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Published in: Technology

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  • Every version of every page is saved in the page History (anytime a user clicks Save), so it's easy to track changes and compare page versions. You can easily revert to an "old" page version if information is accidentally lost or changed in an unwanted way. The History stores user information along with page revisions, which allows you to easily track and evaluate user (read: student) contributions. A wiki's "permissions" may be set to Public, Protected or Private.Public - Anyone can view and edit the pages; Protected - Anyone can view the pages, but only approved members may edit pages; Private - Only approved members (who are logged in) can view or edit the pages. A wiki site includes the ability to track page changes via email or an RSS feed. That's how Wikipedia vandalism/errors are corrected so quickly! Most wikis include a Discussion feature for each page, allowing users to leave comments or discuss page contents. Wikis use a very simple coding language called "Wikitext" or "Wiki Markup" to format the text, links and other content on the pages. Most users don't need to know about that, because they can use the Visual Editor - Wikispaces - or the Point and Click mode - PBWiki - (looks like the formatting toolbar in Word) to format their pages.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Wikis
      Nisa Peek
      Instructional Technology Specialist
      Kennesaw State University
    • 2.
      Wiki Site
    • 3. Hawaiian word for quick.
      Server software that allows users to edit anywhere on any web browser.
      Easy creation for editing any number of interlinked webpages.
      Uses a WYSIWIG editor.
      Largest example is Wikipedia
      What is a Wiki?
    • 4. See video on wiki
      Wikis in Plain English By: Common Craft
    • 5. Permission Settings: Public, Protected, Private
      All edits are tracked in the page's history
      Linking between pages on a wiki is very simple
      Pages are automatically placed in a list of all pages
      A recent changes page shows all edits made to the wiki
      Any bad edits can be easily reverted
      Characteristics of Wikis
    • 6. Video
      Wikis: Helping Teachers Educate
    • 7. Collaborative sharing, group projects.
      Promotes pride of authorship and ownership in team activities.
      Allows flexibility, ease of use, and low barrier to entry.
      Allows faculty and students to engage in collaborative activities that extend well beyond the classroom walls.
      Wikis in Education
    • 8. 50 Ways to use Wikis in the Classroom
      Ways to Use Wikis
    • 9. Wiki Site
      Let’s look at some educator’s wikis