"Me Data" The Rising Opportunity for Self Optimization Apps

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Summary of research into quantified self applications and products

Summary of research into quantified self applications and products

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  • 1. ME DAta The Rising Opportunity for Self Optimization Apps1 ©  Copyright  2013  Beyond.  All  rights  reserved.  Private  and  Confdential
  • 2. The Rising Opportunity for ‘Self Optimization’ Apps Beyond’s  new  research  study,  The  Me  Data  Opportunity  for  Self  Optimization  Apps,  demonstrates  a  growing   opportunity  for  new  Self  Optimization  apps  and  services.  This  has  been  created  in  response  to  the  growing   trend  in  the  creation  of  social  Me  Data  -­  open,  freely  available,  personal  data  -­  and  people’s  radically  changing   attitudes  to  privacy  and  sharing  when  using  Personal  Tracker  services  such  as  Nike+,  Mint,  Evernote  and  Fitbit. Me Data Research Highlights The  research  report  -­  conducted  in  Q4  2012  and  based  on  a  comprehensive  analysis  of  global  social  media  conversations  surrounding  Personal  Tracker  apps,  a  category   that  has  grown  by  155%  from  2011  to  2012  -­  reveals  the  following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Data Privacy Public Sharing Self Improvement Innovation Data  privacy  is  a  basically  a  non-­concern   Public  social  sharing  of  data  -­  an  intrinsic   This  app  category  is  overwhelmingly   The  main  market  categories   among  Personal  Tracker  app  users  and   function  of  all  of  Personal  Tracker  apps   associated  with  self-­improvement.  Of   for  Personal  Tracker  apps  are   those  talking  about  them.  Less  than  2%   those  conversations  related  to  app   of  all  conversations  about  Personal   milestones  and  health  information,   usage,  22%  are  concerned  with   productivity/organization.  But  their   Tracker  services  are  related  to  this   keeping  record  of  web  and  social  media   acquiring  self-­knowledge,  33%  are   growth  points  to  further  opportunities   aspect  of  the  apps.  This  suggests  that   content  and  the  generation  of  personal   concerned  with  better  organization   for  innovation  by  brands  and  startups   people  who  use  services  like  Nike+  and   lists)  -­  is  also  a  low  concern.  Only  8%  of   and  45%  are  concerned  with  changes   looking  to  create  new  kinds  of  Me   Evernote  are  happy  to  generate  a  mass   all  conversations  about  the  apps  are   in  personal  behavior.  This  suggests  that   Data,  via  new  tracker  services.  These   related  to  this  theme.  This  suggests   motivation  for  app  usage  is  mainly  driven   would  aim  to  help  people  improve   based  on  that  data,  such  as  performance   that  users  are  equally  happy  to  share   by  the  basic  desire  for  change  -­  which  is   their  daily  lives  across  multiple   tracking,  data  visualisations,  and  data   their  Me  Data  on  social  media  platforms   particularly  relevant  at  the  turn  of  the  new   different  Lifestyle  Optimization   storage  and  accessibility. in  return  for  associated  community   year  as  people  look  to  set  new  goals  and   categories,  such  as  personal   resolutions.  (We  fully  expect  a  peak  in  the   productivity,  travel,  shopping  and   regimes  among  friends,  or  public  sharing   generation  of  Me  Data  via  these  apps  -­   leisure.     of  web  content  around  common  interest   and  social  conversations  about  them  -­  in   categories.   January.)2 ©  Copyright  2013  Beyond.  All  rights  reserved.  Private  and  Confdential
  • 3. Research Summary Conclusions In  conclusion,  this  new  study   Taken  as  a  new  trend,  this  rise  of  Me  Data  points  to  a   highlights  some  radical  changes   “...users are very willing to in  people’s  attitudes  to  data   Optimization  applications  in  new  lifestyle  categories. overlook traditional privacy and privacy  and  sharing  of  personal   sharing boundaries in exchange If  the  value  proposition  is  right  -­  if  brands  and  startups   types  of  Personal  Tracker  apps.  It   can  pinpoint  the  most  compelling  reasons  for  the   appears  that  users  are  very  willing   creation,  tracking,  visualizing  and  cross-­fertilisation   brought by apps such as Nike+.” to  overlook  traditional  privacy  and   of  personal  data  -­  then  we  can  expect  to  see  a  rise  in   sharing  boundaries  in  exchange  for  the  data-­driven   new  kinds  of  Self  Optimization  apps  in  new  categories.   These  include:  personal  productivity  (helping  workers  to   optimize  the  time  they  spend  on  productive  work);;  travel   (helping  people  to  optimize  the  time  and  cost  of  their   The  net  effect  of  this  open  approach  to  data  and  sharing   regular  travel  patterns);;  shopping  (helping  customers  to   is  the  creation  of  a  new  and  rapidly  growing  subset  of   reduce  the  cost  of  their  regular  purchases);;  and  leisure   data,  which  is  now  freely  accessible  in  the  public  domain.   (helping  people  to  optimize  the  use  of  their  day-­to-­day   We’ve  coined  this  growing  data  set  Me  Data,  which   leisure  time).     one  can  view  as  a  very   personal  and  human   “Me Data enables companies This  development  trend  is  already   component  of  today’s  Big   to tap into some key behavioral taking  shape.  For  example,  in   Data  trend. December  2012,  Nike  announced  its   consumer insights, based new  Nike+  ‘Accelerator’  program,  in   At  the  same  time,  the  extrapolation  of  Me  Data  from  Big   Data  in  the  social  domain  provides  great  opportunity  for   The  creation  of  Me  Data   upon concrete desires for self product  and  brand  planners.  Me  Data  enables  companies   (open,  freely  available,   TechStars,  which  aims  to  identify,   improvement.” to  tap  into  some  key  behavioral  consumer  insights,  based   personal)  appears  to  be   help  and  fund  third  party  developers   upon  concrete  desires  for  self  improvement.  An  analysis  of   happily  driven  by  a  very   that  are  interested  in  leveraging  Nike+   consumer  sharing  habits  and  conversational  trends  around   concrete  impulse:  the  desire  to  improve  oneself  (in  return   technology  and  data  to  create  new  applications  and   these  new  application  areas  should  bring  new  depths  of   for  the  free  exchange  of  one’s  personal  data).   service  models  based  upon  Nike+  API  and  SDK.  (For   insight  for  future  product  and  service  development.       further  information,  see  here.)3 ©  Copyright  2013  Beyond.  All  rights  reserved.  Private  and  Confdential
  • 4. Guidance For Personal Tracker App Developers The  study  highlights  the  following  key  focus  areas  for  developers  of  Personal  Tracker  apps: App Features App Functionality 56%  of  all  conversations  are  concerned  with   18%  of  conversations  are  concerned  with  the  quality  of   the  apps’  ability  to  analyze  and  store  personal   the  apps’  user  interfaces  and  general  user  experiences.  A   56% data  effectively.  Features  such  as  rich,  time-­based   18% good  UI  is  a  clear  point  of  differentiation  among  apps. performance  visualizations  and  personal  graphing   are  compelling.       18%  of  conversations  are  concerned  with  the  ease  of   8%  of  conversations  are  concerned  with  an  app’s   18% data  entry.  Users  need  data  recording  to  be  quick,  easy   and  intuitive.   8%  across  multiple  devices  -­   from  laptops  to  tablets  to  smartphones.   14%  of  conversations  are  concerned  with  accuracy  of   14% data  measurement.  This  is  in  conjunction  with  application   run  tracking.  Obviously,  better  quality  data  means  a  better   user  experience  and  better  app  value. Me Data4 ©  Copyright  2013  Beyond.  All  rights  reserved.  Private  and  Confdential
  • 5. Research Background ABout Beyond Creative  digital  agency  Beyond  is  part  of  the  Next  15  group  of  companies.  Since  its  formation  in  August  2010,   research  in  four  phases.  First,  it  conducted  exploratory  research   Beyond  has  grown  rapidly  off  the  back  of  its  deep  social  data  analytics  and  digital  creative  capabilities  to   to  identify  what  kinds  of  Personal  Tracker    conversations  existed   online.  The  six  Personal  Tracker  apps  in  the  marketplace  that   were  most  frequently  mentioned  were  Nike+,  MyFitnessPal,  Mint. com,  Fitbit,  Cozi  and  Evernote.   Beyond’s  Insight  and  Analytics  team  are  experts  at  mining  social  data  using  a  combination  of  technology  and   Second,  Beyond  developed  comprehensive  semantic  strings   human  analysts  to  work  with  brands  such  as  Visa,  Virgin,  3,  Sprint,  Cisco  to  develop  both  product  and  customer   that  targeted  the  kinds  of  highly-­relevant  content  uncovered   insights,  content  and  digital  strategies,  as  well  as  measure  the  impact  of  campaigns  online.  More  about  our   in  exploratory  research,  and  ran  them  against  its  social  media   approach  can  be  found  here. databases.  Third,  Beyond  took  the  content  uncovered  by  its   searches  and  executed  an  in-­depth  analysis  and  categorization   of  it  using  human  analysts.  Lastly,  Beyond  used  the  resulting   Further Information Visit: Contact Follow insights  into  usage  of  Personal  Tracker  products. bynd.com For  further  information  about  this  release,   Twitter:  @beyond   please  contact:  marketing@bynd.com Facebook:  facebook.com/beyondconsultancy5 ©  Copyright  2013  Beyond.  All  rights  reserved.  Private  and  Confdential