flight Name (3 letters) & Date
      EG: -KIN <DATE>
      Request for AIRRM
      Login into‘TrackYaa’- Click RM- and then put the Location
      Login into‘TrackYaa’- Click RM- and then put the Location
      Login into‘TrackYaa’- Click RM- and then put the Location
    • 47. Marketing
      TrackYaa - India’s First Location Based Social Networking Service
      Online Advertising:
      TG very active online. Highest visibility
      Social Media Marketing:
      It’s a location based social networking service. Marketing on social networking websites is required to attract TG. It will also create viral affect
      PR & Advertorials:
      To increase visibility and brand image
      Strategic Tie Ups:
      With social applications, Service providers like – Hotels, Restaurants, IRCTC etc
      Outdoor Advertising:
      Events Hosting, Banners at selective locations for some time
    • 48. Online Marketing Strategies
      Search Optimization (SEO): making you easy to find
      Email: Storytelling, direct connection so people return to your site/tools
      Search Marketing (SEM): Paid search ads in
      Google Seach Ads
      Online Ads: banners, sponsorships, etc
      Social Networks: FB, Twitter, etc
    • 49. Online Marketing- Internet Banner Ads
      • 10.3% service tax Additional
      • 50. Duration- 30 Days
    • Online Marketing - Social Media Marketing  Strategic Directions
      Build TrackYaaBrand
      Engage with customers to build the story
      Listen Learn & Engage
      Address issues head-on
      Evolve Group point of view through collaboration
      Register All New Channels
      • Create an Engagement Model Around Objectives & Resources
      • 51. Address Specific Customer Needs
      BLOG or be BLOGGED: Add blogging to the marketing mix, make people talk about you, Always note  PEOPLE trust PEOPLE
      • Peer to peer discussions create most trust !! & Blogs create peet2peer discussions
      • 52. should create content and initiate dialogue. It should help community members participate in a discussion.
      • 53. Share news Generate ideas
      • 54. Have a forum for feedback
    • Online Marketing- FACEBOOK strategy
      Direct Advertising Cost: 50$ per Day
      • For All over India
      TrackYaa will have to be grown not built
      • Community Page
      • Create a TrackYaaFacebook page
      • 55. Use this page for discussions & events
      • 56. IntegrateTrackyaa with Facebook to get discussion & event updates on Trackyaa website
      • Interaction at a more personal level between users
      • 57. Users can upload & share their Trackyaa game scores (from mobile or online games)
      • 58. Facebook is widely used and hence more people would be involved. The ultimate goal is to grow the community – Facebook will assist Trackyaa
      • 59. Discount coupons for Trackyaa members
    • Online Marketing -- Social Media Marketing Twitter
      Get People to Re-Tweet
      Build Followers
      - Cross Promote Channels
      - Publish Good Content
      -Publish Interest arousing Content
      -Website Integration
      Encourage Evangelism
      Listen & Engage in Conversation
      -Net Promoters
      -Monitoring Service
    • 60. 26
      Online Marketing -- Social Media Marketing –> Social Games
      Top 5 Facebook Games:
      Café World
      Texas HoldEm Poker
      Mafia Wars
      Happy Aquarium
      Advertising Inside the Games
      • Social Games are gaining in popularity
      • 61. FarmVille has 74,806,786 monthly active users. The game has 16,022,479 fans.
      • 62. Almost 30mn people use farmville once a day
      • 63. Gamers spend between 45 minutes and 90 minutes a day on social games on the platform
      Leveraging Popular Games
      Billboards Inside the Game
      Low Cost
    • 64. 27
      Online Marketing -- Social Media Marketing – Social Games
      • Farmville Users – 28mn approx
      • 65. Indian Users 2-4mn
      • 66. Approximately 3 million Indian eyes
      • 67. Attention model here is hours not 30 seconds
      • 68. As people come back to same piece of content happily
      Zynga’s Farmville Farm
    • 69. 28
      Outdoor Advertising - CABVERTISING
      Advertise on private cabs Chain – Meru Cabs, Mega Cabs.
      • Cabs ply the length & breadth of the city
      • 70. No fixed route
      • 71. e.g. Meru Cabs ply 1 million passengers a month. Each spending on an average 45minutes on the cab.
      Taxis spend 90% of the time in city center
      Each Taxi remain on the road for 14 hours a day
      Rs 5000/month/cab
      • Unlike other outdoor advertising, Cabvertised brands are at eye-level
      • 72. Cabvertised brands are seen at prime spots
      • 73. Cab interiors deliver a more detailed message to a captive audience
      • 70% of the private cabs daily commuters are from business & corporate sectors
      • 74. 10% commuters are college students and Sr.citizens
      • 75. 98% of commuters belong to SEC A and B
    • 29
      Outdoor Advertising – Bookstores & Coffee Shops
      Events Partnership
      Advertise in bookstores
      • Stands in bookstores
      • 77. Partner the book launch parties
      Advertise in coffee shops
      • Pamphlets at serving tables
      • 78. On Badges of coffee shop assistants
    • 30
      Launch TrackYaa Merchandise to increase brand recall
      Merchandise like apparel, key chains, mugs, t-shirts
    • 79. 31
      Strategic Tie Ups- Sector Wise
      • Tie ups with New Smart Phone Companies
      • 80. Tie ups with Service Providers
      • 81. Tie ups with Datacard Providers
      • 82. TrackYaa – Reebok marathon
      • 83. Tie ups with Hyper markets
      • 84. Tie Ups with Large stores
      • 85. TrackYaa-Business World Campus treasure hunt
      • 86. Radio Mirchi-Trackyaa Traffic Beats
      • 87. TOI-TrackYaa Goodies for Foodies
      • 88. Jahan Dekha Wahan Jeeta – PVR TrackYaa
      • 89. Haldirams-Dhoondo Aaj Ki Speciality
      • 90. MTv –TrackYaa-Locate your Date
      • 91. MakemyTrip Trackyaa- Ghuma India Ghumo
      • 92. Ginger-TrackYaa. Find Your nearest Ginger service
      • 93. IRCTC-TrackYaa- Travel amenities tieups
    • Affiliate Marketing
      STEP 4
      Seller rewards TrackYaa with affiliate (rewards, points)
      STEP 2
      TrackYaa provides Information about brand/seller information to customer
      Brand/ Sellers
      STEP 3
      TrackYaa directs the customer requirements to seller .
      STEP 1
      Customer Uses TrackYaa for brand/ seller based Information
    • 94. Viral Marketing Strategies
      • Measure the success, No. of referrals,
      • 95. Opinion Poll performance, enquiries, View Counts
      • Target Opinion Leaders- People with maximum friends/Scraps/ Votes.
      • 96. Target Active Communities. Bloggers. Page Visits.
      The 5 T’s of VM Marketing
      • Drive Portable ideas- Personalize through achievements
      • 97. Hot Topics related to Use of Social Media.
      • 98. Controversies & Campaigns
      Take part
      • Monitor, respond when appropriate, listen, be prepared to change,
      • 99. Assess time and resource commitments
      • easily transmittable items - YouTube video, link newspaper article or blog
      • 100. Facebook groups, school based online community
    • Viral Marketing
    • 101. Word of Mouse
      • Polling in the community pages
      • 102. Interactive and informative video of Trackyaa
      • 103. Competitions and offers with tie up partners
      Business World- Trackyaa Campus War of Words
    • 104. 36
      Viral Marketing – Treasure Hunt
      • Tie Up – TrackYaa develop a treasure hunt social game for Coke/Pepsi/RedBull
      • 105. Bottles hidden at various places in a particular area e.g. Central Park CP Delhi
      • 106. All bottles have unique code printed on them
      • 107. The person has to hunt atleast 3 bottles
      • 108. Take the unique code id & post it on the TrackYaa as and when bottle is found
      • 109. Status updated in real time and feeds provided on Facebook
      • 110. Pictures can also be uploaded and same can be shared.
      • 111. Generates interest among the participant and curiosity among the followers
      • 112. Huge following for TrackYaa & branding for coke/pepsi etc
    • 37
      Viral Marketing – Organizing Contests
      Best Image Contest
      • Level 1 Contest
      • 113. Users will upload realtime image on Facebook through TrackYaa and tag it to community page on Facebook
      • 114. Other users will poll for the best image
      • 115. Winners will get prizes
      Tell a story through Images
      • Level 2 Contest
      • 116. Users will tell his/her story through collection of realtime images
      • 117. Other users will poll for the best story
      • 118. Winners will get prizes
    • 38
      Cost Benefit Analysis
    • 119. Marketing Action Plan
      • Social Media Marketing
      • 120. Leverage Cricket
      WC 2011
      Jan 2011
      May 2011
      July 2011
      • Currently there is no Location Based Social Networking Service
      • 129. Leverage this fact to create Buzz
    • 40
      Monetization Strategy – Ads in Application
      • Consumers are overwhelming to accept ads in exchange for valued content
      • 130. Ads are not typically recognized as advertising when embd with the results
      • 131. According to Arbitron Research travelling back home is a key venue for impulse purchase decisions and ideal time for advertising.
      Differential Rates for advertising:
      • Low charges in morning
      • 132. High charges during evening time
      Who will give ads:
      Ads & Discount Coupons
    • 136. USP of TrackYaa- For Advertisers
      TrackYaauser friendly interface will allow advertises to launch and manage campaigns easily. As Advertisers learn more about what ads are more effective with viewers, they can optimize their campaign accordingly with just a few clicks of the mouse.
      UsingTrackYaareporting metrics the Advertiser can immediately understand the effectiveness of his ads. This valuable data will enable advertisers to better understand which ads are engaging your viewers.
      With TrackYaaauction based pricing system the advertiser will only pay for Ads that are actually delivered which is not the case in most of the regional & Cable TV channels and OOH Media.
    • 137. Monetization- Market Analytics
      Business Model
      • Analysis of Consumer behavior w.r.t.-
      • 138. Eating Habits
      • 139. Travel Habits
      • 140. Expenditure Habits
      • 141. Geographical Location of Market Opportunities
      • 142. Products and Services being Sold- Whom/How/Where
      • 143. Facebook Activities- General Social Conditions
      • Application Development for Market Analytics
      • 144. Sourcing Feeds from other SNS
      • 145. Business Development activities
      • 146. Application development for specific handsets
      • Provide Data to Market Research Companies
      • 147. Long term contracts with Equity Research/ Brokerage Firms
      • 148. Direct Data to any Firm pertinent to its business
    • Financials- Data Speak
      United States
      • 120 million FB subscribers
      • 149. 40% of population on FB
      • 150. 12 mn LBS Subscribers
      • 151. 4mn FourSquare Subscribers
      • 152. 340,000 Gowalla Subscribers
      • 20 million FB subscribers
      • 153. 2% of population on FB
      • 154. 0 LBS Subscribers
      Figures in $ mn
      Mobile Ad Market- Growing at 42.3% CAGR
    • 155. Financials- Assumptions
    • 156. Financials- Income Statements
      Figures in INR million
    • 157. 46
      Financials- NPV & IRR
      NPV & IRR for 5 yrs
      - NPV & IRR is Negative for Low Level and Medium Level Scenarios
      - IRR is 18% > cost of capital for High Level Scenario
      NPV & IRR for 10 yrs duration
      - NPV & IRR is Positive for All three scenarios
      - IRR is 14% for Low Level and Gradually Increases for other Scenarios
      Financial Calculations
    • 158. 47
      Contingency Plan
    • 159. 48