Legend of Hart's Hollow Kickstarter Marketing Plan


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Legend of Hart's Hollow Kickstarter Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Legend of Hart’s Hollow Kickstarter Planning Nina Park Fall 2013
  2. 2. The Current Deliverable • A Kickstarter preview url. • The video has not been created and the budget has not been finalized • The in depth description, reward tiers, and marketing plan have been figured out • http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/4512189 92/1285941583?token=96612566
  3. 3. Researching Successful Kickstarters
  4. 4. Andrea Benjamin – Former Director of Communications at Activision “Break It Down Into Pieces” • What is my goal? – To excite and inform potential backers about Hart’s Hollow and the Polybot team. We need to present ourselves as fun and approachable as well as competent and skillful. (i.e. Not only are we cool people, we're cool people who can deliver what we're promising you.) We need to sell backers on the feeling of adventure that is the main emotion we want players to experience in the game. Everything from marketing leading up to the Kickstarter campaign, the campaign itself, and the upkeep of the campaign/community should support this goal • Who is my target audience? – 18 to 24 demographic = primary audience. Potential to bring in secondary audience in the tween age group • What are my strategies? – Kickstarter and social media sites primarily • What are my tactics? – Breakdown in rest of presentation
  5. 5. Nicky Soh • A current sequential arts major at SCAD • Has run 3 successful Kickstarters • Gave amazing advice on how to research successful Kickstarters and gather data on any Kickstarter
  6. 6. How to Gather Data on Any Kickstarter
  7. 7. Go to any Kickstarter page
  8. 8. Click on the Twitter link
  9. 9. Copy the bitly link
  10. 10. Paste it into a new browser window but add a “+” after the link
  11. 11. It will then take you to a page that tracks the stats of that link. It tracks what percentage of page views the bitly link accounts for, clicks per day, where those clicks are coming from, etc.
  12. 12. • Knowing that, I started researching Kickstarters that went very viral • Trends between them •Most link clicks came from Facebook and Twitter • Got most of their funding from the first and last 48 hours in the campaign • Usually priced their games at $10 or $15 (that is the bare bones digital game. No extra rewards included)
  13. 13. Also researched Kickstarters from lesser known developers who were similar to us in some way (potentially launching on the same platform, art style, similar target audience)
  14. 14. Telepath Tactics by Craig Stern •Good Kickstarter to study because the creator, Craig Stern, failed initially and then was successfully funded later on • Wrote an article about his experience •http://indierpgs.com/2013/04/how -to-not-fail-at-kickstarter-in-12-easysteps/ • Useful tip: You can still email backers updates if your funding is unsuccessful. Let them know you are going to try again.
  15. 15. Hart’s Hollow Kickstarter Marketing Plan Because the ground work and upkeep are just as important as the actual Kickstarter page (if not more)
  16. 16. 2 Months Before Launch Indie MEGABOOTH: Try and get into it if the timeline allows • What is it? – Indie devs pool $ together to buy floor space at PAX prime and East • Need to pitch game to the organizers • Potentially can reach out to Craig Stern (Telepath Tactics) and Ryan Green/Josh Larson (That Dragon, Cancer) who we talked to a bit at IndieCade for tips on getting in
  17. 17. 2 Months Before Launch Company website and social media accounts created and up to date At launch, we need a place to funnel people if they have more interest in the game and the team Have all team members start reposting/sharing all FB updates
  18. 18. 2 Months Before Launch Potential cross promotion w/ another indie dev (e.g. putting our characters in their game) Armillo: Did a cross promotion w/ Air Mech. Made their main character a special pet available in Air Mech. Went from approx 120 likes to approx. 350 likes in 1.5 weeks
  19. 19. 1 Month Before Launch • Go into forums and start conversations there to build hype. DO NOT just spam a link and run • Contact Podcasts. Do not ask them to review your game publicly. Ask for their critique because you value their opinion. If they like us they may feature us on their podcast
  20. 20. 2 -3 Weeks Before Launch • Contact big name gaming news sites • Sue Bohle’s advice – Contact them 1st thing in the morning and at the beginning of the week – Make it easy to read (bullet the key features) – Include 8 -10 pictures – Thank the editor for their consideration not their coverage
  21. 21. 2 -3 Weeks Before Launch Armless Octopus • Contact niche gaming news sites/sites that are more specific to our genre/sites that focus on smaller indie games • Contact SCAD about being on their curated Kickstarter page
  22. 22. Launch Day • Goal: Get on Staff Picks/ the newsletter/ Popular – Popular is based on # of backers. Not amt of $ – Staff Picks/newsletter bit harder to get on because the projects featured there generally are doing something radically diff in the medium • Impt because: Telepath Tactics (54% of funding came from people just wandering around the KS site. Not the pre-existing fanbase.) • Get all team members to share the KS over all social media accounts
  23. 23. Post-Launch Upkeep • Stretch goals = only reveal after 50% funded – Don’t flood backer with info – Want to have a backlog of updates you can give as the campaign runs • Keep on engaging community with vids and updates. Update every 3 – 4 days • Send a short thank you message to each backer. It will retain your audience and make them less likely to withdraw their pledge. (May also make them increase their pledge amount.)