Scrum and TFS


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an intro to TFS and how ot maps Scrum framework

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  • This presentation tries to impart very basic information about how TFS is mapped to Scrum framework.This presentation may contain materials that are procured from external sources.Please reach out to me in case you find any material that is been used infringes upon someone’s copyrights.
  • Scrum and TFS

    1. 1. Agile Series by NishanthintroducingScrum and TFS
    2. 2. What’s there in Visual Studio Scrum 2.0?Work Item Types Queries ReportsProduct Backlog Item Product Backlog Backlog OverviewTask Feedback Requests Release BurndownCode Review Request Current Sprint Sprint BurndownCode Review Response Blocked Tasks VelocityFeedback Request Open Impediments Build Success Over TimeFeedback Response Sprint Backlog Build SummaryImpediment Test Cases Test Case ReadinessTest Case Unfinished Work Test Plan ProgressShared Steps Work in Progress
    3. 3. Scrum and VS Scrum 2.0 Template – What’s whatScrum Concept Visual Studio Scrum 2.0Team Security groups created in TFSDefinition of Done Either a Wiki entry or a document stored in SharePoint/repositoryProduct Team ProjectProduct Backlog Product Backlog shared query or Backlog page on TWAProduct Backlog Item PBI or Bug work item typesAcceptance Criteria Acceptance Criteria field inside PBI/Bug WI typesRelease Iteration Path (high level)Release Plan Backlog page on Team Web Access (w/ Forecast tool)Sprint Iteration Path (low level)Sprint Goal Either a Wiki entry or a document stored in SharePoint/repositorySprint Backlog Sprint Backlog shared query or Backlog & Board pages on TWATask Task work item typeBurndown and Velocity Release Burndown, Sprint Burndown, and Velocity reports and charts on TWAImpediment Impediment work itemRetrospective Either a Wiki entry or a document stored in SharePoint/repository
    4. 4. Components of TFS Web Access
    5. 5. The Backlog Page• Shows Product and Sprint Backlogs• Easy to Add• Drag and drop• Highly Customizable• Priority field to persist the order
    6. 6. The (Sprint) Backlog Page• Shows forecasted PBIs & Bugs and linked tasks• What’s not important: Capacity, work byActivity & Assigned To
    7. 7. The PBI Work Item Type
    8. 8. The Task Work Item Type• Small enough to be completed in one day• Estimated in hours• Update only remaining hours• Avoid using the Activity field– All activities are “development”
    9. 9. The Bug Work Item Type• A bug work item is the report of a bug in the product• Similar to a PBITip: Prefix the bug with “Bug:” So they are identifiable in the Product Backlog
    10. 10. Sprint Burndown• Shows everyday progress in a chart format
    11. 11. Thanks!Exciting new transitions