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Nirman began as an initiative of a group of NT- DNT (Nomadic Tribes – Denotified Tribes) youths, studying in the fields of social work.

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Nirman presentation

  1. 1. Social Impact by professionalsNet Impact Pune Chapter NI PUNE AND CSR PUNE -XND NGO NETWORKING EVENT PRESENTATION BY NIRMAN , PUNE PRESENTER – SANTOSH JADHAV 28th April, 2012
  2. 2. WHO ARE WE? NIRMAN organisation began as an initiative from the group of youths who belong to the Denotified and Nomadic Tribes who studied in the field of social work. The aim of NIRMAN is to emancipate NT and DNT and bring about social change and democracy through education and mobilization. Focused Area : Education, Youth Development, Networking and Advocacy, NIRMAN got registered under society registration act in 2006 and applied for 12 A, 80 GField Area : we directly engaging in five villages in Indapur Block of Pune Dist and doing support and facilitation on the issues of NT DNT along with 71 NGOs across Maharashtra. Upcoming Programme IT School in Mundva and Keshawnagar in Pune city supported by Techmahindra, PuneREACHOUT – Five Regions in Maharashtra –Western Maharashtra, Vidharbha, North Maharashtra, Marathwada and Mumbai
  3. 3. WHO ARE THE PEOPLE BENEFITING FROM OURORGANIZATION  Gender – Male/Female/Both  Age Group – Children up to 14 years/Adults/ Senior citizens  Occupation of people – landless labor and traditional performers  Geographical area : Indapur block of Pune District, and Mundva Pune urban along with five regions in Maharashtra  We 9 members “(in which 4 females and 5 males ) registered NIRMAN organization  What is the mode of interaction between the NGO and the beneficiaries : NIRMAN team develop communication channels and also had strong strategies to interact with people . Right now we take Monthly meeting .  How frequently does the interaction happen – Once in a week and continues communication on phone calls  In what ways do you help them? – Through meeting, trainings, workshops, awareness programme and tackling human rights violations cases etc
  4. 4. SHARE AN IMPACTFUL STORY WITH THE AUDIENCE Journey to recognition as a Citizen of India . . . “My Dream of living life as Human being will come true, I hope, like me, other students’ dream who are stigmatized as a criminal by birth, will also come true only if organizations take initiatives like NIRMAN “ Nakalesh SaysEducation•Enhancement in educational awareness among the parents in the four villages ofIndapur Block•Decreased children drop out rate•School teachers are changing their attitude towards children in ParadhicommunityFive youth groups are formed and asserting their rights
  5. 5. WHAT DO WE NEED FROM THE PROFESSIONALCOMMUNITY We are working with NT-DNTs who don’t have identity and stigmatized by law and society. where the real data is not available so NIRMAN gave more importances to explore these communities and we want to make people aware about the reality of these communities so we can able to restore their social identity and inclusive welfare and development, so we will very much hopeful that professional community can help NIRMAN in the Research, and help us in Documentation so we can make people aware. Man Power – Yes, as we are running IT school for NT DNT communities in Mundva settlement along with this center we have plan to run social entrepreship center for youths so we need mentors in various expertise that can also contribute more effectively also we need manpower as volunteers to organize certain events/campaigns . Networks/Contacts with other NGOs or corporate – yes , we are very much interested to share our experiences with other organizations and also learn news things from other organization .
  6. 6. Thanking You …..