Humor In Verse 2


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Humor In Verse 2

  1. 1. Nearly half of the Shanghai girls had sex with boys they had met, online 46% girls had sex with boys That they had met online We can’t understand how One becomes pregnant online Thank goodness ,the balance Had sex entirely offline. Shanghai: Nearly half of pregnant teens in China’s financial centre Shanghai met their partners on the Internet, according to a newspaper report that also spotlighted widespread ignorance about sexual health. Fully 46 per cent of the more than 20,000 girls who called the city’s pregnancy hot line during the past two years said they had sex with boys they met online, the China Daily said, citing Dr. Zhang Zhengrong of Shanghai’s No. 411 Hospital.”
  2. 2. In such provocative situations one cannot concentrate on our Lord and Master With naked bodies staring down From the ads in the billboard It is rather difficult to meditate On our master and Lord. NEW YORK - A bidet company’s advertising plans in Times Square are too cheeky for the pastor of a nearby church. Rev. Neil Rhodes, pastor of the interdenominational Times Square Church, is asking a state court to block a billboard company from posting huge ads that feature naked buttocks with smiley faces on them. The display is to go up on two sides of the Broadway building that houses Rhodes’ church, its Bible school and day-care center. “You walk into a church building, you have naked bodies before your eyes, how are you going to close your eyes and seek God?” Rhodes told the New York Post in an article published Sunday.
  3. 3. Bush takes his sweeping job seriously Bush had proposed sweeping Immigration changes We are not clear why He had to sweep all of them. “President Bush has proposed sweeping immigration changes, which is pretty amazing when you consider before he became president, Bush thought immigration was the sincerest form of flattery.” – Jay Len
  4. 4. It was a mere peck, a Gere Peck like in a flick It was just a Gere peck, Amere peck on the cheek Like it always happened in a Bollywood flick The chick’s morals were Not weak,what the heck. “Big Brother star Shilpa Shetty is still feeling the effects of a kiss from Hollywood star Richard Gere five months ago. The actress was held by immigration officials at Mumbai Airport, who said she was still wanted for obscenity charges brought after strict Hindus complained about the kiss.”
  5. 5. When Wang and King banged balls in Bangcock When Wang and King banged Balls in Bangkok The ball-by-ball commentary Ran really amok. “Tennis pundits were reportedly red-faced when they had to comment on a match between two players called Wang and King.”
  6. 6. Nothing gives more job satisfaction than a toilet paper theft I have stolen everything ,right and left But no stealing has given me, however deft, Real job satisfaction like a toilet paper theft. “(AP) - Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel said someone has been repeatedly stealing toilet paper from the men’s public bathrooms at the Fond du Lac City County Government Center since June.”
  7. 7. In Tuzhla they go about their smooches with quality In Tuzhla they do not miss Their daily kiss When they smooch They do so long and hard When it comes to kisses, They are no near-misses. “Organisers of an event in which almost 7,000 couples kissed simultaneously in a Bosnian town on Saturday said their effort deserved a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. A total of 6,980 couples kissed for 10 seconds at the main square of the northeastern town of Tuzla, some 120 kilometres (74 miles) north of Sarajevo, said local radio station Kameleon which organized the event. “Tuzla is the city of love. We are the champions,” Kristina Gligorovic, an organiser, told the crowd of some 20,000 people who gathered for the occasion.”
  8. 8. Noisy practice sessions are against the law He is a violin virtuoso and so His performance arouses awe Little does he realise that Noisy rehearsals are against law. “Oliver Morris, who has performed with the Halle and BBC Symphony Orchestras, and Hazel Ross, both 25, received a letter from Manchester’s anti-social behaviour action team, telling them their violin practice “will not be tolerated” and “the behaviour must not continue”.
  9. 9. His sack came from the back The Sonoma soccer coach needed No enema in his back He bared his backside To the opposing team for the heck Little did he know his sack Would come from the back. “WINDSOR, Calif. (AP) - A Sonoma County girls’ soccer coach has been suspended from the league after allegedly exposing his buttocks to the opposing team following a contentious game.”
  10. 10. Pants are to be secured at the waist so they do not fall Saggy pants in Cajun- country are forbidden Another councilman says to the sullen citizen An underwear is an underwear for a reason. “PORT ALLEN, La. –With a councilman saying underwear “is called underwear for a reason,” another Cajun-country town has banned saggy pants from its streets. The ordinance, passed unanimously Monday by the Port Allen City Council, requires pants to be secured at the waist so they do not fall below the hips, expose underwear or create indecent exposure.”
  11. 11. It is a biggie mystery how he will do it to so many Vote for Caragol if you likey Oral sex is a slogan surely catchy It is a biggie mystery how he will ,if erected , Do it to so many. “Hialeah City Council incumbent Jose ”Pepe” Caragol, 76, used the slogan “If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council” as part of his campaign for re-election, The Miami Herald said Saturday.