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Effective googling
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Effective googling



Updated PPT of effective googling !! ...

Updated PPT of effective googling !!
From It you can use effective google.....!!
How it will use for deep search capabilities and there will be other product of google as well.........!!
U can see the google magic tricks as well :) :)
It helps to IT field student and employee of IT field :)



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Effective googling Effective googling Presentation Transcript

  • - : Presented By : - Mr. Niraj N. Bariya 1
  • Fill Color in each character 2
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  •  In September of 1998, Google Inc. opened its door in Menlo Park, CA. http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/history.html#1995 14 years (on September 7, 2012) The google.com domain was registered on September 15, 1997 but Google wasnt incorporated until Sept. 4, 1998. 4
  •  “GOOGOL” which is the mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros and “…reflects the companys mission to organize the immense, seemingly infinite amount of information available on the web.” The company formed was called GOOGOL (derived from Googlplex). However the first contract cheque that the founders received was for GOOGLE. Hence the company came to be known as GOOGLE. 5
  • Google founders Larry Page Sergey BrinNumber of employees:Worldwide, Google employed 32,467 full-time employees as of nowGoogle: • The interface is clear and simple. • Pages load instantly. • Placement in search results is never sold to anyone. • Advertising on the site must offer relevant content and not be a distraction. • No pop-up ads allowed. Source: http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/tenthings.html 6
  • Infrastructure of Google Server: • Google uses their propriety backend which is called as BigTable. They released the details of BigTable in their white paper. • Some part of Google is Developed in Python and some is developed in Java. Source: http://www.google.com/intl/en/corporate/tenthings.html 7
  • http://www.statowl.com/search_engine_market_share.php 8
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  •  Size and scope: Now indexing over 40 billion web pages (conservative estimate). Relevance of Results: PageRank Diversity of Search: Image, News, Book Search, Scholar, Blog Search, Finance, Froogle, Video . . . and much, much more. Other Tools: Google Maps, Picasa, Blogger, Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets . . . http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/ 10
  •  We may love Google, but only few users know how to use full search capabilities. 11
  •  How does Google interpret basic search? ◦ Google places “AND” operator between all search terms entered in basic search box. ◦ Automatically searches for some plural/singular and grammatical variants.  You enter: news reader  Google searches: news AND reader OR readers  Does not search as exact phrase unless quotes present! 12
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  •  allinanchor: allintext: allintitle: allinurl: cache: group: info: time: weather: 25
  •  Google News: news.google.com Google Images: images.google.com Google Blog Search: blogsearch.google.com Google Finance: finance.google.com Google Scholar: scholar.google.com Google Book Search: books.google.com 26
  •  Tracking an event in the news? Create your own Google News alert – it’s free! Can choose to monitor latest developments on web pages, blogs, Google news, Google discussion group pages, or all of these sources. 27
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  •  Covers: law, medicine, social sciences, arts, humanities, business, & finance. Included items: peer-reviewed papers, thesis , book experts, abstracts & full-text articles Sources for items: academic publisher web pages, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities, & other scholarly organizations. 29
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  •  Searches full text of indexed books. If work is in public domain, full contents usually available. If not, users can view bibliographic info (author, title, publisher) and perhaps some experts. Library partners: UC, Princeton, Stanford, Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Texas, Oxford, UVA, Univ. of Wisconsin, …… 31
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  •  Localized search Movie search 35
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  •  Google Plus Google Mail Google Docs Google Talk Google Calendar Google Reader Google Gear Google App Engine Google Sites Google Trends Google Earth
  •  PageRank explained by Google: Google interprets a link on page A going to page B as a vote -- by page A, for page B. Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily. 41
  • Just follow this URL and check out videohttp://www.youtube.com/nirajbariya 42
  •  The different variations of the logo on the Google home page that the company uses for different seasons or special days such as birthdays of famous people. Google Doodles are very clever, and people look forward to them 43
  • Thank You……!!!! 44