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  • 1. Fashion Industry
  • 2. By Patthomporn Putthasri #15 Juthamart Sirithanasub #24 Kulnapha Wisaswongsa
  • 3. Fashion magazines: Growing popularity, growing market • Thailand's leading fashion magazines are expanding into male fashion too & getting closer to readers via events, apps & festivals.
  • 4. The fashion that popular in this year is: • ELLE
  • 5. • Marie Claire
  • 6. • Cleo
  • 7. 'Elle' topson women's market • Post International Media (Post IM) is set to expand its leadership position in the women's magazine segment despite increased competition in the market. • The chief operating officer of Post Publishing Plc, said the company's position in this market is "very strong."
  • 8. • Elle, the market leader for fashion magazines, has seen its profits jump by 50% to date this year. • Cleo remains the country's bestselling title, while Marie Claire has enjoyed a 12% increase in circulation revenue over the first eight months this year.
  • 9. • The three titles give the company a 24% advertising market share in the women's magazine segment. In terms of advertising revenue, Elle has seen growth of 13%, Cleo 6% and Marie Claire 30% this year.
  • 10. • In the pipeline are fashion events to be held in collaboration with leading shopping centres to complement the main once-a-year Elle Fashion Week and a fashion film festival, Ms Sirimon revealed.
  • 11. • For next year, Post IM is looking to explore the men's magazines market and add at least five international titles to its lineup. • Post IM's profit rose by 22% yearon-year in the first eight months.
  • 12. Vocabulary • market segment - a group of possible customers who are similar in income, age, habits, likes and dislikes • remarkable - unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning; noteworthy, impressive, surprising
  • 13. • readership base - loyal readers (who always buy and read the magazine) • age bracket - a range of ages • revenue - income from taxes or business activities • strategy - a plan to achieve long term goals
  • 14. • arbiter - the one who decides what is good, right, acceptable; the judge • collaboration - when people work together to achieve a goal • revealed - made known or showed something that was surprising or that was previously secret
  • 15. • add to line-up - add to the company's product line. • year-on-year - a period this year compared to the same period last year.
  • 16. References • (Source: Bangkok Post, Economics, MAGAZINES, 'Elle' tops on women's market, 28/09/2012, Post Reporters, link)