kathleen ostoich: portfolio
                                                                              -loyalty 360. graphic designer. c...
packaging + branding

bienfang paper ...
barbie packaging exploration
–student work {university of cincinnati}
–4 unique rebrands of the iconic Mattel doll Barbie,...
bounty spring 2009 club pack                                                                                          icon...
shopping bags       recipe binder and cards                           photo detail

post-it recylable notes
                                                     product flat {3”x 3”}
–libby perszyk kathman ...
Volume 2 Number 1                                                                                                         ...
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio
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Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio


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Kathleen Ostoich Portfolio

  1. 1. kathleen ostoich: portfolio
  2. 2. experience -loyalty 360. graphic designer. cincinnati,oh. march 2009 – present. in-house designer for professional marketing association aimed at loyalty and engagement marketing specialists. create, design, and manage loyalty 360 brand and three sub-brands, including marketing collateral and show materials for annual conference. complete design and coordinate printing of quarterly professional magazine. assist in update of website design and functionality. participate in building strategy for company growth. requires self-direction and management, strong attention to details, and ability to manage large projects in a team environment. kathleen ostoich -libby perszyk kathman. graphic design co-op. cincinnati,oh. september 2008 – january 2009. graphic design firm specializing 1466 wolfangle rd. cincinnati, oh. 45255. in consumer packaging and branding. actively design consumer cell phone: 513.235.7595. email: kt.ostoich@gmail.com packaging concepts. participate in client and in-house presentations, education as well as new business ideation sessions. requires personal university of cincinnati. cincinnati, oh. fall 2004 – spring 2009. accountability, active creativity, the ability to work well in a team, and college of design, architecture, art & planning. highly developed branding skills. bachelor’s of science, graphic design. participated in the professional practice program, -t.rowe price. graphic design co-op. baltimore, md. alternating quarters of study with work experience. march 2008 – june 2008. in-house graphic design firm specializing in gpa: 3.72/4.0, cum laude. dean’s list 11 of 12 quarters. print design for both t.rowe price clients and external retirement anderson high school. cincinnati, oh. fall 2000 – spring 2004. services. ideate and design concepts for retirement service collateral honors diploma. gpa: 4.125/4.0. rank: 10 of 370. campaigns. aid designers in creating internal, branded promotional collateral and environmental graphics. actively participate in activities & honors brainstorm sessions. requires interpersonal skills, organization and chi omega sorority. university honors scholar. american institute of time management, and superior print design skills and knowledge. graphic artists. fundraiser & participant in the make-a-wish foundation’s walk for wishes, the american cancer society’s relay for -kate keating associates. graphic design co-op. san francisco, ca. life, the susan g. komen race for a cure, & the leukemia and lymphoma march 2007 – december 2007. small environmental graphic society’s team in training (nike women’s marathon). recipient of the design firm specializing in signage systems in health care, civic, voorheis founders cincinnatus scholarship. and residential centers. aid designers in creating new signage extras systems and changes in existing systems. assist with the technical proficient in adobe creative suite and after effects. experienced in development, production, and installation of signs. requires the ability microsoft office and html. mac and pc trained. knowledgeable in to work collaboratively in a team environment and with clients. needs photographic and darkroom processes. self-direction, drive, and clear critical thinking skills.
  3. 3. packaging + branding
  4. 4. ® ® bienfang paper products design –the chesapeake group {cincinnati, oh. 8 member ® design team} –graphic design co-op, junior designer on project American Package Design Awards PACKAGING, POP AND THE INSTORE EXPERIENCE –acted as art director on “tactile art supply” photo shoot and was integral in solving major layout SPONSORED BY YUPO issues for oversized art books newsprint pad cover layout {18”x 24”} –recipient of gd usa’s 2008 american package retail design award {retail} A jammed marketplace, brand-weary consumers, global competition: It’s no wonder that designers face an unprecedented amount of pressure to convey messages that effectively differentiate themselves and their clients. Under such conditions, packaging and instore graphics are playing increasingly critical roles at the point of sale. This year, we reviewed more than a thousand examples of contemporary package design. What follows is the cream of the crop, making for an informative, inspirational and lively read. If looking at ® these materials is not just plain fun, we don’t know what is! Design Firm: Target Corporation, Minneapolis MN Title: Dominique Cohen Design Firm: The Chesapeake Group, Inc., Cincinnati OH for Target Art Director: Jessica Chorney Electronic Production: Sarah Anderson Client: Elmer's Products, Inc. Title: Bienfang Art Pads Print Buyer: Sue Elias Marketing Planning: Melissa Lewis gd-usa package design awards Design Firm: Tom Fowler, Inc./TFI Envision, Inc., Norwalk CT Client: Honeywell Consumer Products Group Title: Bendix CQ Ceramic Brake Pads Packaging watercolor pad cover layout {9”x 12”} Creative Director: Elizabeth P. Ball Art Director: Mary Ellen Butkus Designers: Brien O'Reilly, Phillip Doherty 110 GDUS A sketchbook cover layout {9"x 12"}
  5. 5. barbie packaging exploration –student work {university of cincinnati} –4 unique rebrands of the iconic Mattel doll Barbie, aimed at different markets {standard, boutique, collector’s, etc.} –use of oval cylinder to showcase doll and the historical nature of the vintage dolls 2007 standard market package {full size: 4.5"x 12"x 3"} 1953 collector’s market ovalpackage {4.5"x 12"x 3"} –use of patterns and dramatic photography emphasize exploration of fashion, its personality, and its history 2007 standard market package {full size: 4.5"x 12"x 3"} 1962 standard market oval package {4.5"x 12"x 3"} finished product
  6. 6. bounty spring 2009 club pack icon development + application –libby perszyk kathman {cincinnati, oh. 200 member –student work {university of cincinnati} design team} –branding application of icons to a new upscale, –graphic design co-op, junior designer on project yet fun, kitchen supply store {kitchen} offering –seasonal brand extension emphasizing a spring- specialized cooking instructional classes like feel and impressive shelf pop with bright color –colors derived from the natural landscape and the and exciting illustration packaging option using bright colors and fun, playful feel vivid palette of ripe produce black and white kitchen tool icons packaging option with a fresh, spring-time feel color icon solution over >> kitchen:icon system
  7. 7. shopping bags recipe binder and cards photo detail environmental banners employee uniform
  8. 8. post-it recylable notes product flat {3”x 3”} –libby perszyk kathman {cincinnati, oh. 200 member design team} –graphic design co-op –junior designer on project –new product introduction utilizing established brand with a fun, fresh design emphasizing the eco-friendly aspects of the product –unique illustration and iconographic approach recyclable notes with stylized, retro illustration recyclable notes with contemporary tree secondary logo
  9. 9. print
  10. 10. Volume 2 Number 1 Volume 2 Number 2 Winter 2010 Spring 2010 powered by Loyalty 360 powered by Loyalty 360 GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES & COALITION Customer: Across the Ocean Blue What does BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES TECHNOLOGY, TRENDS & REWARDS she have 2010: The year ULTA Beauty loyalty program profile you invest in to do with Mobile Applications loyalty? Social Media Advertising and Making the Connection: Sex Appeal: Loyalty based on our Sex Marketing Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Yes, there is emotion in economics… It’s big, it’s great and it’s here. by Amit Gupta, InMobi What is your Behavioral loyalty management magazine The Private Label Credit Card Dilemma Economics IQ? M obile applications are a fast growing area in the mobile eco- system and are a hot topic in most industry forums these days. Due Advertisers are also looking at application advertising & marketing as a way to gain consumer loyalty. In one example, –loyalty 360 {cincinnati, oh. 1 designer team} to their unique format and captive audience they offer a huge potential for McDonalds had a way to track the number of burgers bought –graphic designer –lead designer on project NEW YEAR, NEW WORLD Loyalty Expo Preview Enrollment Experience Program Basics mobile marketing and advertising. In fact, it has become one of the pre- ferred mode of mobile advertising for many brands and agencies for a lot of reasons. Though the appeal of in-application advertising is manifold, be- through the consumer’s mobile phone and every 10 burgers would entitle the consumer to 1 free burger. We have indeed witnessed a rising number of advertisers focusing on loyalty TRENDS & PREDICTIONS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD Your Exclusive Sneak Peek ULTA offers two rewards programs online—ULTAmate Rewards low are some of the aspects. management. But it has to be kept in mind that this needs a lot ULTAmate Rewards –quarterly professional magazine designed to at this year’s conference! of thought in terms of incentives, initiatives, procedure, man- and The Club at ULTA—enter your ZIP Code and the program di- •The fundamental reason is that mobile applications can deliver a richer Membership is free and with orders of $50, shipping is agement etc. So far, we have only witnessed some of the more rects you to a program available in your area and both are free. In free. Three free samples are included in all online orders. and more compelling user experience than most other modes of mobile increase learning about loyalty and engagement mature brands going in for mobile form of loyalty management. many ZIP Code, both choices may be available since several stores loyalty management covers can be in an area. Registration is easy and quick—since I had an Earn 3 points per $1 spent in-store or online. Reward certif- icates can be used in-store merchandise or online. Earn points advertising. As the phone capabilities start getting better, the feel of the ap- plication also improves. For example, a game with motion sensors to move marketing ULTA loyalty card already, a pop-up offered to print my new ULTA- mate Rewards card with my existing account number. A seamless faster with special offers for ULTAmate Rewards members. in different directions is way more attractive than a game with button con- An increasing number of brands have begun In addition, Members can go platinum & receive exclusive trols. Hence as better phones begin to hit the market, more innovative apps to sponsor and entire application and –updated design for second year of publication; FEATURES experience: adding email addresses and confirming street address- es allows for reward continuity benefits. platinum member rewards. are developed that use the enhanced features of phones giving users a very provide it for free for consumers creating a Spend $300 or more annually? MORE BONUS POINTS engaging experience. Hence, an increasing number of brands have begun to more current, sophisticated, and legible branding An Economic Bright Spot Independent research backs this up. “Of the marketers in our Register for email alerts to receive an extra special welcome! Investing in Customers survey, 71% report that their 2009 budgets have been reduced EVENTS—DOUBLE, TRIPLE, 5X THE POINTS! Receive invita- Despite the slow recovery and cautious budgeting, one area clearly not affected by the recession is marketers’ investment in relative to the budgets they had in 2008—and the cuts are hardly tions to special events and special salon offers. sponsor an entire application and provide it for free for consumers creating big opportunity for brand awareness. was achieved retaining and enhancing the value of their existing customers. Simply insignificant. Just more than half of respondents report cuts of 20% a big opportunity for brand awareness. put, smart marketers are investing in customer loyalty when nearly or higher.” 1 As this chart from Forrester Research shows, loyalty The Retail Experience programs and email marketing, two of the most directly retention- The Club at ULTA •The applications on mobile phones can avail all the mobile phone features For brands that already have a loyalty program in place, it is all other areas of spending are being cut. ULTA stores are spacious and engaging and their –designed in a welcoming and friendly manner to Ahead of the Recovery oriented marketing line items, are the 2nd and 3rd least impacted The logic is simple: Why tap into limited dollars on largely areas of marketing, coming just after social media, which is in its sales associates are friendly, helpful and inquire about Membership is free and you can earn Reward Certificates such as the camera, GPS, media player or 3D graphics. If ad campaigns are just a matter of developing mobile applications so as to phase unquantifiable advertising and promotion to boost new customer acquisition when focusing on preserving and growing the value of growth stage. a purchaser’s Club and/or membership status with four times per year based on specified period spending. Re- designed to effectively utilize the mobile phone capabilities, then it can out the use of membership cards and other forms of identity and add readership and ease the reading long text by David Rosen & Michael Greenburg, Loyalty Lab an existing customer base is so obvious? The loss of a single “best customer” requires the acquisition of ten to twenty new “average Maximizing Loyalty Investment While loyalty has clearly been a bright spot in the dark economy— every purchase. The merchandise array is extensive, with national brands and private label, particularly in ward Certificates are good for FREE beauty products or salon services which are redeemed in store. lead to very engaging and successful ads. For example, since most phones come with GPS capabilities, the ads could make use of the location based integrate it all into 1 device—the mobile. We have seen that the mobile phones are being used for more and more applications customers.” In a world where typically seven out of ten newly acquired customers fail to make a repeat purchase, converting a more than 50% of the top 200 national retailers have made body lotions, washes and bath products. Frangrance You’ll also receive valuable coupons through the year and information. reducing the number of other devices needed. Phones now do meaningful investments in their existing or new consumer loyalty fraction to a second purchase alone would drive consistent year- selections include popular brands such as Ralph Lau- special Club member benefits. over-year comparable sales. Identifying and cultivating as few as two programs in 2009 with large consumer household brands rapidly the job of a music player, a watch, camera, radio, computer and following suit—strong return on that investment is not guaranteed ren, Juicy Couture, Philosophy and classics such as Reward Certificates start with a spending level of $50, •Applications that provide value to the user, usually stay on the users phone percent of a customer base as advocates infuses a brand with new many other applications. It is just a matter of time until mobile customers with the highest likelihood of consistent, year-over-year based merely on desire and a checkbook. Chanel and Estee Lauder. Men’s fragrances are just $100, $150, $200, $250 and $300…Each spending level’s re- and potentially bring in a viral effect. Moreover, if the application is design Using our basic loyalty framework—connecting strategies to phones become an instrument of identity. Loyalty management spend. segments with outcomes impacting frequency, retention, and as extensive with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, ward offers a variety of beauty products such as nail lacquer such that it does not need to be connected to the internet, then it can also or 10 oz. ULTA shampoo or conditioner at the $50 level. through mobile phones is still in its nascent stage and brands advocacy; and based on our close work Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. be used when the users are offline. This shoots up the amount of usage of with nearly 100 retailers, travel providers The selections increase in retail value as the reward levels that are investing in it now are enjoying the benefits of being and consumer brands over the past Professional Styling products feature more than the application, in turn resulting in more impact of the brand to the user. Figure 1 – 2009 Marketing Reductions By Media Type2 increase, with an assumption of $5.00 retail value for a $50 first in the trade. L Given your decreased budget, how much has your spending decreased in each of the following areas? two years, we’ve identified six keys to 35 brands along with Hot Tools styling products and Some of the brands that use applications in this category are Zippo, Dock- maximizing investment in customer curling irons complement ULTA’s salon services. reward level. Each award level offers a selection of brand TV, print, radio, or magazines ers, Branded Games etc. Staff and training loyalty. Gift card purchases count towards ULTAmate name and ULTA private label merchandise. A Salon service is Branding and advertising 1.Drive Customer Centricity from Rewards and with upcoming Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ offered at the $250 and $300 level. Top level reward assumes the Top Direct mail Loyalty is not a promotional tactic— Day and a raft of Graduation events, reward levels a retail value of $45 for any fragrance selection. New Year Predictions: Marketing technology Online advertising Web site development for that matter, loyalty is not really a marketing strategy. Cultivating the can rack up… 2010 1.Usage of internet via smart phones in the eastern world will grow exponentially and will begin to catch up Loyalty programs relationship that brands have with their customers lies at the core of companies’ with the west. Email marketing cultures. The notion of customer THE VERDICT 2.mCommerce will see a higher levels of adoption and emphasis will be given to the user experience Social media Base: 45 marketing leadership CMOs who have had their 2009 marketing budgets reduced centricity is an old one, but companies getting the most out of their loyalty Two Thumbs Up! creating a seamless experience on mobile payments. Source: “Marketing Budgets Suffer Significant Cuts”, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2009 investment put customer experience at the center of their culture. This cultural With great merchandise, friendly associates and gift cards, it’s easy and rewarding to get to the next reward level. ULTA places 3.Location-based services will be the need of the hour resulting in increased penetration of GPS-enabled 2010 predictions change inevitably comes from the $5 off a $10 purchase through bind-in coupons in specially targeted magazines—and as a subscriber, it’s a reminder for me to phones as well as phones with superior geo-tagging technology. 1.Loyalty programs will seamlessly leadership team—most often from the get out and do some shopping! After all, I can always use another scented candle and who doesn’t like getting favorite mer- CEO. Culture inspires a proactive focus 2010 will likely be known as the year the global economy emerged from the Great Recession. While loyalty marketing was integrate their social media and on the customer, leading to initiatives chandise as a reward? Give it a try…I’m a fan!! L one of the few sectors that benefited from the downturn, the industry must now shift the tone of its message towards growth. community efforts by explicitly and ideas that improve the customer Loyalty Lab’s David Rosen and Michael Greenberg outline the six most important areas where marketers can maximize their loyalty rewarding engagement more experience and drive market share gains 52 Loyalty Management™ • LOYALTY360.ORG investments as their focus moves from retaining best customers to creating significant numbers of new ones. broadly. and advocacy. Culture instills a sense 58 Loyalty Management™ • LOYALTY360.ORG 2.Mobile will rapidly become the of purpose around every customer Investing in Customers Ahead of the Recovery preferred channel and devise for sample spread {spring 2010} sample spread {winter 2010} interaction and every business decision 2009 has been a difficult year to justify additional business investment. Inventories have been depleted to save cash, factory orders as a result engaging with loyalty programs that aligns to a more loyal customer base. have softened. Imports, production, consumption are stagnant, and most impactful on a daily basis: unemployment continues at near double- including the adoption of targeted 1 “Marketing Budgets Suffer Significant Cuts”, Forrester digits levels. offers, delivered via mobile based Research, Inc., July 2009. Signs of recovery are mixed but hopeful. In Q3 several signals showed a bottom in economic conditions, including the highest level of the on where members physically are at consumer confidence index in a couple of years plus an upturn in the S&P/Case-Shiller Real Estate Index. But retailers, CPGs, and manufacturers that moment. are experiencing significant anxiety regarding whether consumers will open their wallets in the 2009 holiday season. The NRF recently forecasted 3.Gaming will take on an even more a 1% decline in 2009 holiday sales from already poor 2008 results. prominent role in loyalty program engagement while gaming will increasingly look and behave like loyalty programs. continued on next page » 28 Loyalty Management™ • • LOYALTY360.ORG Loyalty Management™ LOYALTY360.ORG Loyalty Management™ • WINTER 2010 29 sample spread {winter 2010} over >>