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Increase Retail Store Footfalls
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Increase Retail Store Footfalls


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Related to Bindals Multi branded store

Related to Bindals Multi branded store

Published in: Business

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  • Customer educationWrite thebrands, prices different type of collectionYouth orientedFamily orientedKids, mens, women wears
  • This will also help in giving the store location and directions to the consumers
  • Transcript

    • 1. BindalsMarketing Strategy to increase the Visibility of the Retail store
    • 2. Agenda
      Bindals Store
      Visibility Campaigns
    • 3. Bindals Analysis
      • Importance to softer skills
      • 4. Experienced staff
      • 5. Strategic Location
      • 6. Good Suppliers
      • 7. Loyal Customers
      • 8. Collection for all ages
      • 9. Specialized Stores
      • Single Brand
      • 10. Majority youth and brand conscious
      • 11. Loyal Customers
      • 12. Collection for specific age
      Bindals Offerings
    • 13. Analysis
      Bindals has a lot of loyal customers and most of them 30+ age
      Increase in competition from players who cater to the age group 15-28
      Increase in outlets offering discounts and proponing sale of goods at huge discounts
      Bindals have to target youth in the age of 15-28. For that have to Implement its image as a reliable place.
      The Brand has to reach out to people from coming to Ghaziabad for trading purposes
    • 14. Segmentation of Customers
      Life Style
      Social Class
    • 15. Targeting youth
      Youth Loyalty Cards: Permanent discount offers for college students
      SMS and Email marketing
      Competitions in schools and colleges
    • 16. Ambient Advertising
      Advertising through stickers at the back of cars
      Bundling with restaurants like Bikanerwala
      Advertising near the ATMs, Banks, and Metro stations
    • 17. Display Marketing
    • 18. Media
      Radio spots
      Radio Mirchi campaign
      RJ mentions
      Advertising through Local cable operator
    • 19. Viral Marketing + Lucky draw
      Getting the email Ids of customers
      In return adding their name in lucky draw
      Option of adding their friend’s name also for the lucky draw by providing their email Ids
      Gift can be only availed through a valid email Id
      And then sending the various discount offers and schemes through emails
    • 20. Reaching the residents in Ghaziabad
      Advertising through Yellow Pages booklet: -
      Region specific Yellow pages booklet is distributed in many societies in Delhi free of cost.
      ‘Bindals’ can advertise and target the target consumers through it and increase the awareness about Bindals.
    • 21.
    • 22. In Store Advertising – Billing Counter
      Impulsive Buying material (e.g. costume jewelry) on the counter
      Backside of the counter should have a Bindals logo
      Highly impactful messages should be displayed on the back side
    • 23. Collaterals
    • 24. Newspaper distributor
      Distributing the discount pamphlets or the advertisement brochures or the collaterals of Bindals with the newspapers
    • 25. Festival oriented targeting
      Organizing some special events at some strategic locations
      New Year
      On ground activity: Organizing some kind of games or Flash mobs
      Crowd puller
      Source of publicity
      Source of free advertisement and PR
    • 26. Store visibility and culture
      Bindals uniform for its sales force
      In store publicity
      Distributing freebies such as Pens, key chains, etc written Bindals over it on special occasions
      Will help in brand recall
      Will help in creating goodwill for Bindals
      In house Publicity: - Flex/Kiosk/Branding boards/Display boards, etc should be used in every Bindals store to advertise and promote the other branches
    • 27. Using the vacant space for advertising about the Winter wear: Store front
    • 28. Advertising at the strategic locations in the markets through Banners and posters
    • 29. Banners
    • 30. Banners
    • 31. Shop Billboards
    • 32. Direction boards
    • 33. Eye-catchers
    • 34. Branding Panels
    • 35. Branding boards
    • 36. Standies
    • 37. Tie Ups
      CSR Activities- From Every Bill 1 rupee is used for child development
      Tie ups with MultiPlexes- Bindals should have promotional scheme card distributed inside multiplexes so that people know about the Bindals Brand
      Partnerships with Gift shops- Nielsen survey found nearly eight in 10 Indians (77%) selected Clothes as their preferred gifting item.
      Tie ups with the above kind business partners in cities located nearby- Modinagar, Muradnagar, Hapur, Bulandshaher
      Organising Baby competition around housings and kids competitions in schools with Freebies having Bindals logo.
    • 38. Balloon Advertising
      • Balloon on the top of the building
      • 39. Message like Happy New Year
      • 40. Smaller balloons can be distributed to children in store
    • New Year Gifts
      Card holders
      Spectacles Cover
      Goodies For children
      Santa Claus
    • 41. Metro Advertising
      AnandVihar metro set to start in December
      Dilshad Garden already running
      The advertisement will help create Brand awareness
    • 42. Miscellaneous – Kids Pictures
      Making a medium side board with a face of small child, asking parents to bring pictures of their kids & pasting the pictures on the board
      This campaign can be run for a period of 20-25 days.
      If we get huge response we can attempt to enter it into Limca book of records as a one of the biggest face with pictures
    • 43. TIME LINE
      • Start of Sale
      • 44. Posters/ Banners
      • 45. TV/Print Ads
      • 46. SMS Marketing
      • 47. Multiplexes/ Colleges/ Restaurants/
      • 48. Events in Schools
      • 49. Events in Societies
      • 50. Posters around ATMs/Banks.
      • 51. Tie up with multiplexes/eateries
      • 52. Ambient advertising
      • 53. RWAs
      • 54. Distribution of pamphlets around colleges/multi -plexes/ malls.
      • 55. Banners & Posters
      • 56. In Store changes
      • 57. 4 Days of Unlimited Shopping
      • 58. Lucky Draw
      • 59. Go out with media/SMS
    • Costing
    • 60. References
      Mr. ArpitBindal & Mr. Deepak at CP store
      Staff at Bindals, Ghaziabad
      AC Nielson report
      India Retail Growth, outlook
    • 61. Thanks