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This presentation by Rachel S. Smith of the New Media Consortium discusses games for learning, from paper-and-pencil games to MMOs.

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  • where the title came from – a conversation with translation
  • Puzzled Sheep is a quick little game from Miniclip Games. From “Miniclip games are incredibly popular because they are fun, free and easy to use. They are small enough to be sent via email, and easily viewed both online and offline on desktops.” You have to get your little sheep across the screen, using the arrows, avoiding obstacles like rocks, water, and wolves. There are a whole slew of games that take a few seconds to play, that let your brain recharge by focusing on a small task that has no major consequences. Escapa! is a game you can play in under twelve seconds…
  • Lrn2play

    1. 1. lrn2play rachel smith the new media consortium
    2. 2. Zoelle has defeated Arex in a duel. [Arex]: dang! pwnt! (Congratulations! That was impressive!) [Zoelle]: that was close. vanish ftw (You were very good too. I only triumphed because I had a slight technological edge.) [Arex]: I hate rogues /cry (No, no, your technique was clearly superior.) [Zoelle]: lol lrn2play noob (Keep trying -- practice makes perfect!)
    3. 3. how does this topic make you feel?
    4. 4. © Used with permission. Reproduction prohibited.
    5. 5. © Used with permission. Reproduction prohibited.
    6. 6. so where do we start?
    7. 7. google: sudoku
    8. 8. google: miniclip, escapa
    9. 9. what they have in common •  games set up a situation by having rules •  players work within those rules to accomplish a goal or goals •  each game requires a certain amount of focus to succeed …the previous examples are all entertainment games.
    10. 10. live long and prosper google: MIT live long prosper
    11. 11. google: nmc campus
    12. 12. compare to comic books & manga from My Cat Loki ( google: educational comic books
    13. 13. remember learning objects?
    14. 14. AFRICA
    15. 15. what I’m not talking about •  unguided learning •  replacing teachers with games •  using games in places where they don’t make sense •  cramming education into entertainment-based games study: students repeatedly said that it’s the teacher who makes the course – not the technology
    16. 16. looking deeper google: horizon report, esa essential facts
    17. 17. research
    18. 18. how many people?
    19. 19. where the money is
    20. 20. game design degree programs • Houston Community College – Southwest • UC Santa Cruz • Michigan State University • University of Advancing Technology (UAT) • Online programs (Kaplan University) • George Brown College google: game design degree
    21. 21. games & girls Michigan State University
    22. 22. game theory for educators, students, professionals… and geeks.
    23. 23. what can we learn from games?
    24. 24. . . . from playing games •  with any game, you learn the rules to play it •  understanding of strategy comes later •  cooperation for multi-player games; concentration for solo games •  physical coordination for sports, hand-eye coordination for games involving manual dexterity •  quick decision-making for fast-paced video games •  hand-eye coordination & reflexes for “twitch” games games are more complicated than they used to be
    25. 25. are these useful leadership skills? •  role assignment •  task delegation •  crisis management •  logistical planning •  determining how to share rewards among group members •  motivating group members •  dealing with negative attitudes •  dealing with group conflicts •  encouraging group loyalty and cohesion Yee, 2006
    26. 26. engagement •  learning is assisted by engagement in the topic on the part of the learner •  games are engaging (good ones, anyway) –  storytelling –  flexibility –  problem-solving •  games in the workplace –  repetitive tasks –  learning that involves repetition and practice google: games2train, monkey wrench consipiracy, gaming workplace
    27. 27. accidentally educational •  music (Guitar Hero) •  business & economics (SimCity, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Rich Man Game) •  evolution & culture (Spore, Civilization) •  ecology (that one with the eagles and the mice) •  history (Call of Duty 2) •  physical skills (Dance Dance Revolution) •  cooperation, leadership, interpersonal skills (Everquest, Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft)
    28. 28. intentionally educational google: arden, educational MOO, nmc campus •  Arden •  Simulations in Second Life •  Remember MOOs? –  Meridian –  MediaMOO –  Language MOOs learning occurs in and around these spaces
    29. 29. the community of MMOs source:
    30. 30. new art forms: machinima Billy McClure by Terran “Liadov” Gregory The Ballad of the Noob by Jun Falkenstein source: Big Blue Dress by Cranius
    31. 31. . . . from designing games •  designing puzzles – researching answers, coming up with questions; teaching is a good way to learn •  designing simple games – game theory, rules, strategy •  designing paper-based worlds and adventures (like D&D) – geography, history, language, politics •  designing an online game – art & illustration; computer science; 3D modeling; working with game engines
    32. 32. new interfaces google: wii, guitar hero, dance pad
    33. 33. the flip side
    34. 34. what’s problematic about games? •  understanding when they are appropriate •  making them •  creating good content (educational and fun) •  assessing progress and learning •  getting people to take them seriously
    35. 35. looking ahead •  more research & development •  more studies, pilots, anecdotes •  authoring tools – (2D games for PCs and mobiles) –  Neverwinter Nights modding tools –  game engines (Multiverse, Croquet) •  more experimentation in online environments •  more games •  more people talking about, thinking about, writing about educational gaming
    36. 36. new worlds, new possibilities… • exploration of identity • relationship-building • global communities 33 years | 40 years | 89% source: Essential Facts about Games and Youth Violence, ESA, 2006
    37. 37. mmorpgs (MMOs)
    38. 38. virtual worlds: nmc campus
    39. 39. stay tuned . . . we’re playing with the future.