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Twitter Champs - 28 most effective twitter  Brands
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Twitter Champs - 28 most effective twitter Brands



Have a look at the 28 most successful brands on twitter along with some insights from their official tweeters!

Have a look at the 28 most successful brands on twitter along with some insights from their official tweeters!



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Twitter Champs - 28 most effective twitter  Brands Twitter Champs - 28 most effective twitter Brands Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud 9 Media A Social Media Communications Company Brand Conversations with Twitter A Review of the 28 Most Effective Brands on Twitter
    • Honda
    • Objective: To monitor extraordinary
    • opportunity being on twitter, to stay connected
    • with customers, to remove all the
    • misconceptions.
    • Their official tweeter, Alicia Jones believes
    • twitter is “another communication
    • tool, one that allows for a direct connection to
    • engage and respond in a way that I cannot
    • otherwise.”
    • Stats : 985 following/ 936 followers.
    • Chevrolet
    • Objective: To connect with customers, fight
    • misconceptions, and convince people to give
    • their vehicle a test drive.
    • With their official tweeter, Adam Denison,
    • company manage media inquiries. He tweets
    • about news and exchange pics with car
    • enthusiasts.
    • Stats : 156 following/ 573 followers
    • Ford
    • Objective : To keep up with many people
    • Who are passionate about Ford vehicles and
    • educating people of all of the great products
    • and progress they’re making.
    • With Scott Monty, official twitter, they try to
    • humanize the Ford brand and put
    • consumers in touch with Ford Employees.
    • Stats : 8425 following/8494 followers
    • Hertz
    • Objective: To communicate with their
    • customers and clear their misconceptions and
    • doubts, if any.
    • Official twitter, Vish Malige, is trying hard to
    • engage an online audience that has chosen to
    • follow short, rapid-fire updates, or tweets, on
    • the company's latest Developments.
    • Stats : 87 following/ 82 followers.
    Car Rental
    • JetBlue Airways
    • Objective : To make themselves available,
    • help whenever possible, and to show that
    • their brand is built by real people who care
    • about their customers.”
    • Official twitter, Morgan Johnston, provide
    • a great way to monitor customer feedback
    • and disseminate information. He believes,
    • “ twitter is a great way to talk to many, but
    • even better for listening”.
    • Stats : 10,771 following/ 10,076 followers
    • Southwest Airlines
    • Objective : To look for promotional activities
    • via twitter through events, posting pictures
    • /videos etc
    • The official tweeter, Christi Day, provides
    • low fair offering and customer friendly-
    • twittering airline.
    • Stats : 6,085 following/ 8,287 followers
    • Luxor Las Vegas
    • Objective : To get Customer insights,
    • customer service & educating guests about
    • the new Luxor and all new offering and/or
    • special promotions.
    • Their official tweeter, Brandie with tweeting
    • help their guests make the most of their stay
    • and offer special tweeter deals.
    • Stats: 1786 following/ 1422 followers
    • Marriott International
    • Objective : To disseminate ideas and thoughts
    • about product to people who really care about
    • it.
    • Their official twitter, John Wolf put out
    • updates on hotel activities, competitions,
    • other social networking developments and
    • even a bit of genuinely interesting online PR.
    • Stats : 1,017 following/ 1,441 followers
    • Carnival Cruise
    • Objective : To stay connected with their
    • online guests, also to provide quick and
    • helpful updates on platform that people are
    • comfortable with.
    • Their official twitter , Stephanie Leavitt, is
    • providing direct connection with the
    • customers and trying hard to keep things
    • afloat.
    • Stats: 97 following/ 691 followers
    • Chicago Bulls
    • Objective : To disseminate user-generated
    • information on sports news reporting and
    • commentary.
    • With official twitter, Jeremy Thum, they
    • advertise, promote and provide news to
    • fans for no price. Also it helped customers
    • to communicate with their fellow coaches,
    • athletes, and supporters.
    • Stats: 314 following/ 429 followers
    • Detroit Pistol
    • Objective: To boost fan engagement with the
    • team.
    • They’re using Twitter as a part of a larger
    • social media strategy- includes a social
    • network (PostingUp), team blogs, video, etc.
    • Stats: 449 following/454 followers
    • Portland Trail Blazers
    • Objective: T o engage with fans and non
    • fans, get the pulse of the universe as this
    • can lead into pushing people to and from
    • site.
    • Their official tweeter Dan, with his active
    • participation on twitter communicate
    • With their customers/ fans.
    • Stats: 814 following/ 907 followers.
    • The Travel Channel
    • Travel Channel, London based company,
    • presents a uniquely panoramic and objective
    • perspective on the travel experience.
    • Objective: To communicate with their
    • customers in the best effective way.
    • Their official tweeter, Pete Dorogoff,
    • through Tweeting connect with their fans
    • directly as it allows them to reach their
    • most loyal followers in a personal way.
    • Stats: 819 following/ 1,213 followers.
    • Comcast
    • Country’s largest provider of cable services –
    • and one of the world’s leading
    • communications companies, focused on
    • broadband cable, commerce, and content.
    • Objective: To garnered attention from all
    • media and to have multiple users on twitter
    • so that they can have them log in at the same
    • time.
    • Stats: 7,612 following/ 7,378 followers.
    • Direct TV
    • Direct broadcast satellite service based in El
    • Segundo, California. It provides television and
    • audio services through satellite transmission.
    • Objective: To understand your challenges
    • and fans.
    • With the help of official twitter, Charles
    • Miller, they are not only listening but also
    • engaging with customers.
    • Stats: 311 following/ 787 followers
    • TVGuide
    • Its a North American weekly magazine about
    • television programming.
    • Their official twitter, Paul Greenberg is
    • updating the account with a smattering of pop
    • culture news, TV related buzz, celebrity
    • spotting, and frequent replies to fans and
    • followers.
    • Stats: 1391 following/ 1823 followers.
    • Wachovia
    • Based in Charlotte, North California, it
    • provides a broad range of banking, asset
    • management, wealth management, and
    • corporate and investment banking products
    • and service.
    • Objective: Their official tweeter, Matthew
    • Wadley, said they wanted to listen and
    • engage with their customers.
    • Stats: 201 following/ 1082 followers
    • H&R Block
    • Its is a tax preparation company in the
    • United States.
    • Objective: To publicize positive aspects of
    • the company that are less well known.
    • Their official twitter, Paula Drum, is into
    • 1:1 consumer interaction respond quickly
    • in 24/7 environment.
    • Stats: 1309 following/ 1064 followers
    • The Home Depot
    • It is an American retailer of home improvement
    • and construction products and services.
    • Objective: To stay connected with customers
    • 24/7
    • Their official twitter, Sarah Molinari, is using its
    • micro-blogging, instant message technology for
    • customer service, marketing promotions,
    • advertising campaigns, brand management, and
    • loyalty-building via good old-fashioned
    • conversation conducted in the most high-tech
    • way.
    • Stats: 2,371 following/ 2,745 followers.
    • American Apparel
    • It is the largest clothing manufacturer in the
    • United States.
    • Objective: To reach out to dissatisfied
    • customers, and also crowd sourcing for
    • ways to improve.
    • Stats: 1,600 following/1,633 followers
    • Rubbermaid
    • Objective: To reach out to the professional
    • organizer community.
    • Their official twitter, Jim Deitzel, engage with
    • users and organizers, and even give away nice
    • little treats from time to time.
    • Stats: 881 following/882 followers
    • Whole Foods
    • Whole foods are those that are unprocessed
    • and unrefined, or processed and refined as
    • little as possible before being consumed.
    • Objective: To answer customers’ questions
    • and also to hear what people have to say
    • about Whole Foods in general.
    • Stats: 17,613 following/ 16,357 followers
    • Zappos
    • It is an electronic commerce company
    • specializing in footwear and is currently
    • based in Henderson, Nevada, USA.
    • Objective: To build up a reputation of
    • Stellar customer service.
    • Stats: 36,893 following/ 32,562 followers
    • Starbucks
    • It is the largest coffeehouse company in the
    • world, based in Seattle, Washington, USA.
    • Objective: To help customers find resolutions
    • to their problems
    • Stats: 31,616 following/ 30,270 followers
    Food & Beverages
    • Burger King
    • It is a global chain of hamburger fast food
    • restaurants headquartered in Florida, United
    • States.
    • Objective: To experiment about how this
    • new hot communications tool, Twitter, works
    • with brands.
    • Stats: 858 following/ 780 followers
    Food & Beverages
    • Dunkin’ Donuts
    • It is an international brand of donut and
    • coffee, headquartered in Canton,
    • Massachusetts.
    • Objective: To engage directly with customer
    • and to get their opinions and feedback in real
    • time and in very authentic ways.
    • Stats: 4,421 following/ 4,291 followers
    Food & Beverages
    • Dell
    • Objective: To make people connect with Dell
    • in ways they want/ meaningful for them.
    • Their official twitter, Richard Binhammer, is
    • quick to respond, straight to the point, and a
    • great advocate for Dell and their other
    • Twitterers.
    • Stats: 3,150 following/ 3,016 followers
  • So what’s the BEST way to communicate on Social Media?
  • Two Ways to do it
    • Option One: Do it yourself
      • All social network tools are FREE
      • But it’s time-consuming
      • You’ll need to pay someone to create the conversation
      • You’ll need to pay someone to monitor the conversation
      • If you want to respond you need to speak the ‘language’
      • If you miss something, too bad
      • Great for small businesses without many conversations
    • Option Two: Professional Social Media Communications from CLOUD 9
      • Costs around $1500-$2700 a month
      • No need to chase CONSUMERS , they come to you
      • You can see who is doing the talking
      • You can get advice on how to respond
      • You know you won’t miss anything because someone else
      • is doing the watching
      • You can benchmark against your competitors and chart data
  • Lets get your brand talking! 9818450157 WRITE TO US [email_address] [email_address] Log on to www.cloud9media.wordpress.com