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  1. 1. Nimi Chris Cheetham-WestMarketing Strategist | Certified E-Marketer | Business Graduatenimi.west@gmail.comSummary#Marketing Strategist » I create and implement detailed plans and processes that are workable toachieve the marketing goals for a product or service using online and offline marketing methods.Personal Slogan -What is your strategy for success?-#I currently work as a Marketing Outreach Specialist at Google. Outside of work I am involved inother marketing activities. Some of my current/past projects include: small online start up, churchmarketing, personal branding/professional development. Marketing not only has taught me valuablelessons about patience, but it also taught me about perseverance.# While achieving my own goals are important, I also want to inspire and influence young businessprofessionals by working with them to achieve their professional and organizational goals. I hope tomake a positive impact on the business community with the help of other motivated individuals.# :: # 832-867-4128Specialties» Internet Marketing • Marketing Strategy • Search Engine Optimization» Entrepreneurship • Leadership • Management • Networking» Speaker • Professional Development • Personal Branding • Training • PresentationsSoft Skills»Strong Work Ethic»Positive Attitude»Self-Confidence»Flexibility/AdaptabilityCertifications# Certified eMarketereMarketing Assocciation September 2009# Google Analytics Qualified IndividualGOOGLE License 724146 July 2011 Page1
  2. 2. ExperienceMarketing Outreach Specialist at GoogleJuly 2011 - Present (1 month) #Relationship Building | Presenter • Present effective ways to utilize Google tools such as SEO, Analytics, Adwords, to market businesses at Google events. • Work with other Google marketing team members to reach community goals. • Build relationships with business owners in targeted area • Strategize to insure that targeted businesses are effectively using Google Places and other products. • Help coordinate, and drive leads to Google promotional events.Vice President of Correspondence at American Marketing Association (AMA), San AntonioMay 2011 - Present (3 months) #Volunteer •Coordinate communication between board members by written messages such as letters or e-mails. •Take minutes during board meetings and strategic planning events. •Submit reports to national AMA for approvalMarketing Volunteer at Alamo Stone ChurchSeptember 2009 - Present (1 year 11 months) #Community Service •Increased Google rankings and churches web visitors by 30% by using SEO strategies •Created 12 month marketing plan for outreach activities. •Created surveys for members to fill out about church activities. •Help coordinate promotional activities for church events. 2 recommendations available upon requestDirector of Marketing at BIF TechnologiesJune 2009 - July 2011 (2 years 2 months) #Management •Arranged emarketing strategy for web development clients with a search engine marketing focus. •Created reports for multiple clients. •Responsible for analyzing website traffic, creating surveys, and creating new online strategies. •Created marketing plans that included radio and promotional advertising. • Presented company services to potential clients. • Assisted in regional trade show promotions. Page2
  3. 3. • Lead team of individuals for business development Initiatives. 2 recommendations available upon requestPresident at American Marketing Association UTSA ChapterDecember 2010 - May 2011 (6 months) #Leadership •Coordinated first Entrepreneur Night event for chapter. •Created strategies for chapter including fundraising, membership recruitment, professional development, and public relations. •Conducted all general and officer meetings •Approved budgets created by finance chair •Approved all direct and indirect collaborations with other organizations (student and professional) •Helped coordinate events held by chapter. •Implemented more than 3 new professional development activities •Trained members on E-Marketing strategies. •Increased membership by 40% 8 recommendations available upon requestLoan Counselor at Wachovia, A Wells Fargo CompanyMay 2008 - June 2009 (1 year 2 months) #Customer Service •Advised customers of their mortgage loan status and •Counseled customers into making the best decisions possible to bring their mortgage payments current.Sales Associate at Radio ShackAugust 2007 - December 2007 (5 months) #Merchandising •Sold consumer electronics to customers in retail location. •Suggested items that might meet the customers’ needs. •Activated cell phone plans for customers.Shift Manager at KFCJune 2006 - August 2007 (1 year 3 months) #Team Building •Responsible for managing end of shift sales reports. •Supervised and trained crew members on customer service and sales techniques. Page3
  4. 4. EducationThe University of Texas at San AntonioBachelors Business, Marketing, 2008 - 2011Activities and Societies: American Marketing Association 2 recommendations available upon requestGeorge Bush High SchoolActivities and Societies: DECASkillsOnline MarketingSocial MediaNetworkingWordpressEntrepreneurshipGoogle AnalyticsGoogle AdwordsGoogle DocsPresentationsMicrosoft OfficeSEOLeadershipMarketing StrategySpeakerMotivationPersonal DevelopmentPersonal BrandingHonors and Awards# San Antonio Student Marketer of the Year 1st Place AMA 2011# Whos Who Among Students in American Universities 2010-2011# Volunteer of the Month for American Marketing Assc. Professional Chapter-SA Feb./2011# Most Involved Member AMA-UTSA 2010 Page4
  5. 5. Interests# Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Live Music #, Basketball, Outreach activities, Networking, Reading ,Exercising, Movies, Games, Church,#Recommended Reading-The Secret-Think & Grow Rich-Caught Between A Dream & a Job -How ToWin Friends & Influence People- 21 Laws of Leadership-The Lost art of the Speech-7 habits of highlyeffective people-The Art of Worldly Wisdom-Me 2.0-Good to Great# Page5
  6. 6. Nimi Chris Cheetham-WestMarketing Strategist | Certified E-Marketer | Business Graduatenimi.west@gmail.com14 people have recommended Nimi "Chris is an outstanding example of what it means to be hardworking, genuine, and intelligent. He is characterized by a personality that naturally draws people to follow him, as well as not being afraid to take on a task that requires the conquering of obstacles and the solving of difficult problems. Through the past 2 years of knowing Chris, I have had the opportunity to see him lead organizations, attend college classes, and work almost full time all at the same time. He is an individual that not only invests in the work that is set before him, but also the people that surround him. It has been a pleasure being associated with Chris." — James Ward, Business Intelligence/Consulting Intern, BIF Technologies, worked directly with Nimi at Alamo Stone Church "Chris is a great dude to work with and put together a very organized marketing strategy document for our church and executed it to perfection. Hes a young guy with smarts and a good drive motor." — Dave Borski, was Nimis client "I met Chris at BIF Technologies. He is a very focused person. I saw him working tightly with another individual, Warren Young. These two young men made a great team. In one project I had some later involvement with, they were able to acquire the business of a downtown hotel and deploy an advertising solution there." — Reid Gould, Developer, BIF Technologies, worked with Nimi at BIF Technologies "It has been a great experience working with Chris in Alamo Stone Church and BIF Technologies. Chris is a team player and very willing to educate others on Search Engine Optimization, and Google analytics. Chris is a very hard worker, and will see a task through to the finish. I am sure that Chris will go far in any endeavor that he chooses." — Yajaira De La Espada, Customer Relations, BIF Technologies, CORP, worked directly with Nimi at BIF Technologies "After meeting Chris this past year at a international conference in March of 2011 for the Collegiate American Marketing Association. I was amazed by his character as a business professional. He is a phenomenal individual and will be a valuable asset to any company he chooses. I highly Page 6
  7. 7. recommend him."— tyrone liggons, Student, American Marketing Association, worked directly with Nimi atAmerican Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"Nimi and I worked together as officers in the American Marketing Association. He is intelligent anddependable friend and I would recommend him for any position he sets his mind to. He is willing tolearn and a quick learner and not afraid to ask for help, but is confident enough to engage achallenge. I would be very honored to work with him again. Feel free to reference me or ask mequestions about Nimi at"— Leslie Dailey, Student, The University of Texas at San Antonio, worked directly with Nimi atAmerican Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"I had the opportunity to serve on the executive board of the UTSA American Marketing Associationwhile Nimi was the President. Under Nimis leadership, he took an organization of twelve studentsand tripled it in size. In doing this, the organization was able to send five students from theorganization to the national American Marketing Association student collegiate conference in NewOrleans, La. Nimi created awareness for the organization by creating professional events oncampus such as "entrepreneur night". The event had participation from local professional businessowners to other students from local chapters. Without a doubt Nimi turned around the studentorganization around by being a role model, and practicing effective leadership. It was a pleasureworking with him."— Angel Arellano, Student, The University of Texas at San Antonio, worked directly with Nimi atAmerican Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"My association with Chris, has been through the American Marketing Association. His leadershipskills are clearly evident when you observe him in action. Hes equally qualified in his level ofpeople skills and posses a high level of "Emotional Intelligence" of which "self-mastery" is key.Chris will compliment any organization that is wise enough to bring him on board and hisconfidence and competence will be added value for them. It is my pleasure to speak to theemerging professional character of this young man."— Jim Reed, President, Jim Reed Consulting, was with another company when working with Nimiat American Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"You need to keep your eye on Nimi! He has the right entrepreneurial mindset and attitude that tellsyou he is going to shape and create his destiny quickly. Nimi will be successful in any venture hepursues. He success will come from the passion he shares with clients, customers, and associatesalike."— Luis Aguirre, MBA, Partner/Marketing Strategist, Rumble Creative Group, was with anothercompany when working with Nimi at American Marketing Association UTSA Chapter Page 7
  8. 8. "Chris has been a major inspiration to the UTSA AMA Chapter while being President the last year.He has introduced new programs (such as the entrepreneurship arm of AMA) and broadened theeffectiveness of the chapter by reaching out to other AMA chapters (such as the TXSTATE AMAchapter) to partner in events. He is a forward-thinker and a selfless leader. His knowledge ofInternet Marketing has also been a great asset to those interested in the field. He is going to go farand I am glad that I have had the honor of knowing him and working with him."— Cress Terrell, President, American Marketing Association - Texas State University - SanMarcos, worked with Nimi at American Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"NImi is the student marketer of the year!! What more can I say about him. He is an excellentstudent with tremendous skills and tremendous ambition. He is a great leader with greatcommunications skills and is always looking to develop his skills and become better. His AMAexperience will without a doubt make him a superstar in any endeavor he decides to pursue."— Jeff Zelaya, VP of Professional Development at FIU, American Marketing Association, workeddirectly with Nimi at American Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"Chris-Nimi has been actively involved with the American Marketing Association providing memberswith insightful tools to foster their education and careers. He has also been active in volunteerefforts with the professional chapter of the American Marketing Association. He has demonstrateddedication and leadership qualities as the President of the UTSA-AMA Chapter."— Malik Jabeir, Secretary, American Marketing Association-UTSA Chapter, worked directly withNimi at American Marketing Association UTSA Chapter"Chris is an exceptional student always striving for the best. He participated in several fundraisingand networking events for the American Marketing Association and consistently supported theorganization even before he became President. I would highly recommend Chris for any marketingor business endeavor for his determination, hard work ethics, and positive communication withcolleagues."— Melissa Torres, Student, The University of Texas at San Antonio, studied with Nimi at TheUniversity of Texas at San Antonio"Chris is a very professional individual. After attending an event called Entrepreneu Night, which healso coordinated, I was really impressed with the overall structure and organization of it all.Moreover, Chris has been great when it comes to communication and his determination to besuccesful. Because of his qualities, I look forward to working with Chris in the near future."— David Josiah, Founder and President, More Than Champions Sports, studied with Nimi at TheUniversity of Texas at San Antonio Page 8
  9. 9. Contact Nimi on LinkedIn Page 9