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Post questionnaire results

  1. 1. Created by Niraj Magudia - Dreadflick
  2. 2. How is this feedback going to benefit ourproduction? This feedback will help us improve our production as we will be able to gain an insight of what our audience makes of our draft we have created for them to view. Their criticism and feedback will help us to get our film to reach its potential, and also meet expectations of our viewers. With the feedback given we will use it to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve the film.
  3. 3. Question 1.Are you male or female Gender Male Female 40% 60%
  4. 4. Results: As this questionnaire was given out voluntarily, the results state males volunteered to answer the questionnaire more than females, showing that males may have had more interest in horror films. 60%- males 40%- Females Showing gender bias, and this is illustrating that it goes with the stereotype that males are more drown to horror films than females which is helpful as I am more convinced that the film will appeal to both males and females
  5. 5. Questionnaire 2 Did the film opening fit into the horror genre? Yes No 20% 80%
  6. 6. Results: According to our audience, the vast majority said that the film does fit into the horror genre codes and conventions, which therefore means the film has correctly mirrored aspects of a horror movie. 80% of participants said the film recognised to be a horror film, and 20% of participants say it was not. This could mean we may have to intensify some scenes even further to make it crystal clear this is going to be a horror film for the 20% that disagreed.
  7. 7. Question 3 did you recognise the protagonist and the antagonist? Yes No 10% 90%
  8. 8. Results: 90% of participants said they were clearly able to recognise the protagonist and antagonist. This is good because the storyline then becomes clear to the audience and they are more engaged because they understand each character. However, the 10% who could not recognise the protagonist and the antagonist shows we need to make it even clearer who is who, by maybe also intensifying the scenes and making the protagonist appears more venerable.
  9. 9. Question4 Do you think that an age 15 certification is appropriate after having watch the opening sequence? Yes No 20% 80%
  10. 10. Results: 80% of the participants agreed that the age 15 certification is appropriate as the film contained no strong language and no sexual scenes so it was suitable for the viewers aged 15 and above whereas 20% of the participants disagreed
  11. 11. Question 5 Which do you think is the weakest element of the opening sequence Sound Camera Characters Storyline 10% 20% 10% 60%
  12. 12. Results: The results show that 60% of participants said that the characters were the weakest element in our film then it was the sound we will improve the sound by ensuring that it is synced in better with the film, but we can not do anything about the actors as the film had already been edited and uploaded.
  13. 13. Question 6 Which do you think is the strongest element of the opening sequence? Sound Camera Character Storyline 20% 30% 10% 40%
  14. 14. Results: The results suggest that 40% of the participants think that the camera was the strongest as the film consisted of many shot type and movements also 30% of the participants thought that the storyline was good because it was unusual and different.
  15. 15. Question 7 Did the opening sequence interest you to watch the rest ? Yes No 40% 60%
  16. 16. Results: 40% of participants said they would not be interested in watching the rest of the film which is a lot of the people we asked whereas 60%said that they would watch the rest of the film which is a good thing as this is more than half the people we asked but as there were 40% of participants not interested this means the opening sequence must include a more leading cliff-hanger, which entice the audience to want to watch what happens next.
  17. 17. Question 8 What do you make of the sound effects? Good Bad Okay- could be better 30% 50% 20%
  18. 18. Results: As we were not completely satisfied with the sound we presented to the audience , I decided to add question to gain further insight into what the audience made of the sound effects. 50% of the participants say that they were okay, could be better. 30% say that it was good and 20% say it was bad this information helped us improve our sound effects and make them better.
  19. 19. Question 9 What do you think of the name ‘Locked’ Does it hint at the plot of the film enough? Good- it does hint the plot Bad- it doesnt hint the plot Okay- hints the plot a bit 30% 60% 10%
  20. 20. Results: 60% of participants said that the title hints a little at the plot, however this is a positive point as the title should not entirely give away the plot, it should create mystery to therefore make the audience more curious therefore engaging them and allowing them to watch the film. Furthermore, it is a good way to market the film as the name is easy to understand
  21. 21. Conclusion As a group, we plan to use this feedback and to help us reconstruct areas of the film, and address issues that the audience had with technical areas such as sound and camera. It also helped us recognise our strengths and what we had correctly understood about the horror genre, and how we applied it to our film. All in all, conducting the questionnaire has been very helpful and will help us to go in the right direction with our film and hopefully make it a success with this feedback!