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  • 1. Submitted By:Geetika Dhawan 1708120 I.T (4th Year )
  • 2. IntroductionIPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is defined as multimedia services such as television /video/audio/text/graphics/data are delivered using Internet protocol(IP) over a networkIPTV enables broadcaster to deliver high-quality video in conjunction with many advanced features like VoD (Video on Demand), games, Interactivity and Personalized services.
  • 3. Introduction Facilitates Live Television, Time-Shifted Programming, and Content (or video) on demand. Also Known as ”TRIPLE-PLAY” service. Provisioning of High Speed Internet Access, Television and Telephone.
  • 4. EXAMPLES TO IPTVVideo on Demand.Broadcast Television.Competitive TV services over managed IP networks with two way connection.
  • 5. Why IPTV and not Internet TV ???• Equivalent to cable services but delivered via IP based secure channels based secure channels.• Carrier-Led controlled platform.• The consumer interacts directly with the operator/carrier.• An end to – end system or semi closed network
  • 6. How IPTV WORKS?
  • 7. Advantages of IPTV Integration: Several services bundled and transmitted via single line hence cost is reduced. Switched IP: Efficient utilization of available bandwidth.Only the TV channel consumer chooses is piped in. Interactivity:Interactive services such as gaming ,e- shopping ,e-tution etc can be facilitated. Video on Demand (VoD): Allows consumer to request Movies at their convenience from any VoD server over the Internet.
  • 8. Disadvantages of IPTV Quality of Service may reduce significantly due to loss of packets. Currently no support for HDTV.
  • 9. Problems With IPTV Today even though most of the households have access to broadband many of those have to low bandwidth to get an acceptable quality of media. The networks have to be built so that End to End QOS can be guaranteed ,which is not the case with most of the networks. Set Top boxes are expensive
  • 10. FUTURE PROMISES QUADRUPLE PLAY High Speed Broadband Internet Access +Television+Telephone+Wireless Service Provisions . Using WiMAX technology it is possible to transmit data at greater speeds and over long distances.
  • 11. Conclusion IPTV enables broadband services providers provide “triple way to users” to takeover TV market and earn money IPTV offers you a advanced multi channel high definiton TV as well as on demand entertainment IPTV technology promises to give better and more contents available.
  • 12. Thank You