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  • Hahah. Wow. I have not seen this kind of bullshit before :D Addicted to LSD? Really? Blood and vomit coming out of your mouth? Wow. Please stop spreading false information. The only dangerous thing with LSD is getting caught with it and it is like one of the few drugs that you can't get addicted to because of the tolerance. Just stop. Acid is the most wonderful thing.
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Truth about-lsd-booklet-en

  1. 1. tThe h abou SDtrut L Lyse rgic Acid Diet hyla mide Microdot Ac Bl T ot id ab te s r
  2. 2. WHY THIS BOOKLETWAS PRODUCEDT here is a lot of talk about drugs in the world—on the streets, at school, on the Internet and TV.Some of it is true, some not.Much of what you hear about drugs actually comesfrom those selling them. Reformed drug dealers haveconfessed they would have said anything to get othersto buy drugs.Don’t be fooled. You need facts to avoid becominghooked on drugs and to help your friends stay off them.That is why we have prepared this booklet—for you.Your feedback is important to us, so we lookforward to hearing from you. You can visit us onthe web at and e‑mail us
  3. 3. What is LSD?LSD is one of the most potent, decorated with designs ormood‑changing chemicals. It is cartoon characters (“loonymanufactured from lysergic acid, which is toons”). Occasionally it isfound in the ergot fungus that grows on sold in liquid form. But norye and other grains. matter what form it comes in, LSD leads the user toIt is produced in crystal form in illegal the same place—a seriouslaboratories, mainly in the United States. disconnection from reality.These crystals are converted to a liquid fordistribution. It is odorless, colorless, and LSD users call an LSDhas a slightly bitter taste. experience a “trip,” typically lasting 12 hoursKnown as “acid” and by many other or so. When things gonames, LSD is sold on the street in wrong, which oftensmall tablets (“microdots”), capsules or happens, it is calledgelatin squares (“window panes”). It is a “bad trip,” anothersometimes added to absorbent paper, name for a living hell.which is then divided into small squares 3
  4. 4. Street Names for LSD • Acid • Loony toons • Window pane • Battery acid • ucy in the sky L • ellow Y • Boomers with diamonds sunshine • Doses • Microdot • en Z • Dots • Pane and many others • Golden Dragon • Superman • Hippie • Tab4
  5. 5. A t the age of 16 I was introduced to a drug that I abused for over threeyears—LSD. What I was unaware ofwas the fact that LSD is the most potenthallucinogen known to man. “The drug came on a small piece ofpaper no bigger than my index finger,called a blotter. Fifteen minutes afterputting the paper on my tongue my entirebody got hot and I began to sweat. “Some other reactions that Iexperienced while on the drug includeddilated pupils, nausea and ‘goose bumps.’While high on LSD I felt like there wasa huge distortion both in my mind and What is a Hallucinogen?body. The visual changes as well as the Hallucinogens are drugs that causeextreme changes in mood were like some hallucinations. Users see images, hear soundsstrange scary trip—one in which I felt and feel sensations that seem very real but dolike I had no control over my mind and not exist. Some hallucinogens also producebody.” — Edith sudden and unpredictable changes in the mood of those who use them. 5
  6. 6. What are the risks of LSD?T he effects of LSD are unpredictable. They depend on the amount taken, the person’smood and personality, and the surroundings in Extreme changes in mood, anywhere from a spaced‑out “bliss” to intense terror, are also experienced. The worst part is that the LSD userwhich the drug is used. It is a roll of the dice—a is unable to tell which sensations are created byracing, distorted high or a severe, paranoid* low. the drug and which are part of reality.Normally, the first effects of LSD are experienced Some LSD users experience an intense bliss they30 to 90 minutes after taking the drug. Often, the mistake for “enlightenment.”pupils become dilated. The body temperature can Not only do they disassociate from their usualbecome higher or lower, while the blood pressure activities in life, but they also feel the urge to keepand heart rate either increase or decrease. taking more of the drug in order to re‑experienceSweating or chills are not uncommon. the same sensation. Others experience severe,LSD users often experience loss of appetite, terrifying thoughts and feelings, fear of losingsleeplessness, dry mouth and tremors. control, fear of insanity and death, and despairVisual changes are among the more common while using LSD. Once it starts, there is often noeffects—the user can become fixated on the stopping a “bad trip,” which can go on for up tointensity of certain colors. 12 hours. In fact, some people never recover from an acid‑induced psychosis.* paranoid: suspicious, distrustful or afraid of other people.6
  7. 7. Taken in a large enough dose, LSD produces Many LSD users experience flashbacks, ordelusions and visual hallucinations. The a recurrence of the LSD trip, often withoutuser’s sense of time and self changes. Sizes warning, long after taking LSD.and shapes of objects become distorted, Bad trips and flashbacks are only part of theas do movements, colors and sounds. Even risks of LSD use. LSD users may manifestone’s sense of touch and the normal bodily relatively long‑lasting psychoses or severesensations turn into something strange and depression.b­ izarre. Sensations may seem to “cross over,”giving the user the feeling of hearing colors Because LSD accumulates in the body, usersand seeing sounds. These changes can be develop a tolerance for the drug. In otherfrightening and can cause panic. words, some repeat users have to take it in increasingly higher doses to achieve aThe ability to make sensible judgments and “high.” This increases the physical effects andsee common dangers is impaired. An LSD user also the risk of a bad trip that could causemight try to step out a window to get a “closer psychosis.look” at the ground. He might consider it fun toadmire the sunset, blissfully ­ naware that he is ustanding in the middle of a busy intersection. 7
  8. 8. fter taking the acid, A I imagined that we had driven head‑on into an 18‑wheeler and were killed. I could hear the On LSD, which is often screeching metal, then taken in tab form a dark and evil quiet. (below), an intense, altered state transforms I was terrified at this into disassociation and point, I actually thought despair. Often there is we were dead . . . For no stopping “bad trips,” which can go on for up to a year I wouldn’t go 12 hours. into any cemetery because I was terrified I would find my own grave.” — Jenny8
  9. 9. A t 13 years of age I took my first drink and soon afterwas introduced to marijuana.Then LSD quickly fell into myhands and I became addicted,eating it like candy. “One night during one of mybinges I blacked out and awokewith blood all over my face andvomit coming out of my mouth.By some miracle I pulled myselfawake and cleaned myself up. Igot into the car, shaking, droveto my parent’s house. I climbedinto bed with my mom and cried. “By the age of 21, I checkedinto my first rehab.” — Donna
  10. 10. The Harmful EFFECTS OF LSDPhysical effects Mental Effects• Dilated pupils • Delusions and the user’s own• igher or lower body H • Visual hallucinations body image temperature • n artificial sense of A • evere, terrifying S• weating or chills S euphoria or certainty thoughts and feelings (“goose bumps”) • istortion of one’s sense D • Fear of losing control• Loss of appetite of time and identity • Panic attacks• Sleeplessness • mpaired depth I • lashbacks, or a F• Dry mouth perception recurrence of the LSD• Tremors • mpaired time perception, I trip, often without distorted perception of warning long after the size and shape of taking LSD objects, movements, • evere depression or S10 color, sounds, touch psychosis
  11. 11. I started drinking at the age of 15. Then I progressed to takingEcstasy, speed, cocaine and LSD. “I found it difficult to hold downa job and became depressedand thought I would neverovercome my obsession withdrugs. I attempted suicide twiceby overdosing on pills. I was putunder psychiatrists who gave meeven more drugs, antidepressantsand tranquilizers, which just madematters worse. “As an outlet for my feelingsI turned to self‑harm—I startedcutting and burning myself.” — Justin 11
  12. 12. International statisticsI n Europe, as many as 4.2% of those aged 15 to 24 have taken LSD at leastonce. When surveyed, the percentage Between 1975 and 1997, the lowest period of LSD use was reported by the class of 1986, when 7.2% of high schoolof people in this age group who had seniors reported using LSD at least onceused LSD in the past year exceeded 1% in their seven countries (Bulgaria, the Czech The percentage of seniors reporting LSDRepublic, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Hungary use at least once over the course of theand Poland). prior year nearly doubled from a low ofIn America, since 1975, researchers 4.4% in 1985 to 8.4% in 1997. In 1997,funded by the National Institute on 13.6% of seniors had experimented withDrug Abuse have annually surveyed LSD at least once in their lives.nearly 17,000 high school seniors A study released in January 2008 foundnationwide to determine trends in that about 3.1 million people in the USdrug use and to measure the students’ aged 12 to 25 said they had used LSD.attitudes and beliefs about drug abuse.
  13. 13. LSD POTENCY LSD: Most powerful hallucinogenic I started hanging out at strip clubs, casinos and became very (mind‑altering) drug promiscuous, visiting brothel after brothel and soon to be introduced to LSD is 100 LSD is 4000 other drugs. times more times stronger “I had now lost all my inheritance potent than than mescaline hallucinogenic and had to move into a crack‑house LSD mushrooms where I stayed for a year watching 4000X people die, losing my business and becoming a thief. “I was arrested in November 2003 LSD for attempted hijacking and went to 100X prison. “I had hurt and lost everyone that loved me and I was disowned. “I ended up homeless and on the streets living and sleeping in aHallucinogenic cardboard box by the [train] station, Mushrooms begging and struggling to find ways to get my next meal.” — Fred Mescaline 13
  14. 14. LSD: A short historyA lbert Hofmann, a chemist working for Sandoz Pharmaceutical, synthesized*LSD for the first time in 1938, in Basel, stimulant. However, its hallucinogenic effects were unknown until 1943 when Hofmann accidentally consumed someSwitzerland, while looking for a blood LSD. It was later found that an oral dose of as little as 25 micrograms (equal in weight to a few grains of salt) is capable of producing vivid hallucinations. Because of its similarity to a chemical present in the brain and its similarity in effects to ­ ertain aspects of psychosis, LSD c was used in experiments by psychiatrists through the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. While the researchers failed to discover any medical use for the drug, the free samples supplied by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals for the experiments were distributed broadly, leading to wide use of this substance.14 * synthesize: to make (a drug) by combining chemicals.
  15. 15. LSD was popularized inthe 1960s by individualssuch as psychologistTimothy Leary, whoencouraged Americanstudents to “turn on,tune in, and drop out.”This created an entirecounterculture of drugabuse and spread thedrug from America tothe United Kingdomand the rest of Europe.Even today, use of LSDin the United Kingdomis significantly higherthan in other parts of Harvard psychologistthe world. Timothy Leary, who promoted LSD and other mind‑bending psychiatric drugs, was arrested and imprisoned for drug‑related crimes.
  16. 16. Psychiatric mind‑controlprograms focusing on LSD andother hallucinogens created ageneration of acidheads.
  17. 17. While the ‘60s counterculture used the drug toescape the problems of society, the Westernintelligence community and the military saw itas a potential chemical weapon. In 1951, theseorganizations began a series of experiments. T he days following my LSD use, I was filled with anxiety and extremeUS researchers noted that LSD “is capable ofrendering whole groups of people, including depression. Followingmilitary forces, indifferent to their surroundings my first ‘trip’ on LSD, Iand situations, interfering with planning and would eat it frequently,judgment, and even creating apprehension, sometimes up to fouruncontrollable confusion and terror.” or five times per weekExperiments in the possible use of LSD to for an extended period.change the personalities of intelligence Each time I would taketargets, and to control whole populations, the drug, mentally I wascontinued until the United States officially drifting more and morebanned the drug in 1967. out of reality. The eventualUse of LSD declined in the 1980s, but picked effect was the inabilityup again in the 1990s. For a few years after to feel normal in my own1998 LSD had become more widely used at skin.” — Andreadance clubs and all‑night raves by older teensand young adults. Use dropped significantlyin 2000 or so. 17
  18. 18. What Dealers Will Tell You When teens were surveyed to find out Drug dealers, motivated by the profits why they started using drugs in the they make, will say anything to get you first place, 55% replied that it was due to buy their drugs. They will tell you that to pressure from their friends. They taking LSD will “expand your mind.” wanted to be cool and popular. Dealers They don’t care if the drugs ruin your know this. life as long as they are getting They will approach paid. All they care about is you as a friend and money. Former dealers have offer to “help you out” admitted they saw their buyers with “something to bring as “pawns in a chess game.” you up.” The drug will “help Get the facts about drugs. Make you fit in” or “make you cool.” your own decisions.18
  19. 19. w ithin my own little trip world I started to get paranoid, feeling my friends were conspiring todo something, maybe even kill me. I thought to myself,I have to get out of here. “I ran into my friend’s bedroom, opened thewindow as wide as it would go and jumped out. Luckilyfor me my friend lived on the ground floor. I ran acrossa wooded area toward a bridge. I could feel my heartstarting to beat faster and faster. I heard voices tellingme I was going to have a heart attack and die. “This was not the end. Years later, I was runningand all of a sudden, bam, I was having flashbacks ofthe time I was running in my trip. I started to have abad panic attack and heard voices telling me I wasgoing to have a heart attack and die. “I would tell anyone even thinking of taking LSDto reconsider.” — Brian
  20. 20. The Truth About DrugsD rugs are essentially poisons. The amount taken determines the effect. Drugs block off all sensations, the desirable ones with the unwanted. So, while providing short‑term help in the relief of pain, they alsoA small amount acts as a stimulant (speeds you wipe out ability and alertness and muddy one’sup). A greater amount acts as a sedative (slows down). An even larger amount poisons andcan kill. Medicines are drugs that are intended to speed up or slow down or change something about theThis is true of any drug. Only the amount needed way your body is working, to try to make it workto achieve the effect differs. better. Sometimes they are necessary. But theyBut many drugs have another liability: they are still drugs: they act as stimulants or sedatives,directly affect the mind. They can distort the user’s and too much can kill you. So if you do not useperception of what is happening around him or medicines as they are supposed to be used, theyher. As a result, the person’s actions may be odd, can be as dangerous as illegal drugs.irrational, inappropriate and even destructive.20
  21. 21. The real answer is to getthe facts and not to takedrugs in the first place. 21
  22. 22. why do people take drugs? People take drugs because they want to They think drugs are a solution. But change something in their lives. eventually, the drugs become the problem. Here are some of the reasons young people have given for taking drugs: Difficult as it may be to face one’s problems, the consequences of drug use • To fit in are always worse than the problem one • To escape or relax is trying to solve with them. The real answer is to get the facts and not to • To relieve boredom take drugs in the first place. • To seem grown up • To rebel • To experiment22
  23. 23. REFERENCES Millions of copies of booklets such as (Website of theEuropean Monitoring Centre for French Government’s this have been distributed to peopleDrugs and Drug Addiction 2007 Interdepartmental Mission forAnnual Report the Fight Against Drugs and around the world in 22 languages. AsUnited Nations Office of Drugs Drug Addiction) new drugs appear on the streets and moreand Crime, report on LSD, 1998 Hopkins Medical News information about their effects becomesU.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Substance Abuse and known, existing booklets are updated andNational Drug Intelligence Mental Health ServicesCenter report, May 2003 Administration new ones created.U.S. Drug Enforcement “Situation of amphetamines,Administration Ecstasy and LSD in Europe,” The booklets are published by the“Research Report Series— European Monitoring Centre for Foundation for a Drug‑Free World, a Drugs and Drug AddictionHallucinogens and Dissociative nonprofit public benefit organizationDrugs,” U.S. National Institute “New Study Reveals Moreon Drug Abuse than 3 Million Adolescents headquartered in Los Angeles, California. and Young Adults Have UsedU.S. Office of National DrugControl Policy report on Non‑Prescription Cough and The Foundation provides educational Cold Medicines to Get High atHallucinogens, September 2005 Least Once in their Lifetimes,” materials, advice and coordination for itsAcid Dreams: The Complete 10 Jan 2008, Substance Abuse international drug prevention network.Social History of LSD—The and Mental Health ServicesCIA, the Sixties, and Beyond, Administration It works with youth, parents, educators,Martin A. Lee and Bruce Shlain, PHOTO CREDITS: Page 5: DEA; volunteer organizations and governmentGrove Press, (revised edition),March 1986 Page 14: The Albert Hofmann agencies—anyone with an interest in Foundation; Page 15: DEA/ Timothy Leary arrest. helping people lead lives free from drug abuse. 23
  24. 24. FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOWThis booklet is one in a series of publications that cover the facts about marijuana, alcohol,Ecstasy, cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth and methamphetamine, inhalants, heroin,LSD and prescription drug abuse. Armed with this information, the reader can make thedecision to live a drug‑free life. For more information or to obtain more copies of this or other booklets in this series, contact: Foundation for a Drug‑Free World 1626 N. Wilcox Avenue, #1297 Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA • e‑mail: TM Phone: 1‑888 NO TO DRUGS (1‑888‑668‑6378)© 2008 Foundation for a Drug‑Free World. All Rights Reserved. The Foundation logo is a trademark owned by theFoundation for a Drug‑Free World. Item #C6231 US-ENG