Effective Report Writing


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Effective Report Writing

  1. 1. Effective REPORT WRITING <br />Welling School CPD: 9th October 2009<br />
  2. 2. A Good Report Should be like a good Sandwich!<br />A good report should be like a good sandwich - wholesome, with good quality fillings and <br />satisfying! This year at Welling, teaching staff and tutors are required to write one written report per <br />annum for each key stage. <br />The report should adopt a ‘POSITIVE’ mode of address and follow a 3 Part Structure: <br />1. Positive information linked to achievements and progress<br />2. Constructive commentary<br />3. SMART Target/s - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time Related. <br />If you write a report which is wholly or largely negative, it can lead to a breakdown in relations<br />between the school and the home. Although you have to be honest about the pupils’ shortcomings, it<br />is important to highlight their strengths and your tone should display your own interest in, and care <br />for the child concerned. If you wish to comment on poor behaviour you MUST only do so in relation to<br />achievement, progress and it’s impact on learning. <br />
  3. 3. Parents are not always familiar with national curriculum jargon and can be irritated by it. Plain English is by far the best style.  Reports look more professional if the vocabulary is descriptive and concise so it is better to avoid using the words ‘good’ ‘well’  and ‘bad’ and ‘average’. These words give a very general picture and so they are not very informative. You can usually find a more interesting and thoughtful comment. Try the ones below.<br /><ul><li>participates sensibly
  4. 4. grasps new concepts quickly
  5. 5. loves learning new skills
  6. 6. understands clearly
  7. 7. takes pleasure in
  8. 8. concentrates for long periods
  9. 9. enjoys being involved  in
  10. 10. lively imagination
  11. 11. wide general knowledge
  12. 12. has a wide range of interests
  13. 13. puts in his best effort
  14. 14. has read widely
  15. 15. is quick to transfer new information from his short-term to long-term memory 
  16. 16. is well-organised/reliable/keen
  17. 17. sensible/careful worker
  18. 18. continues to improve
  19. 19. retains facts easily.</li></ul>Report Style<br />
  20. 20. Report Examples: Tutor Report 1<br />Johnny is a good member of the tutor group and takes part in activities. His attendance is good but his uniform is not always so. He usually has the right equipment with him and most of the time is punctual.<br />
  21. 21. Report Examples: Tutor Report 2<br />Johnny is an active and lively member of the tutor group. He is engaged during tutor discussions and is able to express his opinions in a sensible and sensitive manner according to the topics being covered. <br />He is well organised with his equipment and his planner is up to date with homework clearly being recorded. He usually wears correct uniform but needs to be reminded to put his tie on or take his shoes out of his bag. Improving this will then avoid members of staff stopping him in the corridors to correct his uniform.<br />Johnny’s attendance is good and he is most often punctual to tutor time. He responds well to a reminder about the importance of being on time. Johnny’s positive attitude toward tutor time is reflected in his learning across the school and is clearly recorded in his academic report. He has made a positive start to the year – well done.<br />Johnny’s targets for this term are to improve his punctuality and become involved in peer mentoring – an area he has expressed an interest in. <br />
  22. 22. Report Examples: Subject 1<br />Chloe is potentially a good Media Studies student but she talks too much and undermines the learning of others. She needs to engage more if she is to achieve a decent GCSE. <br />
  23. 23. Report Examples: Subject 2<br />Chloe has made a good start to the GCSE Media Studies course and her lively and engaging disposition makes her an asset to this class. She enjoys both the academic and practical challenges the subject presents, and works hard to achieve high standards in her class work and homework. <br />As you are already aware, Chloe can at times talk too much, and this can undermine both her learning, and that of her peers. I have spoken with Chloe about this, and she has assured me that she will endeavour to improve this in future lessons. <br />As we move towards completing the first coursework assignment on Film posters, I would like Chloe to focus her energies on fine tuning her essay writing skills by paying attention to, and acting upon the comments that have been given in the first draft. If Chloe can adopt this systematic work ethic, I am confident that she will go on to achieve a respectable grade in this subject. Thank you for your hard work Chloe and keep it up! <br />