Eye On Design 2009


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Ten museum designers. 5 minutes each. Ten inspirations from outside the museum field. Featuring Nina Simon, Aaron Goldblatt, Anna Slafer, Dan Spock, Matt DuPlessie, Charity Counts, Ben Dickow, Penny Jennings, Adam Lerner, and Dottie Miles. Created by Nina Simon, Museum 2.0.

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Eye On Design 2009

  1. 1. eye on design (2)
  2. 2. who we are Charity Counts, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Matt DuPlessie, 5 Wits Productions, Inc. Penny Jennings, West Office Exhibition Design Dan Spock, Minnesota History Center Museum Dottie Miles, The Franklin Aaron Goldblatt, Metcalfe Architecture and Design Anna Slafer, International Spy Museum Adam Lerner, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Nina Simon, Museum 2.0 Benjamin Dickow
  3. 3. where we looked children’s TV victory gardens graffiti art library book drops japan greeting cards mega-concerts letterpresses stylized theater
  4. 4. what we found ways to inspire active participation ways to turn artifacts into events ways to make the invisible visible ways to get lost ways to be flexible ways to promote playfulness ways to contribute to something larger ways to frame experiences ways to combat the recession
  5. 5. playing with visual scale presented by charity counts director of traveling exhibits, the children’s museum of indianapolis
  6. 6. You Are Here ©3ality Digital. All Rights Reserved. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers
  7. 7. ©3ality Digital. All Rights Reserved. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers
  8. 8. fills peripheral vision ©3ality Digital. All Rights Reserved. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers
  9. 9. hands in! presented by matt duplessie president and ceo, 5 wits productions, inc.
  10. 10. http://pbskids.org/superwhy/ “The home viewer transforms into a super hero too — Super You! As Super You, she can jump into classic books and go on reading adventures with the Super Readers. She can actively participate in the game play…”
  11. 11. victory gardens presented by penny jennings senior exhibit developer, west office exhibition design
  12. 12. http://www.buildinggreentv.com/keywords/green-living
  13. 13. Jason Reed/Reuters via http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/mar/24/gardens-michelle-obama New York Times via http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/20/dining/20garden.html?e
  14. 14. katsura imperial village presented by dan spock director, minnesota history center museum
  15. 15. “Pay attention to your feet.”
  16. 16. Perfectly composed views inside…
  17. 17. ...and out.
  18. 18. how to be a graffiti artist presented by dottie miles, exhibit designer, the franklin
  19. 19. use public space Be creative in placement and style Viewer/maker ownership encourage participation
  20. 20. Bubble Project, Ji Lee http://thebubbleproject.com/ http://pleaseenjoy.com/ “Download the bubble templates, print them, cut them, bubble your town, take pics and post them.”
  21. 21. you are beautiful www.you-are-beautiful.com/ “Projects like these make a difference in the world by catching us in the midst of daily life and creating moments of positive self realization.”
  22. 22. Obey campaign, Shepard Fairey http://obeygiant.com/ “...the process of letting things manifest themselves.”
  23. 23. play! presented by aaron goldblatt partner, metcalfe architecture and design
  24. 24. Design starts with play Play starts with doing what comes naturally
  25. 25. play is the way in learning is the reward The Association for the Study of Play: http://www.tasplay.org/about.html The American Journal of Play: http://www.americanjournalofplay.org/ International Play Association: http://www.ipaworld.org/home.html Strong National Museum of Play: http://www.museumofplay.org/index.html
  26. 26. shop your own closet presented by anna slafer director of exhibitions and programs, international spy museum
  27. 27. Inspiration: the off-beat invitation establishes a fun theme or occasion for getting together Studio Z Mendocino © 1997 www.stuido-z.com
  28. 28. Do your kids keep calling you a dinosaur? museum application! use objects in permanent exhibitions to inspire occasions SUE, Field Museum Let’s celebrate your birthday for friends and with the relatives! family to socialize Meet me in the Dino Hall at 1 pm on July 7 Followed by a facial—my treat!
  29. 29. Your eyes dazzle like the Remember when we Hope Diamond… used to take time to contemplate the big ideas? Let’s make time again. When: July 7 at 12 o’clock Activities will include, but not be limited to: Meeting new people, like Dutch serving girls and deposed royalty. Hope Diamond, NMNH Let’s rendezvous and see how Feasting our eyes on they compare. dressed game, over-ripe fruit, and heaving bosoms. Meet me in the gem hall at 2:00 on May 3…followed by an equally …and sating our sparkling champagne toast to your appetites at the Café. beauty at the garden café. Girl with a Pearl Earring, NGA; Portrait of Grand Prince Konstantin, State Hermitage Museum ; Hope Diamond, NMH Still life with Game, Vegetable and Fruit, Museo del Prado
  30. 30. No matter what you do to them We haven’t discussed shoes are there for you. Truth and Beauty in ages… Lets meet at the Historical Society costume Bring your favorite poem to the collection at 2 pm, May 3 to check out some cool styles. Classical Gallery at 3 p.m. and let’s explore what these words Wear your favorite pair—then we’ll go shopping! really mean. Vivienne Westwood,1993-4. V&A. Pompe Dressing for Dionysian Festival Greek Vase, MET
  31. 31. When was the last time you gazed at a starry night in the middle of the day? Meet me at the Museum at noon on June 1 and we’ll gaze together… The Starry Night, Van Gogh Museum; Starry Night costume, Hillwood Museum
  32. 32. Inspiration: 100 foot crossword puzzle creates community-wide event that energizes/engages people and celebrates what makes the city interesting Lvov, Ukraine
  33. 33. museum application Use objects in permanent exhibitions as focus for ongoing public “Sam I Am” would eat events this Faberge Egg Number of buttons on CW General’s frock coat Boudin’s dog waits for something Ladies and Seated on the Beach with a Dog, NGA; coat, Chicago Historical Socety; Pansy Egg, Private collection
  34. 34. superheroes presented by adam lerner director, museum of contemporary art denver
  35. 35. magic from mundane presented by nina simon experience designer, museum 2.0
  36. 36. book drop
  37. 37. Seattle Public Library, “Making Visible the Invisible” by George Legrady
  38. 38. Jan David Hanrath, Haarlem Oost Branch Library
  39. 39. absurdism is my co-pilot presented by benjamin dickow, creative director
  40. 40. what will you steal? what will you create?
  41. 41. who we are (a reminder) Charity Counts, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis - charityc@childrensmuseum.org Matt DuPlessie, 5 Wits Productions, Inc. - info@5witsproductions.com Penny Jennings, West Office Exhibition Design - pennyj@woed.com Dan Spock, Minnesota History Center Museum - daniel.spock@mnhs.org Dottie Miles, The Franklin - dmiles@fi.edu Aaron Goldblatt, Metcalfe Architecture and Design - aarong@metarchdesign.com Anna Slafer, International Spy Museum - aslafer@spymuseum.org Adam Lerner, Denver Museum of Contemporary Art - adaml@mcadenver.org Nina Simon, Museum 2.0 - nina@museumtwo.com Benjamin Dickow - benjamindickow@gmail.com