Veterans Issues Research Reflection #1

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  • 1. HYPERLINK "" o " Permanent Link: Veterans Issues Research Reflection #1" Veterans Issues Research Reflection #1<br />I have finally started researching for this project. Now that I am starting to familiarize myself with the issues that surround the men and women that go off to war, the more I am astounded and excited to begin my presentation zen project. Right now, I have so many ideas running through my mind. I just can’t seem to corral all of these thoughts. One day, I want to do one topic and the next day, I change my mind. There are so many good things to write about and inform the public about. I want to make sure that I give all soldiers justice in what I will present and show them that I appreciate everything that they have done and are still doing today. I did not realize that there were so many people that were affected with the war. In the past, I never actually took a moment to think about the war, but now since I am reading about the Iraq war, I feel heartbroken that I was ignorant before. I didn’t understand the full effects of the 9/11 attack, but now I do. I just want to cry when I hear about families losing their loved ones because those loved ones that have passed away were fighting a war for us. They fight to protect us and their loved ones yet I don’t seem to see society being appreciative of their good deeds. These days, instead of praising the soldiers in Iraq, we praise celebrities who shop at regular stores and not expensive stores. What is up with this? Our society has become so materialistic that we no longer know what is truly important. Through my research, I want to bring justice to all of these soldiers and expose the truths to what they have to go through before, during, and after fighting in the war.<br />