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Watch Lecture Videos Effortlessly

  1. 1. WATCH LECTUREVIDEOS, EFFORTLESSLY Nishant Jacob @nishantjacob
  2. 2. EXPERT FOCUS AREA My Expert Focus Area: Reducing stress on online courses caused by procrastination, by getting people to watch a video now
  3. 3. BRAINSTORM All the ways we can get Joe to watch a video Arranged by whether we can get Joe to do it and how effective it will be
  4. 4. TOP IDEAS Joe clicks on a video link in an email Joe clicks on a video link he gets in a text message Joe schedules a reminder to watch the video on his gcal Joe watches a 30 sec intro clip and clinks on a link in his email
  5. 5. PSYCHOLOGICAL RECIPES TOTEST Email vs text for video links Scheduling system 30 sec intro video clip in the email
  6. 6. CRUMMY TRIALS INSIGHTS Email VS Text V S People were more likely to click on the video link when it was delivered via text People did not always watch the full video on their phones (self reported) Though the text message was a stronger trigger, people prefer to watch lecture videos on their laptops
  7. 7. CRUMMY TRIALS INSIGHTS Email with a 30 sec intro video clip along with a link to the full video The intro video helped people set up video watching space (find headphones, setup laptop, charger etc) Intro video served as low barrier to entry first step (people found it very easy to do) People didn’t always transition to the full video after watching the intro video (not a foolproof system) Having people watch an unrelated 30 sec video clip was less effective than an intro clip to the lecture video
  8. 8. CRUMMY TRIALS INSIGHTS Schedule Video watching on Google calendar People were most likely to schedule a video just after they had finished watching one, because they were high on motivation Giving people scheduling suggestions helped them schedule videos quicker (ex. Try scheduling video watching just after dinner) Scheduling was more effective when people also set alarms or alerts on their phones There was no social accountability when people scheduled their own videos
  9. 9. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FORYOU? 1. Schedule your next video watching session immediately after watching a video (try scheduling it after something you commonly do i.e. Dinner) 2. Set a reminder on your phone to watch the video at that time 3. Get a friend to keep you accountable (ask you whether you watched your video or not) 4. Use/demand a lecture video service that sends you an email trigger to watch the video with a 30 sec relevant intro clip to the video
  10. 10. MOVING FORWARD Look at longer term trends When do the triggers (email/text) start to get boring ? How can we vary the triggers ? How can we build in more social accountability ? Exploring new triggers What time of day should the triggers be delivered ?