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KWizCom SharePoint Mobile solution

KWizCom SharePoint Mobile solution



KWizCom's SharePoint Mobile Extensions Feature enables you to create a custom-tailored mobile solution without any code development!!

KWizCom's SharePoint Mobile Extensions Feature enables you to create a custom-tailored mobile solution without any code development!!



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KWizCom SharePoint Mobile solution KWizCom SharePoint Mobile solution Presentation Transcript

  • Did you know that you can easily create custom-tailored SharePoint Mobile solutions in just a few minutes, without any code development at all?
  • “But SharePoint is very customizable and already has a mobile output format (/m)”
    OK...I just got out from a meeting with a customer, I would like to create a follow-up task for myself while I’m on my way to my car..
  • Here’s SharePoint’s mobile view (/m)
    Where is my sales dashboard??
    All I see is a long list of lists and libraries..most of them I don’t know..
    I just need a big “New Task” button
    Oh, here is the Tasks list!
    Let’s click it…maybe then I’ll see the “New Task” button
  • Here are my tasks!(I see some which are VERY old..)
    Oh, this one should be closed long ago. How do I close a task?
    Very simple!
    Click “Display”, then click “Edit” and then mark the task with “Completed” status and then click “Save”…
    Close Task
    I wish I could just have a “Close Task” link here..
    Found the “New Task” link!!(I already got into my car..)
  • Finally I can write the follow-up task for myself!
    Why do I need this field?? It’s a NEW task so of course it was not started!!
    Same for this one…why is it here??
    Now I have to select myself from a list…this is really taking far too long for one simple follow-up task..
  • Couldn’t our IT experts just create a simple “New Task for Myself” button that opens a new task page without the irrelevant fields ??
    Couldn’t they spare me from all these screen and allow me access directly the “New Task page”?
    I don’t care how SharePoint works..
    I need to be able to work faster!!
  • SharePoint mobile-user challenges
    A much more focused interface is required
    No more generic New-View-EditSharePoint list pages – all with the same “generic” menus.
    Have the exact interface needed by your mobile users to perform their business activities.
  • What mobile users do need
    Custom pages that include EXACTLY what I need
    My Sales space
    Fits 100% to my smart phone (without any development)
    My Monthly Summary
    My Actions
    Easy to create and configure, just like SharePoint
    Instead of the generic SharePoint screens have a focused, simple Task-Oriented interface!
  • Deployment Requirements
  • SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users
    In just a few minutes you can produce a custom-tailored, focused mobile interface that answers your mobile users’ specific needs!
  • SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users
    You have FULL control over your SharePoint Mobile application:
    • You define the exact layout
    • You define which menus and actions will be visible
    • You define the exact logic
    Zero development!
  • SharePoint Mobile ExtensionsSmart, focused interface for productive mobile users
    Who needs it?
    • Field-engineers
    • Sales agents
    • Support/Help-Desk employees
    Anyone who needs the same level of SharePoint Workspace service while being out of the office!
  • Solution Concept
    • A Form-based Application Generator
    • Enables a non-developer to produce task-oriented mobile solutions which are based on existing SharePoint lists.
    • These mobile applications will enable end-users perform faster by providing:
    • Powerful forms (field-level permissions, tabs, default values, field validation rules, field constraints)
    • Context-sensitive, conditioned actions (list-level, item-level)
    • Auto-rendering to fit smart phones’ interface(1st version will support Blackberry and iPhone)
    • Server-based solution, Zero deployment on smart phones.
    • Template-based – enables deploying solution templates across the organization!
    • Fast response – Thin HTML, CSS-based
    • Small data plan– because the interface is focuses, it requires minimum clicks and postbacks – minimum traffic
  • Product Architecture
    SharePoint Mobile Extensions
    Customizable mobile applications
    The part that renders the mobile interface is open source!
    SharePoint Custom Actions
    List-level and Item-level custom actions
    KWizCom List Forms Extensions Feature (SLFE)
    Zero-coding custom forms in WSS/MOSS
    WSS or MOSS (2007 / 2010)
  • Use Case 1
    Custom Task Management mobile solution(without the “generic” SharePoint features)
  • This is the Tasks list on my mobile phone
  • Clicking on “Actions”..
  • I now see the exact menus I need (and NOT the regular SharePoint menus that half of them I never use..)
    I see only the menus I need to see according to defined logic
    (who I am, Which view I am watching)
    When I click the “Create new task for me” action,
    The following will happen
  • Pre-action confirmation message
    and if I click “OK”..
  • Remember what fields you see in SharePoint when you want to create a new task for yourself?
    I would like not to see this field, and have a default value of “Not Started”
    don’t want to see this field(and have a 0 default value for it)
    I would like this field to be automatically filled with my user name
  • Well..here is the focused, mobile version:
    Since it is a new task for myself, I see only relevant fields.
    The field “assigned to” is not visible and is auto-filled with my username.
  • I fill out these fields and click “Submit”
  • I am automatically redirected to “My Tasks” view(because this is how I defined it), and several fields were auto-filled.
  • Let’s now go to an existing task
    Clicking an item..
  • I see only the fields I should see
    The fields are grouped into page parts (sections) according to the way I wanted
  • Clicking the “Actions” shows custom item-level actions
    You can define item-level conditioned menus which are visible according to a defined logic!
    For example:
    The action “Close Task” is visible because this task is assigned to me.
  • So… How do I create a custom mobile solution?
  • This is a regular Tasks list.
    You can see we’ve added some custom actions to the list.
    Go to the List’s Settings page to configure its mobile behavior…
  • Click the “SharePoint list forms extensions” link to configure the list (both for web and for mobile)
  • In his page for example you define the available custom list actions
  • These custom actions produce...
    …the menus that your users see on their smart phones
  • You can define the exact logic for every custom action
    Caption and icons
    To which page the user will be redirected after the action was done
    Who sees this action, and on which views
  • Define fields auto-update rules for each menu.(in our example:when creating a task for myself, make the “Assign To” field be equal to [me])
    Define which field groups (tabs) will be visible for user input
    You can define which workflows should be initiated upon this action’s completion!
  • You have similar abilities to define Item-level actions, but…
    You can also define logic conditions for each menu’s visibility!
    Example:The menu “Close Task” will be visible only to the user which the task he sees is assigned to him (you cannot close other employee’s tasks)
  • Summary
    I see only the relevant fields
    I see only the relevant views
    I see only the relevant, custom list-leveland item-level menus
    These menus are depended upon who I am, what I am watching and that state of the current item (so there are no irrelevant options)
    Minimum mistakes to do, minimum post-backs
    Task-oriented, easy to use solution!
  • Key Advantages
  • Feature comparison
  • Technical Overview
  • This solution is based on
    Strict XHTML
    Master page + layout pages
    HTML generated using user controls ASCX and repeaters (highly customizable!)
    UI is strictly done using CSS
  • Fully integrated SharePoint solution
    Settings are saved as XML file in the list or site.
    Can be saved as part of a:
    Can be set using features on existing lists
    Standard SharePoint solution, easily deployed across your organization!
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Roadmap
    Feb-10-2010, V1.0.50 (Public beta)
    March-2010, V1.1.00 (RTM)
    SP2007 & SP2010
    Mobile solution templates (Sales workspace, Help Desk)
    May-2010, V1.2.00
    Custom Actions API
    More mobile solution templates
  • Join the Beta program!
    Join the beta program and:
    Have new opportunities to provide your customers with extreme solutions
    Be able to influence these solutions’ roadmap, according to your requirements
    Earn reseller points that provide you with larger reseller discount!
    Contact us TODAY: sales@kwizcom.com
  • Thank you!