Netvibes Check 1 Narrative: Telling the Story of Your Research Experience


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Netvibes Check 1 Narrative: Telling the Story of Your Research Experience

  1. 1. Netvibes Check 1 Narrative: Telling the Story of Your Research Experience I have added numerous widgets and a handful of information to my Netvibes page. I have added images which I think are essential to any research page so that the outsider or reader can get a visual understanding of what my research is about and they can see with their eyes why I chose the topic. I also added videos to my page because I think having video footage will reinforce my topic and will also let me bring in other people’s point of view which is always essential when researching. I also added RSS feeds to my blog as well as my evernote which is important so that others will know whether my sources are reliable and whether they can trust the information that I am presenting that. The Netvibes information portal is impacting my research experience in that it helps me stay very organized. When I need to find something or need some quick facts, I can quickly hop onto my netvibes page and find the information that I need. What I found very convenient is that I have feeds to all of the other important sites that I am using for my research project such as by evernote and blog and so everything for me is one click away which has definitely saved me much more time and energy. Netvibes is an essential tool that is helping and enhancing my research experience because of its easy features and the widgets that are available. I love everything it offers and I am so glad that I have one! A feature that I highly dislike about Netvibes is the fact that it is excruciatingly slow to load at times. Sometimes netvibes hangs up on me and that is unfortunate because I can’t get a lot of stuff done. The tools that I have come to like a lot are the HTML editor widget. I love this widget because I can add my links from other sites onto my netvibes page and this is great so that other people can see all the work I have done and they won’t have to jump to different pages all the time. My Netvibes portal says that I am a very organized learner and a credible researcher. It shows people that I can provide valid information that at the same time shows some fun and creativity. This information portal reflects all the skills that I have learned so far in one. People can see my sites and all my research articles that have found. I am glad that I am getting everything together and it is finally looking presentable for others to see!