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  • 1. imble HIVEHow to Stay Relevant in a Global Job Market By Erin Moll
  • 2. 2
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS <04-08> INTRODUCTION 04> Why This Topic 05> Research Methods 06> Process <09-12> CHINA TRIP <13-22> INFOGRAPHICS 13> Outsourcing 14> Job Vulnerability 16> History & Events 20> Zippies: Indian Youth 21> Chinese Youth: Education to Employment 22> Staying Relevant: Tips fromExperts on Staying Relevant in an Increasingly Global Job Market <23-25> STARTING A BUZZ 23> Social Media 25> <00-00> OPPORTUNITIES 00> Dynamic Possibilities27> Acknowledgments28-31> Bibliography 3
  • 4. INTRODUCTION: Why This Topic?Having a secure career with steady income is vital for the Instead of bewailing the painful sting of globalization andvast majority of the population. Advances in technology offshoring, Americans need to focus on being an asset socontinues to be both a benefit and a force for metamorphosis valuable that employers cannot afford to lose. While employ-in the professional world. Many jobs that once were secure- ers are seeking the path of least resistance and countries likely anchored in America can now be performed by hungry, India and China striving to out race America, being averageintelligent, and ambitious workers around the world. and adequate is no longer secure.Marty Nemko asserts, “If you just keep your head to the Thomas Friedman states that each of us will need to workgrindstone, you’re a worker bee. And good worker bees can harder and run faster to keep up our standard of living.usually be found for 75% less than you cost in Mumbai, Staying relevant in a global job market is essential to ourMacau, Manila, or Moscow.” Since the value proposition for survival.American professionals is not cheap wages, what can it be?imbleHIVE4
  • 5. INTRODUCTION: Research MethodsA diverse assortment of research was essentialto acquire an adequate understanding of stay-ing relevant in a global job market. ProQuest isa commodious resource for scholastic articles.Evernote is a recommended application forkeeping track of the copious amounts ofmaterial accumulated over three quarters.Evernote is free and compatible with Mac,PC, and mobile platforms. Individual Evernoteaccounts are accessible to subscribers thoroughlogging in on any Internet-connectedcomputer. iBooks on the iPad allowsconvenient purchase and reading withhighlighting and note capabilities.Twitter is a great way to follow experts on thissubject and find, discuss, and share articles thatmay otherwise be missed. 5
  • 6. INTRODUCTION: ProcessThe original focus was on the ethics and effects of glo-balization and offshoring jobs. The topic’s breadth andpotential to divide became apparent. One’s perspec- and skill set p Map Mind e an ase their the chea for their realiz well To incre ntage of try provides. prices may not ing out lower Employers is not work take adva other coun provide s employee late g decisions labor the consumer ated too bad hirin be alloc until its tially mone y can poten more research and toward ent. developm Map on funds Mindtive on a myriad of levels will greatly influence both n can put security nal connectio s Companyfor added perso oyee loyalty lack of their empl reserves saved meet have less May neve r utilize s may any can their local Employee costs comp to develop continued labor y gh mone Cheaper s throu ing for bette r job unications employee and train may leave faster than miscomm education ects, prosp ers the learn local work have to s and employers tion styletheir viewpoint and whether or not globalization and unica comm norms of their faster, take leted more workers literally. cultural s abroad. comp can be to take on Chinese very employee work them ctions allowing instru projects. d the aroun very Map ction various are not Mind Produ due to workers closed their clock zones Map Mind Chinese ng. PNC order problems Map le of an Mind comi rs time- ng forth in the midd this to their ess owne of solvi factory disclosing new ways benefitoffshoring will be an opportunity or threat. To busin Map witho ut s, they Mind mers. consumer s r to be custo Varying Being price longe ectives from the lower may take persp best and s. from what problems se oyee the dable wage te on a diver Can empl for affor concentra because resolved workplace Able to tasks are taken brightest creative tasks more routinized else. highly by someone Map ct a local can be Mind t conta erns y to selec ly care of You can and conc er of The abilitincreasing employee in a mattless an ties from force addressed to vast work opportuni leading flow zones traveling minutes of work Varying time- May have developed on a disruption ers in ectives ers To work like US new perspto more unicate with to ines s own nations, learning may leadCreating a compelling branding strategy with mean- to comm they have- in order s abroad, after To bus problem solutions toward night creative them they employee e in late may push ties may get are participat ings etition to opportuni d in to comp meetings if there hours meet s paid increased tial and lead they staye lled r wage lead red if past. cance ical prob lems the highe ers could their potenhave explo ions of the Although service work imported Pros not techn have less US would le job posit d may job overseas consume more lation to s abroa comfortab them to Map this Mind little conso job loss. Employee e because available to tment this is goods, facing imme diate resen to fix experienc ty was not ent and put laborers ed opportuni recently ploym that may have be need local unem workersingful designs became daunting while absorbing a until time may them Increased displaced their comp any clothing Extra kes local into their mista from work Falling ation: years many ease s not fixed , they rate Globaliz to, and incr and electronic n, kes are or frust barrierse, migratio Cons Map If mista tially lose Mind media in, trad ent across or can poten . ambition mers omy. have a custo have the new econ investm can now use docto rs firms into this have They nce beca s better facturing to fit that they will s of manu set in order . borders. globa l prese employee eas me a effective employee their skill changes, new order their overs more landscape into the Map now beco umers medicine, s Not allmultitude of contrasting outlooks. This project finally Mind ge are have et of cons to chan when the themselves treatment desire s that ilating new mark This mean le assim deve loped y troub ers in ers in education ctenc to more work To work like US Mind Map To work g nations r life expe resort to find longe have to n, or struggling nations, developin dont prostitutio y care theft, mone health to get drugs nt to take employme lift having More ties can s ited by ul they are opportuni of poverty comm unitie explo ers may and being fearf out safer less crimetook shape when the topic was narrowed down. them bent work fits, Incum lose benejob conditions pay cuts, lose their sanitary next to more t- des, profi Mind Map two deca tech least Map For at Western d that news is Mind in overlooke ties tion a reduc a week ured The good on has seen press have days licity." s anies eas facili : 40 toil six at overs ceptable in workers assembly jobs comp Sweatshop g comp Map globalizati across the world lation end their : 4. developin conditionsd be unac The same Mind tedious s must 14 Jun. 2010 ers in rty ’s popu day in pove Bolaji. "OEM s. To work that woul countries. s, who of the world ra per cent less than a dolla today. any in comp g Time Foxconn Engineerin 2011. nations their own consumer said of for fancier cent lived with st 20 per a room can be 12 to Electronic Web. 25 Nov. Ojo, the n too clamored r prices. refer to product or , again in 1981 alities have grow ssful nding sleep are dema and ls eLibrary. have at lowe end their used to a hoste OEM is that acquires orInstead of investing a plethora of time and effort Chinas workersconditions time, but products i. "OEM s must company t and reuse s ct But inequ between succe is working e Electronic Jun. new produ gap tries and the cessful coun countries Bolaj better will take supportiv their licity." 14 componen s it into a pay. It will eventually from romise Times. 25 Nov. name. st and unsuc The poore comp orate better facturing of miles tures g to comp be more eering ary. Web. incorp nds hundreds family struc Havin identity to Engin own brand ing. with its widen- g poorer. dema as manu 4. eLibr cultural e 2010: their up Chin its symbiotic social and shake and Western increase marketabl 2011. are gettin ed to economy ip with its ptly agre nt and relationsh . prom 20 percepromised mers Foxconn wages by tly said in custo ge d those recen Corp. ese pollution avera ntly uppe Motor increased ring areas subseque . Honda Chin t factu s for its accen tion manu increasesraise wage nt.into a work that has the potential to divide people, d neutraliza it woul by 24 perce ers work m materialis unit may family when job loosen ties take opportunifrom home far themI focused on the formation of something useful to Map Mindthe everyday “worker bee”. Nimble Hive is a growing `An imbala & poor is nce betwe the en richresource for the worker bees that do not want to be most fatal oldest and ail all republ ment of ics.’replaced by a lower wage worker. The current materi- T Being con from low sumers, all can ben Plutarc Greek hist h,als cover: definition of outsourcing, history & effects, er prices efit 46 – 120 orian (Fr eela nd, z a t i o n’ s E Gl o b a l i T Focus on 1) AD more creati ffe of routin ve avenues cts ized tasks instead on Workers T May ha (Si em s,what makes jobs vulnerable, India, China, and some 7) ve traveling T Varying op ideas from portunites Developein result inn ovative pro a diverse workforc T Job ins blem solvin e canstrategies for staying relevant. There will be more to ecu g (Si em s, education rity can push many T Long-te 7) rm unem Countriesd uncovering to futher T Job open ployment new and the (OC ED , exciting pro ir wages an ings in tra 3) spects d decreased dable sectors can offer lowcome as time goes on. economies benefits tha er (Bi ven s, 3) n in closed T Incumben bargainin t workers g rights (Po may have with litt T Miscomm lask i, 2) le to no unications less experi and fixingCombining images and text presents the research in a Unit ed Staes enced ove errors cre Germ any Italy rseas workf ated by T Polariza orce (G. Mo tion of job lyn eux , NE ICES Japa n UK ) high-wage openings PR in W !!!manner for easy absorption. The design is memorable, / high-skil Fran ce Aust raili low-skill l and low -wage / LOW ! a areas. (Au tor, 5) Can adawhich makes learning more impactful. Aust ria Engl and Oth er fac tor s suc h as aut om ati on also hel ped cre ate and per pet uat e the se issu es.6
  • 7. INTRODUCTION: ProcessThose who are most concerned about their standing inthe global job market are the diligent “worker bees”.Worker bees are a logical comparison to working classAmerica. They are not to be compared to lazy “drones”.In nature, worker bees tend to the hive, collect pollenand nectar, and build comb where honey is stored andeggs are laid.Naming a business, organization, or product requiresmuch consideration. It was essential to have a name thatis original, laconic, descriptive, and memorable.Numerous names were considered, yet discarded, if itdid not fit within those guidelines. Monday, Sep tember 17, 12Merriam Webster defines nimble as being “quick, alert,clever conception, comprehension, or resourcefulness”.Hive is the environment or collection of bees. Hives canbe compared to businesses and organizations.The color scheme was inspired by the many colors ofhoney. Additionally, these colors are friendly, inviting,and positive.The font was chosen from Google web fonts having avariety of font-weights. The fonts will appear as intend-ed on various computers without substitution and thevariety of font-weights creates the necessary type hier-archy. Designs with pleasing type hierarchy are moreattractive and easier to read. 7
  • 8. 1. 2. imble imble HIVE HIVE 3. 4. imble imble HIVE HIVE8
  • 9. I have had experience working with manufacturers in CHINA TRIP: Ceramic FactoryChina, which involved daily email communication.My China trip in June 2007 provided a glimpse oftheir working environment manufacturing ceramic,plastic, paper and glass products. 1. 2.1. An object can be sent to a factory and used tocreate a mold. The mold can create a ceramic replica.2 & 3. Ceramic molds at the factory.All images were photographed in June 2007 by Erin Moll. 3. 9
  • 10. CHINA TRIP: Ceramic Factory 4. 5. 4. Painters at the factory. 5. Areal view. 6. 6. Worker trims the vase fresh from the mold. All images were photographed in June 2007 by Erin Moll.10
  • 11. CHINA TRIP: Plastic Factory 7. 8.7-9. A factory that specializes in plastic 9.manufacturing.All images were photographed in June 2007 by Erin Moll. 11
  • 12. CHINA TRIP: Ceramic Factory 10. 11. 10 & 11.Workers at a plastic factory that manufactures items such as flexible mats and coasters. 12. Hopeful workers in China may post their con- tact information in various places looking for work. This image was taken in Hong Kong. 12.12 All images were photographed in June 2007 by Erin Moll.
  • 13. A Venn diagram illustrates the overlap and differencebetween these terms. INFOGRAPHICS: Outsourcing imble Outsourcing HIVE Insourcing Offshoring The practice of subcontracting Paying another The practice of moving work to another company company to provide business processes or that is under the same services which a services to another general ownership. This is company might country, esp. overseas, within the same country. otherwise have to reduce costs. employed its m own staff to o y.c perform. ar ion ict :D ce ur So 13
  • 14. INFOGRAPHICS: Job Vulnerability Follow the flow chart starting from the left to get an idea about the possibility of a job being offshored. Is My Job Vulnerable of it imble to Offshoring? could ch out Yes, HIVE laws restrict public funds from being spent to Do you hire employees work where public funds offshore cannot be allocated to offshoring? No, laws State do not prohibit employers Jobs with from hiring in-person offshore. State interaction or Federal cannot be Government? offshored. Federal Not o Yes, I need to interact with customers in-person and video conferencing Yes, I Yes, job is Is in-person would not pitch great suffice predictable contact with ideas that with set rules and customers & increase my thorough coworkers No, customer company’s spec sheets. Are you an essential? communication Is the job profitability. is primarily via Public standardized innovative phone, email, & procedural? intrapreneur? sector or video No, job is No, I conferencing unpredictable & generally go Public creative decision with the flow & or Private making is do as directed. sector? required on a daily basis. Are y custo Private vehem sector oppos offsho14 Sources Nemko, Marty. "Offshore-Proof Your Job." Offshore-Proof Your Job. San Francisco Bay Guardian, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012.
  • 15. May be nightmarish PR for our K Question government to offshore many E Your response of its jobs (Nemko). However, legislation could change & State governments can contract Y out to private contractors who offshore portions of work (Meyeroff). Our answer Not likely to be offshored. Likely to be offshored. Not likely to be offshored. Yes Did this Not likely to be Not likely to be result in offshored. offshored. less sales? No, customers Yes, work may not be aware is very fast or competition paced with quick also offshores. edits and short Do your deadlines. tasks require Your job may quick same- be day turn- offshored. around? No, deadlines are Yes all at least Yes 24 hours& Are labor Are your costs for your customers job cheaper vehemently abroad? No opposed to offshoring? No Not likely to be offshored. 15
  • 16. INFOGRAPHICS: History & Events Understand the recent history and influential events that contributed to offshoring. Recent History & Influential Events that Contributed to Offshoring 1951 } India’s first Prime 1970 } L-1 visa program established, Minister set up the 1st of 1977 } Release of which permitted foreign profession- India’s 7 Indian Institutes of Apple II by Steve Jobs als of US-based multi-national firms Technology in Kharagpur and Steve Wozniak (Friedman, 140). to work in the USA (CQ Researcher). (Friedman, 66). 1960s } International Monetary Fund 1976 } Immigration and loaned billions to developing countries Nationality Act Amendments creating high-quality infrastructure and increase the amount of visas increasing education (Ebenstein). permitted to foreign workers (CQ Researcher). 1950 ’ 1960 s ’s ’s 1970 1985 } Release of Windows operating system (Friedman, 66). 1985 } Texas Instruments was 1st 1989 } Fall of Berlin Wall on 1981 } Release of multinational to establish a circuit 11/9, liberated all the captive first IBM PC (Friedman, 66). design and development center peoples of the Soviet Empire (Friedman, 63). in India (Friedman, 143). 1985 } Wal-mart launched a "Bring it 198 Home to the USA" program, promoting 0’s products made in the USA (Wilbert).16
  • 17. 1990 } Pres. G.H.W. Bush signed 1990s } International communication more “Immigration Reform and Control Act convenient from improvements in computer of 1990″ into law, which created new hardware, software, and telecommunications (The Levin Institute, 2). H-1B visa (Adam Smith Consulting). 1991 } Manmohan Singh, then 1990’s } Wal-Mart sought the cheapest finance minister, decided to open sources of production overseas (Wilbert). India’s economy (Friedman, 64). OPEN e 1990 } Windows 3.0 was We’r 1994 } NAFTA was signed into released. (Friedman, 66). law by Pres. Clinton on 11/8 and entered force 1/1/94 (Amadeo). 1990 } Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web: HTML, HTTP and URL. (Bellis). ,199 0’s 1998 & 1999 } Y2K panic created massive demand for fast and efficient computer1995 } Netscape went public, increasing programming services. (Eriksen).Internet accessibility (Friedman, 74). r Erro Y2K 1999 } Infosys becomes first1995 } Windows 95 and 1st Indian company to list on NASDAQ. (Chatterjee).version of Internet Explorer wasreleased (Microsoft Corporation). 17
  • 18. INFOGRAPHICS: History & Events 2000s } Companies overseas capitalized 2002 } Recently fired IT professionals formed on early opportunities from a surplus of The Organization for the Rights of American unfilled IT positions from USA Workers (Eriksen). (CQ Researcher). 2003 } Congress slashed the annual cap on H-1B visas from 195,000 to 65,000 2001 } After Y2K calamity did not (CQ Researcher). materialize, the technology boom collapses (CQ Researcher). Beginning 2003 } 10 years after NAFTA was passed, of the dot-com bust. (Friedman, 243). studies shown that more US jobs have been created than lost (CQ Researcher). 2001 } China joined World Trade Organi- zation. Assured foreign companies who 2003 } The USA Jobs Protection Act was move factories there protection under introduced to prevent companies from international law. (Friedman, 152). illegally replacing qualified American workers (CQ Researcher). 2000’s18
  • 19. 2004 } Pres. Bush’s State of the Union Address calledfor new education and job-retraining programs in US 2005 } Windows Live and Office Livecommunity colleges (CQ Researcher). released. Google announced its own free downloadable software bundle (Friedman, 102).2004 } A study by the Economic Policy Institutereported that the software industry lost 16% of itsjobs between 2/01 – 3/04 (CQ Researcher). 2005 } Skype came out with 2.0 beta version of its software that included videoconferencing capacity (Friedman, 206).2004 } While requiring employers to attest that noUS workers be displaced, Congress passed a billto grant 20K additional visas to foreign workers 2005 } Mozilla Foundation released(CQ Researcher) Firefox, a free, fast, easy-to-install web browser with many features that IE lacked (Friedman, 122).2004 } US employers add 157,000 jobs in December.This brought the total number of jobs created in2004 to 2.2 million. Still, unemployment hovered at 2012 } GM began initial production5.4% (CQ Researcher). of its first ever Chinese-designed car for the Indian market (Foy).2000’s 19
  • 20. INFOGRAPHICS: Zippies: Indian Youth Learn about the youth of India, also called “Zippies”, and why they will be a strong force in the global job market. Seek utward imble We’ re N OPE CHALLENGES Shun looking, HIVE 9 not inward 6 , 4 4 dia FEAR 5 , 2 2 ers in Inin US) Love 12 PIES k s p e ali s h s p e a k ers RISKS lish E n g,4 4 4 ,1 4 9 E n g Destination ZIP (2 67 Confident By 2017, ince age s Socialism India will graduate not destiny driven e of m t o com away fro o global 20,000,000 people from high First hifted int n. s first olutio school — 5x as many as India ed head ation rev in the US. iv and d and inform Creative trade Vim Aspiration 80.5% L i te ra c It looks like the American Cool y 15-25 student’s life is almost a Attitude dream. No studying, very Vigor Vitality Ambition light syllabus. – Young Indian student interviewed in Two Million Minutes 555,000,000 people 54% of India is under the age of 25 Two Million Minutes. Dir. Robert Compton. Broken Pencil Productions, 2007. Web. Friedman, Thomas L. The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. New York: Farrar, 2007. Print. Blow, Charles M. "Starving the Future." The Opinion Pages. The New York Times, 24 Aug. 2012. Web. "Beyond 20/20 WDS." Beyond 20/20 WDS. UNESCO Institute for Statistics, n.d. Web. 08 Sept. 2012. "List of Countries by English-speaking Population." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Sept.-Oct. 2012. Web. 08 Sept. 2012. "The Zippies Are Here." Outlook India, 12 Jan. 2004. Web. 09 Sept. 2012.20
  • 21. Understand how China’s investment in educationwill make them a competitive force in the global INFOGRAPHICS: Chinese Youthjob market. young adults 4,000,000 a year are Despite serious challenges, re enrolled in PRACTITIONING SHEER NUMBERS, imble We’ N ENGINEER training MOMENTUM, HIVE OPE UP in 2-4 year technical & vocational programs. & a national economic strategy prioritizing He really loves to That’s 10x HUMAN CAPITAL take tests...He loved 520% as many students enrolled it so much that he since in engineering-related DEVELOPMENT By associates degrees 2020 began to design his 1980 or certificates means that CHINA own test papers at than in the USA. will soon be producing home and then he HIGHLY SKILLED China would test himself. Plans – Chinese parents discussing their son in Two Million Minutes WORKERS ls now on a scale that to schoo H China NGLIS have E age as SURPASSES Provide 70% of children in China with that of the USA. langu UDY 2 years of preschool & kindergarten T IRED S Enroll 40,000,000 children in preschool, a 50% increase in 2012 REQU Population of 1,300,000,000 Graduate 95% of Chinese youths through 9 years of compulsory education ina , Ch ve up tes, 030 Ensure that no child drops out of By 2 ed to ha gradua rce ct ge kfo school for financial reasons pe lle is ex ,000 co ntire w ,000 he e . or more than 4x that of the USA More than double enrollment 200 than t he USA to ore in higher education m of t Double the share of the working-age population that completes higher education to 195,000,000 workers, more than the entire U.S. labor force. Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. Globalization: The Key Concepts. Oxford: Berg, 2007. Print. Two Million Minutes. Dir. Robert Compton. Broken Pencil Productions, 2007. Web. Cooper, Donna, Adam Hersh, and Ann OLeary. The Competition That Really Matters: Comparing U.S., Chinese, and Indian Investments in the Next-Generation Workforce. Center for American Progress, n.d. Web. 9 Sept. 2012. 21
  • 22. 2. Flowchart key employees’ hot buttons and the employees they can influence and are influenced by. 3. Get good at pitching an idea. Practice with a friend. Another option: Run a dull-normal business: a transmission shop, a power washing INFOGRAPHICS: Staying Relevant Here is some practicalto advicetoand isalikely to beYet, tobecause few high-ability people business, whatever. The competition insight are willing forgo status run such business. weak staying many of the 750 multi-millionaires relevant in an increasingly globalonly wealthy, but happy in dull-normal businesses and, market. interviewed in The Millionaire Next Door are owners of such despite the lack of status, are not their careers. If you just keep Always keep your Flowchart your head to the GRINDSTONE, ANTENNAE OUT KEY employees’ imble you’re a worker bee. for a NEW WAY to increase H T BUTTONS and the employees HIVE And good worker bees can they can INFLUENCE the bottom line. usually be found for and are INFLUENCED by. each year who will 75% LESS than you cost in T h e r e is Staying elp of high-speed Mumbai, Macau, Manila, to theNO LIMIT Relevantng, and standardized Improv n u mb Get goodestern accountants ing er of or Moscow. at pitching in an 3 1 2 g in Lea rnin g IDEA G E N E R AT E D an IDEA . Practice with a friend. Increasingly Global Job Market nc va 2 Get out of any 3 Ad HIGHLY job s in t Advice from: REPETITIVE JOBS 1 Excel at the he wor Thomas Friedman 1 that do not require ld close proximity to touchy-feely Marty Nemko 3 the customer. 2 } service stuff Demonstrating a Company along with Michael Robinson because anything that COMPREHENSIVE Industry each of their 2 3 understanding of: Customers specific needs 1 can be DIGITIZED Have QUA can be OUTSOURCED CROSS TRAIN: Employees with a BROADER LITY- TIME discu ssions to the smartest or level of responsibilities typically see less with clien ts cheapest person … offshoring activity than those in a large organization with LIMITED duties. or BOTH . Robinson, Michael T. "The Offshoring of Americas Top Jobs." Offshoring of Americas Top Jobs. Inc, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <>. Nemko, Marty. "Offshore-Proof Your Job." Offshore-Proof Your Job. San Francisco Bay Guardian, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. < proof-your-job_id1401>. “The Economics Behind Offshoring." The Economics Behind Offshoring. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. < offshoring/lostjobs.html>. 22
  • 23. STARTING A BUZZ: Social MediaNimble Hive has a Twitter account, which is linkedto its Facebook page. Linking Social Media accountsmakes updating more efficient for both audiences.When posting, hashtags, such as #globalization,#offshoring, #outsourcing, and #infographics are addedto make it easier for others to locate the information.Nimble Hive follows various experts on globalization,such as @2Mminutes, @MartyNemko, and@tomfriedman. Others that are followed include:@WSJGraphics, @forbes_india, and @BBCWorld.The page was customized with a custom honeycombbackground created on 23
  • 24. STARTING A BUZZ: Social Media A Facebook page for Nimble Hive was developed. This page has a customized cover image on top. I built an initial audience by sharing the page with contacts from my personal page.24
  • 25. STARTING A BUZZ: www.NimbleHive.comNimble Hive can be found on was built with WordPress on the Thematictheme. Thematic is highly customizable and haspotential for future growth. 25
  • 26. OPPORTUNITIES: Dynamic PossibilitiesHTML5 has a great future in the world of webdevelopment. Compatibility across variousplatforms is essential for building and preservingan audience. The infographics created for Nim-ble Hive have dynamic potential with Flash CS6.The work can be imported to HTML5 and willbe compatible on iOS, Android, and Windows 8platform.A Flash animation can be exported to the CreateJSframework working within the Canvas element ofHTML5.26
  • 27. AcknowledgmentsI would like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Kinney forhis patient guidance, enthusiastic encouragement and usefulcritiques of this research work. I would also like to thankProfessor Ross and other instructors for their technical assistance.My grateful thanks are also extended to my classmates for theirfeedback on various stages of the research and creative process.I would also like to extend my thanks to those who followNimble Hive on Facebook and Twitter for their comments onpostings.Finally, I wish to thank my family and friends for their supportand encouragement throughout my study. 27
  • 28. Bibliography Ebenstein, Avraham, Ann Harrison, Margaret McMillan, and Shannon Phillips. “Esti- mating the Impact of Trade and Offshoring on American Workers Using the Current Population Surveys.” National Bureau of Economic Research, June 2009. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <>. Eriksen, Thomas Hylland. Globalization: The Key Concepts. Oxford: Berg, 2007. Print. Fowler, Janet. “Most Popular Outsourced Jobs.” Yahoo! Finance., 6 July 2012. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. < sourced-jobs-211409983.html>. Ed Fullman, Partner, Adam Smith Consulting http:// Geary, Leslie H. “Job Seekers Look to India.” CNNMoney. Cable News Network, 12 Mar. 2002. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. < index.htm>.28
  • 29. BibliographyMcKee, John M. “Managers: Outsource-Proof Your Job.” Career Advice. Pharma Man-ufacturing, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <>.Nemko, Marty. “Offshore-Proof Your Job.” Offshore-Proof Your Job. San Francisco BayGuardian, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <>.Oak, Richard. “Ohio Bans Use of Public Funds for Offshore Outsourcing.” The EconomicPopulist, 8 Aug. 2010. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <>.Robinson, Michael T. “The Offshoring of America’s Top Jobs.” Offshoring of America’s TopJobs. Inc, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012.<>.“The Economics Behind Offshoring.” The Economics Behind Offshoring. N.p., n.d. Web.12 Aug. 2012. <>. 29
  • 30. Bibliography “Embattled Ohio Governor Bans Outsourcing; India Inc. Cries Foul.” The Hindu : News / International. The Hindu, n.d. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. < news/international/article621336.ece>. Global Issues: Selections from CQ Researcher. Washington: CQ, 2007. Print. “The Offshore Outsourcing of Information Technology Jobs in New York State.” www. New York State Department, Sept. 2010. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <http://>. Editors, The. “Obama-Romney Debate Over Offshoring Is Phony and Harm- ful.” Bloomberg. Bloomberg View, 11 July 2012. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <http://www. and-harmful.html>. “Top 10 Jobs That Will (most Likely and Least Likely) Be Outsourced.” Resumebear Online Resume. Resumebear, 23 Sept. 2010. Web. 12 Aug. 2012. <http://blog.resume->.30
  • 31. BibliographyHadley, Debbie. “Honey Bees - Roles Within the Honey Bee Colony.”, n.d. Web. 13 Aug. 2012. <>.“Information Technology and Globalization.” Global Envision. Mercy Corps, 15 Feb. 2006.Web. 13 Aug. 2012. <>.“Adobe® CS6 Design & Web Premium.” Foothill College: Upgrade. Advance. Foothill College,n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2012. <>.“Flash CS6 Goes HTML5.” Daily Inspiration. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2012.<>. 31