Taa project


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Works in the field of Education,Empowerment and Environment.

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Taa project

  1. 1. Education Empowerment Environment
  2. 2. TAA Projects Education Environment Empowerment Schools & Colleges for LiSOP PGFP SHG - Dhairya PAMPER Green Bridge TAMPER Green Power BEST GIVE Health EducationPrevention Cure Care
  3. 3. • Life Skill Orientation Program• Parental Attitude Modification to Prepare them for Empowerment & Remedial teaching• Teacher’s Attitude Modification to Prepare them for Empowerment & Remedial Teaching
  4. 4. • Building Esteem for Self Transformation. It’s a leadership development program for Teens & Youth• Get Involved for Valuable Experience. Under this program you can get involved in various social work projects with our networking NGOs.
  5. 5. • TAA is offering LISOP which Deals with the child on the verge of entering high school. It is important that children learn to make the right life decisions, because all decisions bear consequences. This workshop is called “ADVENTURE UNLIMITED Hope for an AIDS Free Generation”.
  6. 6. • Life is an Adventure : Deals with decision making skills, because every decision we make in life will have consequences.• I am Special : Handles self image. Each child is unique and special and needs to understand how precious he or she is.• My Family is Special Too : Talks about the changing face of India today from a rural setting to urban. The pressure every family member is under. Communication within the family.• Friends : How to deal with peer pressure and to build others up.• A Man! A Woman! : A sensitive talk on the changes our bodies go through in adolescence.
  7. 7. • Setting Life’s Course : How to handle pressure from the opposite sex. AIDS, how you get it and how you don’t. The decision we make today will have long term consequences.
  8. 8. Environment• Waste is wealth if we recycle it• We have not recycled it and therefore it has become an environment disaster• Health of rivulets and rivers are the indicators of environmental health• We need to get involved to reverse the tragedy
  9. 9. Pune City has 5 rivers with 150 nullasflowing in (COD norm: 3 mg/L :: 2008: 350 mg/L / 2011: 850 mg/L)
  10. 10. Every Human Activity produces waste either in solid or in Liquid form• Solid is seen around us & liquid is released into the rivers as sewer – Pune has killed 5 rivers
  11. 11. HomesShops PUNE College Recycling
  12. 12. Group Name:Std & Div:Date Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan FebWeight KCP(convert is as perthe chart) /10Cleanliness/10Tidiness / 10GroupCreativeness/ 10GroupDiscipline/10GroupInitiative/10Total Points- 60
  13. 13. All the collected material will be picked up on the same day of collection
  14. 14. Mrs. Susan RajPrincipal DirectorB.Sc. Nurse & M.S.W. (Medical & psychiatry)09371007716 susan@taaindia.orgMr. Augustine MendoncaChief Executive OfficerDip. Eng. Mech. & HR trainer, Spoken English Coach 9960520321 gusm51@yahoo.co.in