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Media presentation

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. My masthead is pink and black, it is outline with a pink stroke effect, this highlights the black text and makes my masthead eye catching. Although the model is covering the title, viewers will still know what it says at is will be a well established magazine and just by the colour scheme, and the text people will recognise it. The text is all in capital letter as this is what most magazines do and it makes it stand out more and also makes it more effective. The text used is sans serif, this is easy to read and looks more professional, most magazines use sans serif text so their magazine stands out to the viewers
  3. 3. The colour scheme I have used is to represent a pop magazine, the colour pink is vibrant and stands out to the viewers and the colours white and black are neutral colours therefore they go very well with the colour pink. Other pop magazines such as top of the pops use this same colour scheme as it is very appealing to the eye. The colour also goes with my images as they are of a girl wearing pink lipstick and a purple top, the front cover image fits in well with the colour scheme. I haven’t used more than 3 colours and this is because of there is more than 3 colours used the magazine can look over the top and tacky. Professional magazines only use 3 colours at the most for their colour scheme
  4. 4. I have used techniques such as pull quotes, this makes the reader want to read the double page spread as my pull quotes are intriguing. I have used cover lines to show the reader what is actually in the magazine and to pull the audience in. The model credit is to show viewers who my double page is going to be about, it also draws the readers attention if they like the model. I have had professional pictures taken in a professional environment, this makes it look like a real magazine as the images are similar. A clear house style has been used throughout the magazine to show the pop genre of my magazine, this is colors such as pink and black. The text used is a sans serif text, this ensures that my magazine doesn't look unprofessional. Another technique used was line spacing, I made sure the spaces between the texts were small so it looks like magazine text.
  5. 5. The contents page uses page numbers so you know what is on each page of the magazine, this is done by a page number being put next to each title on the page. I have taken professional pictures of different people to show the range in the magazine and again to show the pop genre, the quality of the images shows real media product qualities. I have used a column to make the contents page look neat and well set out in the style of real media products. Again the house style is also consistent throughout this page, this makes it look professional. My contents page is very similar to Q’s layout and this makes it look like a professional magazine.
  6. 6. I really used my inspiration in the double page spread using things such as one whole page being taken up by one picture, also the other page being taken up by columns of text which makes it look formal, neat and well set out. The title on this page is quite small but it is effective as the main body of the text takes up the whole page and the title is just the name of the model. A drop capital is used to make it look in the form of an article. On my double page spread I used the format of an interview so I used questions, I made it visible that it was an interview and not a flowing article by putting each question in a different text box so it looked like a different paragraph. I also used a pull quote which was large to make the reader want to read on.
  7. 7. I used a sans serif font throughout my magazine because it looks more professional and magazines such as Q use the same type of font. I used the font ‘Impact’ on Photoshop as that was what I thought looked most professional and most like a magazine text. I have used more eye catching fonts on my front cover so it stands out to the viewers. On my double page spread I have done my article in the form of an interview, the interview is about Freya Buckley who is the main star of my magazine, a lot of magazines such as ‘kerrang’ have the same kind of layout, this is so it makes it clear to the audience that it is an interview. The pull quotes stand out and pull the reader in
  8. 8. The images taken were in a photography studio, this makes them look professional and similar to real media products, they are of models who look like they are in a pop band or are in the pop industry and this helps with the genre of my magazine. The models are all up to date with their fashion and this also makes them look like they are professional magazine photographs. On my front cover I have used a simple image of the main model so people know what is to come in the double page, she is wearing pinks and purples so it goes with my colour scheme. The contents page images are smaller and are just to tell the readers what is in the other pages. My double page spread image is a close up of the same model that is on my front cover, I used my inspiration from Q magazine in this image as they use a lot of close ups in their double page articles, I have put this image into black and white so it looks more effective and so it looks retro.