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Filtek Filtration is one of the leading manufacturers of Centrifugal Oil Filters, with more than 1000 Installation throughout the Globe. Filtek since its inception has history of working with top-tier players in the Machinery Ecosystem.
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  1. 1. About Us:Filtek Filtration is one of the leading manufacturers of Centrifugal Oil Filters, withmore than 1000 Installation throughout the Globe. Filtek since its inception hashistory of working with top-tier players in the Machinery Ecosystem.VisionTo be among the first few choices of any customer worldwide, for high quality ,practical and reliable filtration solutions.MissionTo strive at maximizing value to customer by delivering high quality filtrationsolutions and services; Driven by “Go Green Keep Your Oil Clean”
  2. 2. Company Credentials 2 founding Directors have all worked for Glacier/Federal-Mogul & Mann-Hummel. In Engineering/Production/Sales & Marketing. Combined experience of over 15 years working with centrifuge. We export worldwide to customers in U.A.E., Italy, Far East ,Canada and Greece. Some of these customers were previous Mann Hummel customers. Filtek manufacture indigenously in India. All component parts are Indian made. ISO9001-2008 with Design certified company. We concentrate only on Centrifuge Manufacturing. In doing so, we will give you unrivalled support and customer care. We 100% test all our components prior to dispatch for performance and safety. We will supply Certificate of Conformity on receipt of goods. Components are checked dimensionally and logged on Control Charts. All tested units are archived and are traceable by the unique I.D. number. In house testing has shown better performance than Mann-Hummel with comparison trials
  3. 3. Expertise: Over 15 years market experience of supplying Centrifugal filtration systems in Rail, Mining and Industrial applications. A team of individuals able to offer in-depth applications engineering knowledge. Over 10 years Production Engineering experience working with high volume automotive customers including 5 years in centrifugal filtration. In-house knowledge of ISO9001:2008 methods & practices A support network covering India, Middle East and Europe. Indigenous (Indian) Centrifugal Filter manufacturing facility.
  4. 4. Our Offerings: Centrifugal Oil Filters FT 020 FT 025 FT 060 FT 200 FT 400 FT 600
  5. 5. Our Offerings: Centrifugal Oil Filter Skid
  6. 6. Why Centrifuge ? Engines create soot and wear particles that contaminate their lubrication systems. These particles are often sub-micron and cause premature wear to the engine and reduce the effective working life of the engine oil. A centrifuge is a by-pass filter, typically operating of 10% oil supply from the oil pump. Couple this with a traditional full-flow filter and you have an effective cost solution to reducing wear, prolonging lube life and reducing soot emissions. The rotor is cleaned at service intervals thereby reducing waste disposal and consumable costs, reducing the cost of ownership.
  7. 7. Working of Centrifuge: Click on above image to see working video of the centrifuge oil filter
  8. 8. Benefits of Centrifuge:  Soot contamination removal down to 0.3 micron  Improved lube oil cleanliness – Extended oil life – Reduce topping up – Extended service intervals  Extended life for full flow filters  Reduction in component wear – increase engine life  Reduce down-time – Increase productivity – Reduce cost of ownership  Lower maintenance costs – Easier maintenance  Totally cleanable by-pass filtration  Environment friendly product
  9. 9. Particle size distribution of centrifuge contaminant:Centrifugal force is capable ofremoving a wide range ofparticles extending into the sub-micron range. Analysis of the dirtcollected by centrifuge reveals anability to remove particles of lessthan one micron in size includingengine clogging soot : oil filmsprotecting critical enginecomponents are equally as small.If not removed contaminantparticles in this size range causecomponent wear and aconsequent reduction of enginedurability.
  10. 10. Installations: FT600 ON MAN B&W 6L23/30
  11. 11. Installations: FT200 ON SIMATECH SHIPPING6L23/30
  12. 12. Installations: Mideast Ship Mgt, U.A.E Good day, Chief Engineers confirmed the performance of filters is good it is enable to remove carbon (un burnt) from the lube oil. Installation of filter from NCC Qassim has been attached for your perusal. Brgds Prema Vasudevarao Superintendent Engineer
  13. 13. Installations: FT600 on Mideast Ship Mgt, U.A.E
  14. 14. Installations: FT200 Yanmar 200, Orchid Express , NYK SINGAPORE.
  15. 15. Installations: FT600 on DAIHATSU 6DS-26A, 20MM OF DIRT REMOVED IN 250HOURS (UASC).
  16. 16. Installations: FT600 installed on Daihatsu 8DK-28 Engine, Inspection after 596hrs (UASC)
  17. 17. Installations: Daihatsu 5DK & 8DK installation. The C/E states that the Crank case oil of D/G #3 is cleaner as compared to the D/G #1 & #2 and the removal of contaminants has been noted to be 15mm thick per month (which is over 5 kgs of contaminant per month). Please consider installing additionally one filter on each Generator for the Freja Vessels. Arvind Ahuja Wilhelmsen Ship Management,KL
  18. 18. Installations: MV Leo Leader, KL
  19. 19. Installations: FT600 ON YANMAR T240 AE AT WALLEM SHIP MANAGEMENT,HKK
  20. 20. Installations: Bergen KRG-9 engine FT600, Yanmar
  21. 21. Installations KIT Includes:Mounting Brackets with Fittings Inlet Hose Pipe with connector Ball valve with connector Engine connector
  22. 22. THANK YOU Contact Us @FILTEK INDIA Pvt Ltd Ninad Patki - Business DevelopmentSN 321 Unit 2 Patil Industrial Estate Mob : +91 9422046080Bavdhan. Email: ninad@filtekindia.comPune – 411021. Website: India