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Presskit final

  1. 1. HMind Harmony Production
  2. 2. MIND HARMONY PRODUCTIONMind Harmony Production began at a night class in San Francisco State University’sdowntown campus, where William ‘Loky’ W.J and Patrick ‘Murasaki’ Orara met by chance.As soon as they began to talk, they discovered a common hobby: music. Patrick was anaspiring songwriter and rapper, while William was a music composer and sound engineer.Soon after they met, William composed and gave Patrick an instrumental composition forhim to work on. Within days, Patrick wrote lyrics for that instrumental and rapped it, thensent it back to William. After William and his associates heard Patrick’s work, they wereimmediately impressed by Patrick’s talents as a songwriter. This lead William to realizethat Patrick’s voice and songwriting talents might just be the perfect match for his musiccompositions and production skills. After their first collaborative song, the two decided toform a full production team and continue to work together to develop innovative songideas, lyrics, mixes, and instrumental compositions.
  3. 3. WHAT WE DOSONG IDEAS – creating, structuring, and organizingLYRICS - writing, arranging, editing, and polishingMUSIC – composition, arrangement, mixing, and remixingVOCAL – demoing, polishing, and consulting
  4. 4. MUSIC PHILOSOPHYMusic is a limitless world, reflective of our lives, ideas, and sensations. Within this auditoryuniverse-- composed of thoughts and conducted by rhythm-- our goal is to make andcreate music that resonates within the hearts of all people.TEAM PHILOSOPHYWe make music that defines every moment in life, because every moment, is a verse, cho-rus, and bridge - moments and feelings we had in life are the key elements into our processin creating music.
  5. 5. Patrick “Murasaki” Orara was born on September 19th 1981 to a mother who was anavid pop music listener, and to a father who was an aspiring rock songwriter. At the age of 3Murasaki memorized, Stevie Wonder’s “I just called to say I love you”. The particular tempoand vocal syncopation served as the foundation of what was to come as Murasaki’s personalstyle. During his youth, Patrick was introduced to the golden era Hip-Hop and Rock. As a youth,one of his particular hobbies was to master reciting his favorite raps from Wu Tang Clan, Hiero-glyphics, Bone Thugs and Harmony.In his teenage years, Murasaki found himself immersed in the world of rap battling. He chal-lenged himself to battle in the halls of his high school, on air over the weekly radio rap contests,and anywhere else an opportunity to showcase his talents presented itself. In 2003, Murasakireleased his first mix tape, dubbed “Welcome to the Boonies Vol. One”. A year later, more mixtapes would follow including “Vol. 2” and “The Mix tape from nowhere”, where he shifted hislyrical direction from rap into songwriting.In 2006, Murasaki moved to San Francisco, the new atmosphere inspired Murasaki; whereinthe likes of Lupe Fiasco, MGMT, and even foreign genre such as J-pop, and K-pop served asa major influence. During this time, Murasaki started to write for other rappers, singers, and rockbands. In fall 2009, just as the mixtape “The Purple Tape” finished, Murasaki and William “Loky”WJ met in a music marketing class at SFSU and became close friends and business associates.And from there Loky and Murasaki understood that they shared the same life-long dreams ofmaking music-- and thus the innovative and talented songwriting partnership of Mind HarmonyProductions was begun.PATRICK “MURASAKI” ORARA
  6. 6. William “Loky” W.J is a songwriter, composer, sound engineer, and producer. Born 1988, March3rd and a native of Hong Kong, he was first introduced to alternative Rock and Pop as a child,and since then, was fascinated with music. In 1999, he moved to San Francisco, California, wherehe had his first taste of Funk, R&B, and Hip Hop, and promptly fell in love with their rhythm and style.During Loky’s high school years, one of his middle school friends, knowing that Loky was goodwith the piano and keyboard, asked to help him and his cousin, who did West Coast Hip Hopmusic. This was the first time Loky was exposed to the process of making of music and it’s production;from then on he would spend countless days and night at that studio, writing new synth lines andmelodies. During this time, his friend gave him the nickname ‘Lowkey’, because of his personality inthe studio: soft spoken, quiet, but extremely focused in being creative.After 2 years, the group fall apart, but they left Loky with new found ambition - Music; the onlything that motivated him and he thought to turn it into his career. Loky begin producing beats andinstrumentals, promoting them on different music online forums. This gave him the opportunity to col-laborate with people from different states and different countries, although he was never able towork face to face with these people, he was able to gain experience on how to work with differentkinds of artist and their specific styles of production.During his college year, he met a classmate called Patrick Orara, a.k.a Murasaki. And from therethe 2 realize that they shared the same dream of a 9 to 5 life in making music … thus the beginningof one of the greatest songwriting production duo in the world was born …WILLIAM “LOWKEY” WJWILLIAM “LOKY” W.J.
  7. 7. CONTACTWILLIAM “LOWKEY” W.J.Tel: 415.299.2321 (US)Email: wjwilliam415@yahoo.comSite: mindharmonyproductions.comTwitter: