Sharing dan Tips Berburu Beasiswa by Oktavia

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File presentasi acara 'Sharing dan Tips berburu Beasiswa' oleh Oktavia Ratnasari, 12 Januari 2013

File presentasi acara 'Sharing dan Tips berburu Beasiswa' oleh Oktavia Ratnasari, 12 Januari 2013

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  • 1. Study in Korea Oktavia Ratnasari FKM Alumni Sharing 12.01.2013
  • 2. Why Korea? Sedang mengalami kemajuan teknologi yang pesat. A great place to do science  kompetisi research paper, tantangan publish paper di jurnal internasional, patent-oriented. Employment opportunities, terutama bidang IT & bahasa. Batu pijakan  hubungan baik dengan Amerika dan negara-negara Eropa. Beautiful country with unique culture. Kpop? It’s more than that!
  • 3. KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) Embassy allocation- Kuota Indonesia: 2 org- Boleh memilih 3 universitas Designated university- Kuota Indonesia: 4 org- Hanya boleh memilih 1 universitas ProsesSeleksi oleh kedutaan/universitas  seleksi oleh NIIED(komite KGSP)  penerimaan mahasiswa
  • 4. KGSP (Korean Government Scholarship Program) Wajib belajar bahasa Korea 1 tahun & harus lulus minimal Level 3 (Intermediate). Preferred applicants: fluent in English/Korean atau melamar unutk jurusan science & technology. Besar beasiswa:- Monthly allowance: 900.000 won/bulan/MS, 1.200.000 won/bulan/PhD.- Research allowance: 210.000won/semester/mhs sosial, 240.000/semester/mhs science- Relocation allowance: 200.000won (1x)- Thesis printing: 500-800.000 won- Medical insurance: 20.000won/bulan- Korean proficiency (level 5-6): 100.000won/bulan
  • 5. Syarat Beasiswa KGSP1. Personal Data (Attachment #1)2. Self-Introduction (Attachment #2)3. Study Plan (Attachment #3)4. Letter of Recommendation (Attachment #4)5. Pledge (Attachment #5)6. Personal Medical Assessment (Attachment #6)7. Copy of diploma or certificate of graduation from undergraduateinstitution8. Official transcript of previously attended undergraduate institution(s)9. Copy of diploma or certificate of graduation from graduate institution
  • 6. Syarat Beasiswa KGSP 10. Official transcript of previously attended graduate institution(s) 11. Certificate of TOPIK score (original copy), if available 12. Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS score (original copy) 13. Published papers, if available (one or two) 14. Awards, if available (one or two) 15. Copy of passport (possible to submit after selection) 16. Certificate of citizenship of parents of applicant : birth certificate, passport, etc. (* applicable only to overseas Korean immigrants) 17. Adoption documents (*applicable only to overseas Korean adoptees)http://www.niied.go.krGuidelines 2013:
  • 7. IRDA-KIST (International Research & Development Academy – Korea Institute of Science & Technology)  KIST: salah satu institut riset terbesar & tertua di Korea (1966)  Fasilitas riset yang lengkap & dana melimpah.  Kerjasama dengan bidang industri.  IRDA menyediakan beasiswa bekerjasama dengan UST (University of Science & Technology) sejak 2003.  Beasiswa termasuk besar (900.000 won/bln/MS dan 1.200.000 won/bln/PhD)
  • 8. Syarat Beasiswa IRDA-KIST<On-line application>- Completed Application Form & Photo (image file)- Statement of Purpose<Upload file through the on-line application system>- Resume (Curriculum Vitae)<By postal mailing>- SEALED Recommendation Letters (two)- Undergraduate & Graduate Degree Diplomas (Official registrar fromyour institution needs to confirm that copy of diploma is identical with theorigin.)- SEALED Official Undergraduate & Graduate Transcripts (1 copy each), Including Grade-Point Average (GPA) - Score report for English Test (TOEFL or IELTS or TOEIC or TEPS). Please submit the original certificate or make an overture to us aboutrelevant website with login details to verify it.- Two Photos (Passport Size)APPLICATION PERIOD: 1 MARET – 15 APRIL 2013