Treating 1 person every 2 minutes. For 17 years


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EMERGENCY is looking for committed and skilled health professionals and technicians to work overseas.
EMERGENCY is an independent and neutral Italian NGO delivering high quality, free-of-charge medical and surgical care to victims of war, landmines and poverty.

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Treating 1 person every 2 minutes. For 17 years

  1. Treating 1 person every 2 minutes.For 17 years.WORK WITH US /
  2. EMERGENCY / RationaleIn today’s conflicts 90% of the victims are civilians.Poverty causes great Public Health crises.Scarcity of high standard, free-of-chargeHealth facilities and local specialized staff.Lack of lasting effectiveness in co-operation. WORK WITH US / 2
  3. EMERGENCY / HowWe assess health needs and make a projectproposal to local communities.We plan, build and run in the long-term Healthfacilities overseas.We deliver quality care equally, on the solebasis of needs.We strive to effectively train local staff. WORK WITH US / 3
  4. EMERGENCY / WhereFounded in Italy in 1994.Today operational in 7 countries.Officially recognised charity in Italy, USA, UK,Japan and Switzerland.Partner of the United Nations, DPI/NGO WORK WITH US / 4
  5. EMERGENCY / Our facilitiesWar Surgery and Traumatology WORK WITH US / 5
  6. EMERGENCY / Our facilitiesPaediatric/Adult Cardiology & Cardiac Surgery WORK WITH US / 6
  7. EMERGENCY / Our facilitiesPaediatrics, Gynaecology & Obstetrics WORK WITH US / 7
  8. EMERGENCY / Our facilitiesCompletely free-of-charge4,2 million people received quality care so far. WORK WITH US / 8
  9. EMERGENCY / Operational criteriaUpon agreements with local Health Authorities,but independent and neutral.Guidelines and standardized protocols for low-resources countries.Reliable thus essential technologies. WORK WITH US / 9
  10. EMERGENCY / Our visionEFFECTIVENESS / Homely and functional facilities WORK WITH US / 10
  11. EMERGENCY / Our visionINNOVATION / Design and technical solutions WORK WITH US / 11
  12. EMERGENCY / Our visionCARE / Gardens, guesthouses and relaxing areas WORK WITH US / 12
  13. EMERGENCY / Quality in crisis areas?Is feasible, therefore ethical.Has scientific and social impact on local Healthsystems.Draws committed staff and local resources. WORK WITH US / 13
  14. EMERGENCY / Clinical meetingsand training programmesSharing an oustanding experience with anInternational team WORK WITH US / 14
  15. EMERGENCY / Clinical meetingsand training programmes providing (& enjoying) qualified on-the-job and classes training. WORK WITH US / 15
  16. EMERGENCY / Final goal?Being not necessary anymore. WORK WITH US / 16
  17. WORK WITH US / The staff120 health professionals and technicians, on-the-field everyday.Some 1,800 local personnel.Offices in Milan (HQ) and Rome. OPD in Italy. WORK WITH US / 17
  18. WORK WITH US / Requisites and conditions3 to 6 months renewable missions.Experience in hospital settings and trainingskills.Monthly salary, board, accommodation andinsurance provided. WORK WITH US / 18
  19. WORK WITH US / Selection and participationResume evaluation, interviews, briefing andon-site handover.End of mission debriefing.Updates from the field on a regular base.Chance to participate in International scientific venues WORK WITH US / 19
  20. EMERGENCY / Lesson learnt?Implementing quality health Systems for all incrisis areas is not only necessary, is possible. WORK WITH US / 20
  21. “Were always in need of doctors and nurses who aredetermined in helping us in our daily practise of the right ofheath care.Itll be an extraordinary human and professionalexperience for all of us.”.Gino Strada, MD - war surgeon and founder of EMERGENCY
  22. WORK WITH US /
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