Android os installation

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This is a brief description of how to install ANDROID Operating system on your laptop

This is a brief description of how to install ANDROID Operating system on your laptop

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  • 1. By:-Nipun Jolly
  • 2. Android has gained popularity over the last few monthsbecause of increase in smart phones and tabs. Many of usare into ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT. andwe are keen on testing it on different devices onGINGERBREAD, ICS etc. What if we device a way out toinstall ANDROID on our laptops or computers exactly theway we do for ubuntu or linux and then we can test ourapplication over there.This session will deal on installing ANDROID on yourlaptops/computers or using it as a live disk and taking afeel of how will it look to have your mobile operating systemon your laptops/computers and how you can install and runyour applications on your ANDROID system.
  • 3. • You should be aware of the processor of your system and also what other models will have almost the same configuration as you have.• Remember the drive number in which you want to install your OS i.e. sda or sda1 etc.• You should have an external mouse attached to the system before the system start in order to use MOUSE POINTER INTEGRATION .• Make sure that you work for the dual boot option else Android wont allow you to boot into your system.
  • 4. • HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS:- Laptop/Computer with at least 4.5 GB of free space, External Mouse• SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:- Virtualbox (If you want to try out ANDROID virtually), the appropriate .iso file. Download the file from
  • 5. • Download the .iso file from• Burn the .iso onto a usb stick or a CD.• Reboot the system and let the installation begin.• When prompted to create a FAKE SD CARD then go for the option.• The system will complete the installation and will reboot itself. And there you are ready to use android.
  • 6. • You can Reach me at:- Nipun Jolly 9868081426 nipunjolly@gmail.comFacebook:-