Watch Lecture Videos ASAP (into to priority mapping)


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Learn about priority mapping in behavior design around the topic of beating procrastination by watching lecture videos on time!

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Watch Lecture Videos ASAP (into to priority mapping)

  1. 1. Watching Lecture Videos ASAP Priority Map by Nishant Jacob November 2012 nishantj@stanford.eduMy Expert Focus Area: Reducing stress on Coursera caused by procrastination, by gettingpeople to watch a video now.
  2. 2. What is Priority Map?• after picking a target behavior to design for (watching lecture videos)• we brainstorm a ton of micro-steps that could lead to that behavior (clicking on a link to the lecture video in an email)• we organize all those steps in a “priority map” (how effective they are vs how easy they are to make happen)• this helps us focus our design efforts as we hone in on ideas that have impact + ease
  3. 3. Very effective in getting Joe to watch a video Joe schedules his Joe watches a 30 Joe watches the sec intro clip in an video with a buddy next video on gcal by clicking on a email & clicks on a Joe has a projector link on this video link to the video in his room playing the videos on his Joe gets an email Joe sets a wall all the time with a link to the reminder on his video phone to watch the Joe saves theNo way. We can’t get Joe to do this video, with a link video on his phone/desktop Joe gets a text Yes! We can get Joe to do this homepage Joe watched a message with a Joe gets a call link to the video Joe joins a video video right after from his friend Joe sets his fb brushing his teeth telling him to watch watching fb group status to the video at night a video link Joe has a video watching party with Joe gets text his friends Joe watched the messages thru the Joe watches the day with short video while on the video while folding treadmill clips of the video laundry Joe watched the video in a movie Joe watches a theatre video just before going to bed Joe watched the A friend posts the video on his phone The video shows video on Joe’s fb Joe posts to fb while eating lunch up on Joe’s fb wall when he’s done Joe watched the newsfeed watching the video video on the Joe watches a to celebrate screens at a sports music video which bar transitions to a Joe watched an lecture midway entertainment video which as a link to the lecture Joe watches the lecture during the Joe watches the Joe watched the ad breaks in his tv Joe watched the video while sitting show video while it plays in his dorm lounge video on the dining in a boring lecture hall screens Not effective in getting Joe to watch a video
  4. 4. InsightsConsider these questions while brainstorming micro-steps: -How does joe watch the video? - When does joe watch the video? - Where does joe watch the video? - Who does joe watch the video with? - After what does joe watch the video? - What is joe doing while watching the video?