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For and since

  1. 1. TEST “For and since” elementary level I haven't seen them ...... ages for since Q2 - I have been living here ...... July since for Q3 - He worked there ....... several years since for Q4 - I haven't seen him ...... last week for since Q5 - It's been a long time ....... I've had such a good meal in a restaurant for since Q6 - He hasn't been able to work ...... the last three weeks for since Q7 - They've known about it ...... a long time for since Q8 - He hasn't worked this hard ..... he was at school for since Q9 - I haven't seen her ..... a fortnight for since Q10 - They haven't been here ..... 1993 since for Q11 - She's worked there ....... years since for Q12 - He's been here ....... three o'clock
  2. 2. for since Q13 - There haven't been any wolves in England ........ a long time for since Q14 - I haven't seen them .... last week for since Q15 - It's the first time ....... 1973 that anyone has done so well since for Q16 - She's been working there ...... eighteen months since for Q17 - The weather has been dreadful ...... October since for Q18 - They've been going out ...... New Year's Eve for since Q19 - The film's been on at cinemas ........ Tuesday for since Q20 - Nobody has been so close to breaking the record ..... 1983 since for Q21 - ...... then, I haven't been able to sleep well for since Q22 - I learnt German ..... two years while I was at school for since Q23 - I haven't had such fun ....... the last time we met since for Q24 - The film has been on at cinemas everywhere ..... July
  3. 3. since for Q25 - I hadn't heard from them .... ages since for Q26 - He hasn't worked ..... he was made redundant since for Q27 - She hasn't been here ...... a month since for Q28 - ..... 1989, no one has lived here For Since Q29 - It's the first time I've been here ....... the accident since for Q30 - It was the first time I'd tried doing it ......... I was at university for since Q31 - She's been on holiday ....... the last three weeks for since Q32 - He's been off sick ........ two weeks since for Q33 - The film lasted ...... two hours for since Q34 - I haven't heard from them ..... I sent them the letter since for Q35 - These windows haven't been cleaned ........ months since for Q36 - I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep ....... our daughter was born
  4. 4. since for Q37 - It is the first time I've had such a bad fever ........ I was a child since for Q38 - It's the first time I've eaten snails ........ I was in France on holiday for since 39 I've lived with her ______ six years. for since 40 I've been ill ______ last night. for since 41 I have known about that ______ yesterday. for since 42 My family has lived in this house ______ over a century. for since 43 I've been in my job ______ September. for since 44 My cat has been missing ______ Saturday night. for since
  5. 5. 45 I've been travelling now ______ two days. for since 46 I have been studying English ______ I was 12. for since 47 I've known her ______ a long time. for since 48 I've known him ______ ages. for since 49 She has been in the post ______ 5 months. for since 50 I've been standing here waiting ______ 12.30. for since 51 There have been rumours about that ______ last summer. for since 52 Johnny has been popular in France ______ the 1960s. for since 53 I've had a pain in my stomach ______ lunch-time.
  6. 6. for since 54 We have had peace in this country ______ 1945. for since 55 This company has been very successful ______ the last ten years. for since 56 We've been working with you ______ 10 years. for since 57 I haven't had a break ______ six hours. for since 58 It's the best news I've heard ______ a long time. for since 59 He's worked there ____ he left college. for since 60 I've know her ____ ages. for since 61 It's been open ____ last month. for since 62 I lived there ____ several years. for since
  7. 7. 63 She's studied here ____ two years. for since 64 I haven't seen them ____ July. for since 65 ____ when have you been allowed to do that? for since 66 I've been waiting ____ twenty minutes. for since 57 I have been waiting ____ midday for since 68 They've known about it ____ ages. for since