SharePoint Mobile Extensions - improving efficiency of mobile workforce


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KWizCom's SharePoint Mobile Extensions Feature enables you to create a custom-tailored mobile solution for SharePoint without any development.
Quickly create a focused, task-oriented mobile UI that enables mobile business users become much more productive!

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  • I am on the roadI am in a hurryI need to get/update specific information right nowDon’t have office working conditions
  • Show meexactly what I need toaccomplish my tasks!
  • Behave differently according to the current situation:Who I am, Where I amType of informationState of the current record
  • SharePoint Mobile Extensions - improving efficiency of mobile workforce

    1. 1. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Improving efficiency of the mobile workforce Nimrod Geva Product Group Manager
    2. 2. KWizCom Corporation • Founded in 2005 • Headquartered in Toronto • Global vendor of SharePoint Add-Ons • 5000+ customers worldwide
    3. 3. Choose a mobile experience  What are your mobile usability requirements?  What is the level of interaction a user needs?  Support for all devices (BYOD) or just a specific device?  Deployment & maintenance: Server solution vs. App End-user solution vs. Dev. framework
    4. 4. What do mobile users need ?
    5. 5. Demo Closing a follow-up task right after a meeting with a customer…
    6. 6. 1
    7. 7. 2
    8. 8. 3
    9. 9. 4
    10. 10. 5
    11. 11. 6
    12. 12. We did it! Took us “only”:  5 clicks  3 page post-backs 7
    13. 13. What if we had a “Close Task” action? Single click!
    14. 14. At the office I can enjoy the “portal experience” 15
    15. 15. But when I am out of the office… I don’t need our entire portal inside my smartphone!
    16. 16. I don’t need a long list of all the libraries and lists in my site!
    17. 17. I do Not need a Portal while I am on the road!
    18. 18. Task-Oriented + Context -Sensitive Easy to Use!
    19. 19. Task-Oriented Less is Better!
    20. 20. Smart, Context-Sensitive Interface Behave differently according to the current situation (context)
    21. 21. Focused Interface SharePoint Mobile Extensions Smart, focused interface for productive mobile users Context-Sensitive Different Menus Different Fields Different Permissions Task-Oriented Less is Better! The exact Actions that I Need!
    22. 22. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Smart, focused interface for productive mobile users
    23. 23. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Smart, focused interface for productive mobile users
    24. 24. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Smart, focused interface for productive mobile users Server solution
    25. 25. Demo Creating a custom-tailored Sales mobile workspace
    26. 26. This is our Sales web workspace 30
    27. 27. This is how it looks using SharePoint 2010 mobile view 31
    28. 28. This is what I really need while I am out of the office
    29. 29. This is the default mobile UI after KWizCom’s Mobile Extension Feature is installed
    30. 30. So, how do we create this “custom mobile page”? 1 Create mobile page 2 Create page parts 3 Create custom actions
    31. 31. Let’s create a new custom mobile page
    32. 32. 1 2 36
    33. 33. Type page name and click “Add Page”
    34. 34. Page added, let’s preview it
    35. 35. DEMO Let’s create a KPI page part
    36. 36. Type the page part’s name and click “Add Page Part”
    37. 37. Page part added. Now let’s connect it to the KPI list.
    38. 38. Select “List View” type
    39. 39. Select the requested list and view (Can be a remote list) Let’s click “Apply” and preview the result mobile page
    40. 40. Create “Actions” page part and four custom actions 44
    41. 41. Type the page part’s name and click Create “Actions” “Add Page Part”page part 1
    42. 42. Select “Actions list/grid” type
    43. 43. Now let’s start adding the actions
    44. 44. Select “Sales Leads” list
    45. 45. Select View or Action for that list
    46. 46. Select icon for the action And click “Add” to add the action to the page part
    47. 47. The action has been added Let’s click “Apply” and preview the result mobile page
    48. 48. Create the next action same way, just connect to the “Products” list
    49. 49. Let’s click Apply and preview the result UI
    50. 50. Preview result (Actions grid) Preview result (Actions list)
    51. 51.  So far, we used OOTB actions that simply display views.  Let’s create a Custom Action, called: “New urgent task”
    52. 52. Create a custom list action: “New urgent task” “%complete”, “Status” fields are hidden with defined defaults “Assigned to” by default will be the creator (Impossible to do with SharePoint OOTB) “Start Date” = Today “Due Date” = Tomorrow Priority = High (Do not show these fields)
    53. 53. 2 1
    54. 54. Let’s add a list custom action to the Tasks list
    55. 55. Add the action 1
    56. 56. Update the action’s properties 2
    57. 57. Define who should see this action 3 Define in which views the action should be visible 4
    58. 58. Check to create a new task item 5
    59. 59. Configure the fields that will be auto-updated in the new created follow-up task 6 Workflows to trigger after item has been created What item fields should be displayed 7 8
    60. 60. Going back to our custom mobile settings page Let’s add the “New urgent task” Custom action to the Actions page part.
    61. 61. Now this custom action is available for us to use
    62. 62. After adding this custom action, let’s save settings and see how it works…
    63. 63. Only the fields that requires user-input appears, all other are auto-updated Let’s click to create a new urgent task √ Less data entry, less mistakes √ Less page post-backs √ Faster update time
    64. 64. Create an item custom action: “Close Task” Should be available only to the task’s owner Set status = Completed Set %Complete=100% Redirect to “My Tasks” view
    65. 65. 2 1
    66. 66. Let’s add a item custom action to the Tasks list
    67. 67. Add the action 1
    68. 68. Update the action’s properties 2 Redirect to “My Tasks” view after completion
    69. 69. Define who should see this action (Static permissions) 3 Define dynamic conditions for the action’s visibility 4
    70. 70. Check to update the item’s properties 5 6 Configure the fields that will be auto-updated Let’s click “OK” and browse the Tasks list to see the results
    71. 71. Let’s view one of the tasks Viewing the Tasks list as an administrator
    72. 72. Let’s click the “Actions” menu The task is Not assigned to me
    73. 73. The “Close Task” custom action is not available (I am not the task’s owner) Let’s login as testclient1 user…
    74. 74. Logged-in as testclient1
    75. 75. The “Close Task” custom action is now available (I am the task’s owner) Let’s click to close the task
    76. 76. We are redirected to the “My Tasks” view, as configured Let’s click to view this task again
    77. 77. Now the task is completed If we click the “Actions” button again…
    78. 78. The “Close Task” is no longer available. because it is not relevant to the current context.
    79. 79. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Easily configure a custom mobile solutions Exactly the pages & menus that your business users need! Less clicks, less page refreshes Work FASTER Easy-to-use mobile solutions
    80. 80. Layers of a “smart” mobile interface Mobile Rendering Custom List/Item Menus Render interface according to the type of device Customizable mobile pages with “page parts” Custom-tailored actions for lists and for list items Dynamic action visibility rules Integration of actions with workflows Field-level dynamic permissions Smart Forms Dynamic default values Dynamic field constraints Field-grouping SharePoint Server / Foundation (2007 / 2010 / 2013)
    81. 81. SharePoint Mobile Extensions True BYOD support! Supports all leading devices Zero device installations/deployment Easily customize/brand using CSS
    82. 82. SharePoint Mobile Extensions Product web page: Download FREE trial version:
    83. 83. Questions? Nimrod Geva Product Group Manager, KWizCom