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Three Customers on Why They Chose Nimble Storage



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Three Customers – Why They Chose Nimble StorageSuresh Vasudevan – CEO, Nimble StorageFebruary 19, 2013 – Reposted from www.nimblestorage.com/blog
  • 2. Context – Nimble Storage Sales Kick-off Meeting  200+ salespeople and other Nimble Storage staff gathered in San Jose, California the week of Feb. 11th 2013  Best session in the entire event? –  Three customers presented their perspectives on how and why they chose Nimble Storage© 2013 Nimble Storage 2
  • 3. Three Very Different Customers  1. The hosting services arm of a large tech consulting organization: –  Delivers hosted Microsoft applications to end customers –  Adds expertise, high availability, ability to manage at scale »  They host over a million customer mailboxes as a managed service  2. A regional bank with over a hundred branches in the mid-west: –  Microsoft SQL databases, Exchange, Citrix and Citrix XenApp servers on virtualized infrastructure using VMware with vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM)  3. A leading provider of hybrid (public / private) cloud services: –  Serves mid-market customers via a VMware-based platform –  Leverages their own unified management portal as a differentiator© 2013 Nimble Storage 3
  • 4. Key Challenges with Incumbent Storage Systems  All three customers said they faced similar problems with their incumbent enterprise data storage systems: –  Inadequate performance –  Cost –  Data management –  Complexity & time© 2013 Nimble Storage 4
  • 5. Customer: Application Hosting Company  Inadequate performance: –  “Met IOPS as long as we chose the right controller initially”  Cost: –  “Very large footprint resulting in expensive rack charges”  Data management: –  “Backups with no de-dupe or compression and no easy way to replicate to alternate site”  Complexity & Time: –  “Deployment and configuration issues resulted in poor support and have caused delays in customer projects”© 2013 Nimble Storage 5
  • 6. Customer: Regional Bank  Inadequate performance: –  “Incumbent vendor’s performance constraints resulted in poor user experience” –  “We were out of IO resources and had to do something”  Cost: –  “Considered … time-consuming and big dollars!”  Data management: –  “Wanted to modernize with snapshots, replication and SRM"© 2013 Nimble Storage 6
  • 7. Customer: Cloud Service Provider  Inadequate performance: –  “We were in the process of bringing on a new enterprise customer with huge performance needs”  Cost: –  “Consolidating multiple data centers”  Complexity & Time: –  “Could not meet growth plans, client on-boarding was slow”© 2013 Nimble Storage 7
  • 8. Thorough Evaluation, Extensive Testing  Application hosting company: –  Evaluated 6 different storage platforms »  3 legacy vendors, 2 flash-only start-ups, one other hybrid storage »  Conducted 10,000 mailbox Exchange test over several weeks  Regional bank: –  Tested us for their database environment –  Migrated all their Citrix XenApp Servers to Nimble Storage arrays during the proof-of-concept process given the performance headroom  Cloud service provider: –  Tested us for a large telecom client hosting large databases with heavy input/output (IO) loads© 2013 Nimble Storage 8
  • 9. The Resulting Deployments  Application hosting company: –  Deployed 7 Nimble arrays for a total capacity of approximately 280TB across two locations  Regional bank: –  Deployed approximately 70TB across a production and disaster recovery (DR) site  Cloud service provider: –  Deployed over 300TB across 9 Nimble Storage arrays© 2013 Nimble Storage 9
  • 10. Compelling Benefits –  Cost reductions –  Performance –  Data protection –  Simple management –  Support experience© 2013 Nimble Storage 10
  • 11. Cost Reductions – Application Hosting Company  Removed the incumbent system – 300 drives  Replaced it with two Nimble Storage arrays – 8 SSDs (solid state drives) and 24 high-density HDDs (hard disk drives) –  Two racks of competitor’s products superseded by just 6U of Nimble Storage arrays  Saved $10,500 a month just on data center and rack space charges  The capital cost reductions were even more significant© 2013 Nimble Storage 11
  • 12. Cost Reductions  Regional bank: –  Save significantly on rack density and capital costs –  Compression alone was able to reduce the data footprint of their databases by a factor of 3  Cloud service provider: –  Capital cost of the combined Cisco + VMware + Nimble solution was 50% lower than the alternative –  Provides additional savings through compression and lower monthly rental charges© 2013 Nimble Storage 12
  • 13. Performance  Regional bank: –  Saw much improved ESX boot times –  Now able to host not just the databases but also migrate Citrix XenApp servers given the high performance  Cloud service provider: –  Able to eliminate all of the extensive tuning that they had to do in the past to achieve the performance needed for their clients© 2013 Nimble Storage 13
  • 14. Data Protection  Application hosting company and regional bank: –  Both have implemented a data protection scheme that leverages local snapshots and remote replication coupled with VMware SRM  Application hosting company: –  Integrating Nimble snapshots into CommVault’s backup application –  Their customers can create almost instantaneous backups, and are able to recover rapidly in the event of a problem© 2013 Nimble Storage 14
  • 15. Simple Management  In every instance, our customers commented on how much simpler it was to manage a Nimble environment: –  Both in terms of initial deployment as well as on a day-to-day basis© 2013 Nimble Storage 15
  • 16. Outstanding Support Experience  Through our remote support automation, we have the information we need to solve all the problems fast  We care deeply enough to solve issues, even when they are outside our domain  We do not let issues fester and we marshal the internal resources needed to address a problem quickly© 2013 Nimble Storage 16